10th March 2011 Archive

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  • Apple frees iOS 4.3 two days before iPad 2 Arrival™

    Wants $4.99 for Xcode

    Tablets 10 00:54

  • Mozilla delivers first Firefox 4 release candidate

    8 months and 8,000 bugs later...

    Applications 10 01:11

  • Making sport of browser security, hackers topple IE, Safari

    Once again

    Security 10 03:59

  • IBM rides 'third supercycle of growth'

    Big Blue predicts big profits through 2015

    Financial News 10 04:00

  • Whitehall to puff punters: 'Hide your fags'

    Shield innocent ankle-biters

    Bootnotes 10 05:00

  • PictureBox Player 1.0.1

    Films for a fiver a month

    Phones 10 07:00

  • Are SPEC file benchmarks broken?

    Flash versus disk

    Storage 10 08:45

  • Mophie Workbook

    Angle poise

    Hardware 10 09:49

  • Computacenter celebrates 30th birthday with strong results

    Revs and profits up

    The Channel 10 09:51

  • Growing your web server farm to cope with fluctuating demand

    Peaks and Troughs

    Data Centre 10 10:06

  • Ofcom steams ahead with Crown rights, prepares to sell family jewels

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

    Mobile 10 10:07

  • Amazon beefs up cloud management console

    Scale up, scale down? You decide

    Cloud 10 10:08

  • Tearful NASA salutes space shuttle Discovery

    Journey's end for venerable spacecraft

    Science 10 10:18

  • Fight Night Champion

    Smack my mitts up

    Games 10 10:30

  • Ofcom says no to automatically renewed contract badness

    Telcos banned from rollover contracts with leaving penalties

    Broadband 10 10:40

  • SHOCK research reveals Wi-Fi not as nippy as Ethernet

    Shout at your hardware, not your ISP, advises study

    Broadband 10 11:04

  • Nintendo 3DS to get battery boost

    More juice for journeys

    Games 10 11:08

  • No more WAFL waffle: NetApp changes tactics

    From unified to diversified storage

    Storage 10 11:11

  • Google squeezes thumbnails into mobile search

    Reading search results is so 20th Century

    Mobile 10 11:16

  • Chickens show empathy: Official

    Chilling chick torture experiment proves hens hurt too

    Science 10 11:18

  • The desktop lifecycle: How long is it anyway?

    You wanna roll, or you wanna forklift

    Desktop Strategy 10 11:55

  • Mobile Trojan mimics Android clean-up tool

    Sneaky VXers spread infected version of security update

    Security 10 11:58

  • Illinois scrubs death penalty

    Governor makes 'most difficult' decision

    Government 10 12:01

  • Microsoft cut 'n' pastes Office market boss into undisclosed role

    Chris Capossela does truffle shuffle at Redmond

    Applications 10 12:03

  • Microsoft Kinect faster seller than iPad, says Guinness

    10m shipments break record

    Games 10 12:06

  • Chicken Little report: Sat-nav dependency spells DISASTER!

    Quango pushes 1940s tech as backup for GPS

    Government 10 12:15

  • Retailer warns anti-pirate 3DS firmware imminent

    Update said to brick consoles running iffy game copies

    Games 10 12:37

  • Lady Gaga puts the squeeze on breast milk ice cream

    Objects to creamy 'Baby Gaga' blend

    Bootnotes 10 12:39

  • Router-rooting malware pwns Linux-based network devices

    Bad for your ELF

    Security 10 12:46

  • BT vs Sky vs Virgin

    Top pay-telly providers go head to head

    Hardware 10 13:00

  • Spooks' secret TEMPEST-busting tech reinvented by US student

    Young boffin blows gaff on mystery BAE submarine kit

    Science 10 13:01

  • VeriFone ramps up the fear factor

    Apparently it's far from hip to be Square

    Mobile 10 13:16

  • Firefox bloke blasts Microsoft IE 9 hardware acceleration claims

    So much browser war-mongering, so little time

    Applications 10 13:18

  • No toys to throw from the PRAM

    Phase-change memory could be going nowhere slowly

    Hardware 10 13:53

  • Direct action group defaces Vodafone in tax avoidance protest

    UK Uncut scampers all over website

    Mobile 10 14:01

  • Is videoconferencing ready for the big time?

    Lights, camera, network

    Reg Technology Panel 10 14:09

  • Why Nokia failed: 'Wasted 2,000 man years' on UIs that didn't work

    For want of a nail, the Kingdom was lost?

    Mobile 10 14:29

  • Connecticut suspect's 'half-ro' haircut wows web

    Quite a head of hair, police mugshot shows

    Bootnotes 10 15:18

  • Tablet hype brings e-book readers a more merry Xmas

    Sales up - but 2011 will be the tablet's year

    Tablets 10 15:26

  • PlayStation update couples console to cloud and disconnects hackers

    But for how long?

    Games 10 15:35

  • HPC student cluster WAR begins

    Let slip the dogs of clustering

    SC 2011 10 16:00

  • Apple security update leaves iPhone 3G users unprotected

    Security FAIL

    Security 10 16:10

  • NASA aims for space tests of Mars-in-a-month plasma drive

    270hp Star Wars-esque blue glow engine for the ISS?

    Science 10 17:14

  • eBay douses PHP ecommerce shop in money love

    $22.5m and a 49% stake - our final bid!

    Financial News 10 17:45

  • Super Micro uncloaks dense Westmere-EX server

    64 cores, 4 GPUs, and 2TB memory in a 5U racker

    Servers 10 18:13

  • Townsville gets Smarter Cities dollars

    IBM invests in a data-driven makeover

    Business 10 20:22

  • HP gets data centre fever in NZ

    Rolls out plans for third data hub

    Cloud 10 20:23

  • Oz PC shipments still growing

    Market researchers insist that not all retailing is a dead duck

    The Channel 10 20:24

  • iPad 2 sales kick off in dead of night

    Erects 'popup store' in Texas

    Tablets 10 20:29

  • HP: 'Yes, we're keeping the PC biz'

    Sell-off rumor squashed like bug

    The Channel 10 20:32

  • Microsoft compares Amazon cloud to 'horseless carriage'

    The Economics (and mixed metaphors) of Cloud Computing

    The Channel 10 22:07

  • Microsoft drops Windows desktop virtualization pair

    Skinny clients coming

    The Channel 10 23:42