9th March 2011 Archive

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  • Microsoft's pledges mobile open source love

    Android and Apple stores failing compliance?

    Developer 09 00:11

  • Google to kill Gizmo5 VoIP on April 3

    Pure VoIP Google Voice under test

    Networks 09 05:07

  • Facebook lets users report friends who post suicidal content

    Sign of the times

    Security 09 06:00

  • Q2 motion-controlled internet radio

    It's only rock and roll...

    Hardware 09 07:00

  • Govt working on 'browser-based' solution for new cookie law

    Cookies settings may be 'enhanced', says spokesman

    Policy 09 08:00

  • Bury council considers mass outsourcing

    'Increased role for the voluntary sector' too ...

    Government 09 08:30

  • Google guilty of copyright wrong

    Big fine to pay in France

    Law 09 09:28

  • Anobit shipping flash stash

    From Hynix to Apple with love

    Storage 09 10:01

  • Org charts on steroids

    Who's the boss of you?

    Data Visualisation 09 10:10

  • VMware buys WaveMaker to float casual developers' boats

    I caught my first tube today... Sir

    Virtualization 09 10:16

  • EMC blows benchmark away - again

    NFS before, CIFS now

    Storage 09 10:17

  • Irish distie grabs Advent

    Office Supplies R Us

    The Channel 09 10:28

  • Mole points to April iOS 5.0 outing

    MobileMe too

    Phones 09 10:33

  • Samsung teases with trim tablet snap

    Camera never lies, right?

    Tablets 09 10:51

  • Building Windows 7 skills - will we need another 10 years?

    The training challenge

    Enterprise Tech 09 10:54

  • Croatian brainboxes deploy calculus-based CAPTCHA

    Head-scratching puzzler

    Security 09 11:06

  • iPhone lead in ad revenue generation slipping away

    Europe's Androids turn on to advertising

    Mobile 09 11:17

  • Tesco heralds 2011 as YEAR OF ANDROID

    Grocery customers favour 'droid over iPhone

    Phones 09 11:27

  • Government needs to bring IT skills in-house

    Easier to identify a problem than achieve change, according to committee...

    Cloud 09 11:35

  • Apple MacBook Pro 13in

    Shiny, silver Sandy Bridge system

    Laptops 09 12:00

  • Virtualising and customising desktops

    All needs not equal

    Desktop Virtualisation 09 12:00

  • ASA rules BT Wi-Fi service works with invisible routers

    OpenZone does work - it's just a bit shy

    Broadband 09 12:11

  • Logitech circulates surround sound successor

    Similar setup, different design

    Hardware 09 12:49

  • Anti-religious campaigners smack down census Jedis

    'Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?'

    Government 09 12:50

  • Gwyneth Paltrow rouses Discovery crew

    Singing thesp heralds last hours in space

    Science 09 12:50

  • Dentist cuffed for using lost credit card to pay for pizza

    Millionaire miser cuffed

    Security 09 13:24

  • Murdoch's music dot.com pockets $77m

    Has Beyond Oblivion a hope?

    Media 09 13:26

  • Man jailed after cops uncover 'crack in bum'

    Halfway to a speedball

    Bootnotes 09 13:30

  • Pr0n stars to demo against .xxx

    What do we want? When do we want it...

    Broadband 09 13:46

  • Boffin demos melon-matching tech

    App snaps apple, will locate orchard

    Hardware 09 14:38

  • Look before you leap into desktop virtualisation

    Mapping the road ahead

    Desktop Virtualisation 09 14:53

  • HP to put a WebOS in every PC

    Platform shootout extends to the desktop

    Business 09 14:54

  • Cute download Firefox, 'treat a cub' vid downed by IE glitch

    Red hot panda action, live!

    Applications 09 14:56

  • Canonical pares Ubuntu down to 2 editions

    Simplify, simplify

    Software 09 15:19

  • How do you quantify service performance

    ...and how does the customer pay for it?

    Data Centre 09 15:45

  • Police expert caught with abuse images

    Techie gets 14 months

    Security 09 15:50

  • Honey I shrunk the chip ... now what?

    Lumpy atoms

    HPC 09 16:00

  • Fusion-io files for IPO

    Cashing in on the flash boom

    Storage 09 16:02

  • DDoS botnet attacks gold miners and wine makers

    Malware with posh taste

    Security 09 16:06

  • Tree-keen Toyota plans major e-car roll outs

    Sylvan dream machine

    Science 09 16:08

  • Angry Birds flies to Facebook

    Social nestworking

    Games 09 16:13

  • The public cloud ... why bother?

    Money isn't everything

    Cloud 09 16:32

  • Internet Explorer 9 pulls on best pants for 14 March release

    'We want to make the interwebs a more beautiful place', say two grey MS men

    Applications 09 17:07

  • Republicans believe in 'climate change' but not 'global warming'

    Democrats believe in it no matter what it's called

    Science 09 17:09

  • Discovery glides into history

    Veteran shuttle lands at end of final mission

    Science 09 17:12

  • Google juices VP8 open source video codec

    Swimming poultry breed does faster encodes

    Developer 09 18:14

  • Gmail auto sorts bulk mail, notifications, forum messages

    Google claims high IQ for robot labelers

    Applications 09 19:26

  • Microsoft to Apple: 'Oh, yeah? Well, your font is too small'

    Size matters in trademark smackdown

    Media 09 19:29

  • VMware lets Apple fondleslabs tickle Windows VDI

    You know you want it

    Virtualization 09 20:05

  • Trujillo embraces his inner amigo

    Leads Latino exec movement

    Business 09 21:27

  • DDoS malware comes with self-destruct payload

    How to kill a zombie

    Security 09 21:29

  • Smartphones now half of Aussie browsing, says Nielsen

    Kiddies will drive new tablet buys

    Bootnotes 09 21:31

  • HP lays cuckoo egg in Microsoft nest

    webOS among the Windows

    Operating Systems 09 22:09

  • Oz governments find new use for censorship

    Kill off naughty stuff? There’s an app for that…

    Law 09 22:39

  • Ingenious NetApp buys Engenio

    Boss gets sweet revenge on ex-employer

    Storage 09 22:52