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Man sentenced for breaching former employer's computers

A Texas man has been ordered to pay restitution of $16,600 and a $5,000 fine after admitting he breached the server of an engineering firm that fired him and deleted sensitive files.
Dan Goodin, 06 Mar 2011
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IT spending higher than expected in 2010

The IT sector turned in its best growth since 2007, according to the analysts at IDC. That's good news, and the news kept getting better as 2010 went on. Maybe 2011 won't be so bad if the world settles down a little politically.

iPad 2: Apple forced to make carrier concessions

Apple has been a blessing and a curse for cellcos. When it launched the first iPhone, the terms it demanded in return for operator exclusives were onerous and highlighted how a strong device brand would trump that of a carrier every time. However, as the world started to shift towards open access, its iPhone deals hugely strengthened the old notions of carrier lock-in, at least for those who nabbed exclusives.
Wireless Watch, 06 Mar 2011

Red ink sinks green data centre

An unexpected withdrawal of offshore investment in Melbourne’s multi-million dollar "green" data centre facility ADX1, has plunged the project into administration.
Natalie Apostolou, 06 Mar 2011

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