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Android malware attacks show perils of Google openness

This week's discovery of malware that hijacked tens of thousands of Android cellphones shows the pitfalls of Google's decision to make the operating system the Wikipedia of mobile platforms that offers apps written by virtually anyone.
Dan Goodin, 04 Mar 2011

AFP terrifies MPs with ‘net pr0n tales

According to a story in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian Federal Police has warned a group of Australian parliamentarians that the country’s planned National Broadband Network (NBN) will “make it harder” for them to “track people downloading and sharing child pornography”.
Richard Chirgwin, 04 Mar 2011

Oz bloggers get shield protection

The Australian Senate has passed legislation that would afford the same protection to bloggers, independent media and “citizen journalists” as is enjoyed by journalists.
Richard Chirgwin, 04 Mar 2011

Google ends Chrome hardware acceleration on 'old drivers'

Google has disabled Chrome hardware acceleration for systems with certain "older" graphics drivers, after noticing that such systems caused an unusual number of crashes.
Cade Metz, 04 Mar 2011

From messiah to pariah: The death of open source on mobile

Open...and ShutOpen source has gone from pariah to messiah in the past decade, but it has yet to find a place at the mobile table, and risks being rendered obsolete.
Matt Asay, 04 Mar 2011
Olympus PEN E-PL2

Olympus PEN E-PL2 Micro Four-Thirds camera

ReviewWhen the original Olympus PEN E-P1 came out in 2009 it arguably marked the start of a revolution. Its mirrorless design meant that it was far smaller than a DSLR, yet its relatively large sensor meant it took considerably better quality images than compact cameras; besides that, its retro Japanese styling also made it a far more tempting proposition for consumers everywhere.
Dave Stevenson, 04 Mar 2011

Sage Pay, down and out yet again

Online payment system Sage Pay is unavailable again today despite limping briefly back online yesterday.
John Oates, 04 Mar 2011

China plays follow the phone

China is planning to monitor population flow by tracking mobile phones, in the interests of traffic management, though more nefarious motivations do suggest themselves.
Bill Ray, 04 Mar 2011

Intel re-invents its mainstream SSD

Intel has announced a 510 solid state drive (SSD) line that greatly increases the read/write bandwidth, but has lower IOPS numbers compared to its existing X25-M SSD products.
Chris Mellor, 04 Mar 2011

March Patch Tuesday leaves IE unpatched for Pwn2Own hackers

Microsoft – unlike its browser rivals – will not be patching Internet Explorer before the upcoming Pwn2Own hacking contest next week.
John Leyden, 04 Mar 2011

Microsoft's new 'Bing deals' fails to support Windows Phone 7

Microsoft launched a Groupon-like site dubbed 'Bing deals' that works on desktops, Apple's iPhone and Google's Android device but not on Redmond's own Windows Phone 7.
Kelly Fiveash, 04 Mar 2011

Half a million Germans rally in support of 'Baron von Googleberg'

A huge online campaign has rallied in support of former German defence minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, who resigned on Tuesday after being stripped of his PhD for plagiarising large sections of his thesis.
Lewis Page, 04 Mar 2011

German railways merge NFC networks

Frankfurt's regional travel authority is to merge its NFC infrastructure with the national rail operator, creating an interoperable network for travelling across Germany with a tap of the phone.
Bill Ray, 04 Mar 2011

Kentucky man denies drunk driving, blames blow job

A Kentucky man who was arrested for DUI has said his erratic driving was less to do with alcohol and more to do with the oral sex he was receiving from his passenger at the time.
Joe Fay, 04 Mar 2011
Sinclair Research ZX81

Sinclair ZX81: 30 years old

Tomorrow, 5 March 2011, marks the 30th anniversary of the arrival of the machine that did more to awaken ordinary Britons to the possibilities offered by home computing: the Sinclair ZX81.
Tony Smith, 04 Mar 2011

British biz roasts Hargreaves' 'Google Review'

The Google Review – or to give its official title, The Intellectual Property Office's Independent Review of IP and Growth – has come under a sustained fire. It is the last day of submissions before Hargreaves and his team of five experts go away and ponder. The initiative was created as part of Cameron's "Shoreditch Roundabout" speech in November, where he described the gap-year Nathan Barleys who do "something in social media" as the future of the British economy.
Andrew Orlowski, 04 Mar 2011

Microsoft tablet OS to see light of day in 'autumn 2012'

Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer was given a gentle kick up the backside late last year by the company's board, after he failed to move quickly enough against Apple’s iPad and lost market share in the mobile phone and tablet biz.
Kelly Fiveash, 04 Mar 2011
Olympus TG-810

Olympus touts cameras with dual image processors

Olympus has debuted a few flashy cameras, one that's crushproof, and a couple with dual image processors which take shots while simultaneously capturing HD footage.
Caleb Cox, 04 Mar 2011

BOFH: This buck's for you

Episode 2
Simon Travaglia, 04 Mar 2011

Locked iPhones still got their ears on

The iPhone passcode has never been particularly secure, but now it seems that a locked handset will respond to a good talking-to, unless the user remembers to opt out.
Bill Ray, 04 Mar 2011
THQ uDraw GameTablet

THQ brings the uDraw GameTablet to Blighty

Hands OnToday sees the UK launch of THQ's uDraw GameTablet, a fresh way for kids and families to interact with their Nintendo Wii console.
Caleb Cox, 04 Mar 2011

Parliament's expenses body spent £2.2m on IT

The newly minted Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has spent £2.2m on IT to get itself up and running, a commons answer revealed yesterday.
Joe Fay, 04 Mar 2011

Virgin says unlimited music downloads 'outdated'

Anyone remember Virgin's great unlimited MP3 music service? You can be forgiven for looking stumped. The day before the Carter Report was published in the Summer of 2009 – the report that became the basis of the Digital Economy Act – Virgin and Universal announced they'd be offering unlimited DRM-free MP3 downloads for the price of "a couple of albums per month".
Andrew Orlowski, 04 Mar 2011
iDECT iHome phone

iDect iHome Android phone

ReviewAs well as smartphones and tablets Google’s Android operating system has started cropping up in media players, ski goggles, car stereos and even headphones, so it’s perhaps not too surprising that it’s now turned up in the humble landline home phone.
Alun Taylor, 04 Mar 2011

Nexenta: The fastest-growing storage start-up ever?

CeBIT:Nexenta is the fastest-growing storage start-up ever, based on customer growth, according to its sales and marketing veep, Jon Ash – faster even than NetApp in its early days.
Chris Mellor, 04 Mar 2011

Phantom Menace to be released in 3D next Feb

Reviled Star Wars prequel Episode I: The Phantom Menace, reproduced in 3D for some reason, now has an official release date.
Team Register, 04 Mar 2011

Courtney Love coughs up $430k in Twitter rant settlement

Hole singer Courtney Love has settled a lawsuit with fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir in Los Angeles.
Kelly Fiveash, 04 Mar 2011

Commission clears Hollywood studios after U-turn

The European Commission has ended an investigation into the major Hollywood studios after they changed contract provisions on installing digital kit at cinemas.
John Oates, 04 Mar 2011

O2 tries to explain its new prudish nature

O2 has been busy explaining to customers why it's come over all prudish, and why they shouldn't worry about spending a little money to prove their age.
Bill Ray, 04 Mar 2011

Samsung admits iPad 2 will be tough to beat

A Samsung executive has admitted that beating the iPad 2's skinniness will be a challenge.
Hard Reg, 04 Mar 2011

South Korea blitzed by DDoSers

Multiple South Korean government websites have come under fire from a concerted denial of service attack.
John Leyden, 04 Mar 2011

Microsoft blows Windows Phone update, again

Samsung users who held off updating after hearing about the problems last time are being told to hold off again as the fixed fix isn't really fixed at all.
Bill Ray, 04 Mar 2011

Turkey bans Google Blogger over pirated football feeds

A court has banned Google's Blogger service in Turkey over a row about pirated football feeds.
John Leyden, 04 Mar 2011

Street View Terminator warps into Dublin

We all know that Google's Street View has transdimensional capabilities, as well as the power to create space/time feedback loops, so it should come as no surprise that the Great Satan of Mountain View will in the future give staff at its all-seeing eye Terminator-style time travel abilities.
Lester Haines, 04 Mar 2011

Credit card squeeze looms for pirate music sites

It isn't just Wikileaks that's being squeezed by credit card companies - pirate music sites are also feeling the pinch.
Andrew Orlowski, 04 Mar 2011
Sony Playstation Move

Sony readies official PS Move support for PCs

Sony has paved the way for developers to use its PlayStation Move technology as an input device, with the launch of an official SDK.
Caleb Cox, 04 Mar 2011

NASA's Glory climate-data sat crashes into Pacific on launch

A NASA satellite intended to bring some hard facts to the climate-change debate has crashed into the sea after lifting off from California and failing to separate from its booster rocket.
Lewis Page, 04 Mar 2011

Game developer says piracy is not theft

The creator of Minecraft believes piracy can't be considered theft and that smart games developers should view people who pirate games as potential customers.
Caleb Cox, 04 Mar 2011

Microsoft rallies IE6 death squads

Microsoft has launched a fresh campaign to eradicate Internet Explorer 6 from the web.
Gavin Clarke, 04 Mar 2011

Patent attack on Google open codec faces 'antitrust probe'

The US Department of Justice is investigating MPEG-LA – the patent pool organization backed by Apple, Microsoft, and others – over the organization's effort to undermine the royalty-free V8 codec Google introduced last year, according to a report citing people familiar with the matter.
Cade Metz, 04 Mar 2011

Ex-UK spy boss says WikiLeaks sparked Egyptian revolution

The former head of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service has credited WikiLeaks and other secret-spilling sites with sparking the revolutions sweeping the Middle East.
Dan Goodin, 04 Mar 2011

HP uncloaks wristwatch 'aggregation point'

UpdatedIn possibly the vaguest demo in recorded history, HP has revealed a futuristic connectivity device designed to be the centerpiece of your personal connectivity.
Rik Myslewski, 04 Mar 2011

Apple: If you're under 17, you can't use Opera

Apple has allowed Opera's desktop browser into its new Mac App Store, but it has decreed that no one under 17 years old can download the thing.
Cade Metz, 04 Mar 2011

Tas magistrate finds legal book of filth illegal on computer

You can’t invent cases as strange as this: a book that is not only legal, but can be borrowed from various Australian libraries* can, in digital form, land the owner with a child porn conviction.
Richard Chirgwin, 04 Mar 2011

Libya's internet goes dark as upheaval spreads

As violence escalated against people protesting Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, internet traffic flowing in and out of the African nation dropped to zero, making it impossible to send communications over its borders.
Dan Goodin, 04 Mar 2011
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Red Hat: 'Yes, we undercut Oracle with hidden Linux patches'

Red Hat has changed the way it distributes Enterprise Linux kernel code in an effort to prevent Oracle and Novell from stealing its customers, making it more difficult for these competitors to understand which patches have been applied where.
Cade Metz, 04 Mar 2011

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