2nd March 2011 Archive

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  • Opera (finally) gets hard on WebGL 3D

    Three years in the hardening

    Applications 02 00:53

  • Qld police warn against Windows service scam

    Crooks try IQ test on banana benders

    Security 02 03:08

  • IDC: Everything but Unix on the rise

    Windows, Linux, and mainframes skyrocket

    The Channel 02 04:00

  • Ofcom demands ISPs close 'upto' gap

    Oversold much?

    Broadband 02 05:00

  • US Supremes trash AT&T's claims to 'personal privacy'

    Ma Bell not exempt from FOIA

    Law 02 05:00

  • Apple to Microsoft: 'App Store name is not generic'

    Accuses lawyer of lifting nonsense from internet

    Software 02 06:00

  • Nokia C1-01 budget voicephone

    Talk is cheap

    Phones 02 07:00

  • Seagate launches XP-supporting 3TB drive

    Legacy software and BIOS support

    Storage 02 09:58

  • Europe confirms raids on ebook publishers

    Antitrust and cartel concerns

    Hardware 02 11:06

  • TalkTalk silenced over anti-BT comparison

    ASA rejects value and price not the same argument

    Broadband 02 11:07

  • Government should extend agile development for IT

    State could cut cost and provide better services, says govt 'think tank'

    Government 02 11:11

  • Google buys malware analysis and reverse engineering firm Zynamics

    Halvar Flake takes it back to the future

    Security 02 11:12

  • Charlie Sheen explodes onto Twitter

    Followers will soon match former salary

    Bootnotes 02 11:15

  • Facebook goes all a twitter with Beluga buy

    Poking is so over

    Mobile 02 11:21

  • Ford CEO talks up e-car future

    Alan Mulally speaks out on platforms, prices and power generation

    Science 02 11:26

  • Is videoconferencing reborn?

    Ready for the big time

    Reg Technology Panel 02 11:32

  • Apple T&C upsets philanthropic developers

    Don't mention the earthquake

    Mobile 02 11:53

  • Tainted apps worm into official Android store

    DroidDream creates security nightmare

    Mobile 02 12:03

  • Ofcom shows average broadband speeds half advertised rate

    ISP claims tested, many found wanting

    Broadband 02 12:05

  • Health experts flip over McD's burger-flip toy

    'Disturbing' drive thru fun kitchen

    Bootnotes 02 12:26

  • Eurocrats work horizontally to make every European digital

    Neelie Kroes hails Digital Agenda progress

    Government 02 12:29

  • Apple iPad 2 snapped in all its skinny glory

    Go on, take a look. You know you want to...

    Tablets 02 12:31

  • Virgin offers unlimited action for a fiver

    Textual feeling

    Mobile 02 12:37

  • Timely information: We want it now. But not too much of it

    How much? When?

    Doing Better Business 02 13:13

  • Compellent micro-manages data to gain efficiency

    Sixteen times increase in tiering granularity

    Storage 02 13:15

  • IT job seekers can't smell spell

    Schoolboy CV errors

    Management 02 13:16

  • Blighty's expensive Watchkeeper spy-drone in further delays

    Extra bonuses: It's unarmed and needs Israeli support

    Science 02 13:29

  • Border Agency raids private college in Gateshead

    Four senior staff arrested in immigration probe

    Law 02 13:43

  • Time-wasting twits survey scam hits Twitter

    I'm not fooled by Tweeter's curl ...

    Security 02 13:53

  • Swiftpoint Futuremouse

    Refashioned rodent with laptop leanings

    Hardware 02 14:00

  • Sheila's Fails? The statistics of biological risk

    Why the ECJ insurance judgment might not be the right road after all

    Law 02 14:35

  • Library e-books to become too tatty to lend

    Digital copies must not outlast paper one, HarperCollins insists

    Tablets 02 15:21

  • UK extends IT spending controls

    Every contract over £5m needs Treasury, Cabinet nod

    The Channel 02 15:34

  • Portsmouth stretches the Olympic-sized swimming pool

    Adds critical 0.2143 linguine to polemical length

    Bootnotes 02 15:47

  • Radio in the cloud: Do we want to TiVo our radio?

    What problem is Michael Robertson trying to solve?

    Media 02 16:04

  • Apple shutters store as fanbois camp out on virtual pavement

    Feast your eyes on Post-it of destiny

    Hardware 02 16:41

  • Dixons prices up Motorola Xoom for Blighty

    More than expected

    Tablets 02 17:11

  • Official: Booze prevents senile dementia

    WHEN will the gov provide free booze for wrinklies?

    Science 02 17:15

  • Twitter terminates Steve Jobs parodist

    Not the Fake Steve Jobs, a fake Steve Jobs.

    Media 02 17:56

  • Easier to secure the cloud than your data center - IBMer


    Cloud 02 18:00

  • Amazon floats (another) cloud over Asia

    EC2 goes to Tokyo

    Cloud 02 18:01

  • Steve Jobs unveils iPad 2

    Faster, slimmer, dual-core

    Tablets 02 18:42

  • Elop's choice: Microsoft and Nokia take a bruising

    What now for IE9 on mobile?

    Microbite 02 19:08

  • Apple cuts iPad price

    Tablet discounted in run-up to new version's debut

    Tablets 02 19:26

  • Facebook to share home addresses, phone numbers

    How Zuckerberg learned to stop worrying and love opt in

    Security 02 19:49

  • Oracle seeks Java cloud closure help

    Work needed on Java EE plan

    Developer 02 19:54

  • More interception, less scrutiny as Oz Senate passes wiretap laws

    Big Brother is listening

    Law 02 20:27

  • iPad 2 spawns updated iOS and apps

    Fondleslab finger candy

    Hardware 02 20:32

  • IBM ex-boss tapped for convergence review

    Nobody ever got sacked for that

    Government 02 22:48

  • Rogue AV pimps finally show love for alternative browsers

    Ruse spoofs Firefox, Chrome, Safari

    Security 02 22:50

  • Opera man muscles into Apple mobile ad kingdom

    Ex-Apple 'Pink' engineer takes fight to Google

    Mobile 02 23:40