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Google Cloud Connect: The limits of a Microsoft makeover

Google's new Microsoft Office plugin is meant to woo existing Microsoft users onto Google Apps, Mountain View's suite of (completely) web-based business applications. But the bridge it lays between the two competing platforms goes only so far.
Cade Metz, 26 Feb 2011

Mozilla unfurls twelfth and last Firefox 4 beta

Mozilla has released the twelfth and final Firefox 4 beta.
Cade Metz, 26 Feb 2011
Audyssey South of Market audio dock

Audyssey South of Market audio dock

ReviewAudyssey isn’t exactly a household name here in the UK, but its audio technologies are found in many TVs and home theatre systems and are designed specifically to improve the sound quality from small speakers used in the home environment. The South of Market Audio Dock is its first own-brand hardware product, and it clearly makes the most of the company's technical know-how.
Cliff Joseph, 26 Feb 2011
DVD it in many colours

Reg Hardware Reviews Digest

Over the past seven days, Reg Hardware has looked at products from the worlds of consumer electronics, mobile communications and gaming.
Register Hardware, 26 Feb 2011

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