24th February 2011 Archive

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  • Security shocker: Android apps send private data in clear

    Facebook's persistent SSL isn't

    Security 24 00:31

  • Man admits hacking into NASA, e-commerce servers

    $275,000 siphoned

    Security 24 01:18

  • iiNet wins AFACT appeal

    Freetards still not ISP’s responsibility, says Federal Court

    Law 24 03:36

  • Apple: iTunes ascends to the heavens this spring

    $1bn data center turns on

    Cloud 24 04:45

  • Google opens Android front in Zuckerberg data war

    Nexus S contacts divorced from Facebook friends

    Security 24 06:47

  • BT Home Hub 3 ADSL Wi-Fi router

    End of the line for signal box failure?

    Broadband 24 07:00

  • Discovery poised for final mission

    Everything 'going beautifully' for launch tonight

    Science 24 09:09

  • QLogic: Software FCoE can't cut it

    Intel indifference

    Business 24 10:04

  • Bloggable clickjacks its way into English

    Time to get trolleyed, tbh

    Bootnotes 24 10:07

  • New balesio appliance liposuctions fat out of files

    For Windows unstructured files

    Storage 24 10:14

  • Doctors warn on patient data

    Who gets to read your medical file?

    Government 24 10:34

  • Watching you, watching me: Video in the workplace

    The future of business communication?

    Reg Technology Panel 24 10:42

  • Voyeurs invited to watch space truck dock

    Live video as Johannes Kepler couples with ISS today

    Science 24 10:43

  • Severe bug deadlocks BIND

    DNS lookup system peril

    Operating Systems 24 10:51

  • Firefox 4 squeezes onto phones

    Foxy ... Android ...

    Mobile 24 11:04

  • Former Microsoft exec barred from taking job at Salesforce

    US judge rules in favour of Redmond on non-compete contract

    Cloud 24 11:06

  • Conviction overturned for abuse images bought from bookshop

    The Waterstones defence

    Law 24 11:24

  • Court OK's Assange Sweden extradition, given 7 days to appeal

    WikiLeaker-in-chief to face questions in sex assault investigation

    Law 24 11:30

  • 'Most stupid criminal ever' blew cover on Facebook

    Burglar posted gloating self-portrait from victim's own laptop

    Bootnotes 24 11:46

  • Capita to get fat on govt cuts

    2010 results were 'robust'

    The Channel 24 12:01

  • IT pros get Google Apps certified

    Get online and get a badge

    Cloud 24 12:07

  • Facebook 'stalker tracker' tool just makes you a spammer

    Paranoia don't pay, see

    Security 24 12:21

  • Samsung goes super slim with Notebook 9 series

    Tries to bite into Apple

    Laptops 24 12:22

  • Electric cars not as 'green' as advertised

    Quelle surprise

    Science 24 12:59

  • Samsung Wave II Bada OS smartphone

    HD handset video editing on a budget

    Phones 24 13:01

  • Operators to get new SMS 999 obligation

    hlp, I nd a dr qik

    Broadband 24 13:22

  • John le Carré archives to rest at Bodleian Library

    Oxford to protect manuscripts, diaries from moles

    Media 24 13:25

  • Nintendo brings fibre to Elephant & Castle

    Kirby weaves his way into the UK's greyest area

    Games 24 13:32

  • Survey sets out to pin down nation's pr0n habits

    Semiotics of smut sought for the good of us all

    Law 24 14:49

  • WikiLeaks boss labels UK extradition order a 'rubber stamping process'

    Can't be sent to US without UK approval though

    Law 24 15:13

  • Apple's MacBook Pros chucked out ahead of iPad 2

    5-4-3-2-1 – Thunderbolts are go

    Laptops 24 15:27

  • Norway gov mulls blocking online gambling

    Probably not political, though

    Government 24 15:29

  • LightSquared squares off against GPS worriers

    Just what the competition ordered

    Mobile 24 15:46

  • Microsoft bricking lesson bodes badly for Elop's Brave New Nokia

    There are times when you need a bureaucracy...

    Mobile 24 16:02

  • Jester claims credit for knocking Westboro Baptist Church offline

    Tango down, he tweets

    Security 24 16:08

  • How to make power conversion less sucky

    And a whole lot cheaper

    Science 24 16:19

  • Intel throws Thunderbolt

    USB 3.0 smackdown!

    Hardware 24 16:53

  • Phone seller pre-peddles white iPhone 4 for UNDER A GRAND!

    Free unicorn when you buy five or more

    Mobile 24 16:54

  • SGI lays off 4 per cent of workforce

    HPC belt-tightening

    Financial News 24 17:11

  • AMD's Bulldozer cores to push to 3.5 GHz and beyond

    Big bump in oomph per socket

    Servers 24 17:28

  • Juniper flat-packs data centre networking

    One layer is all you need

    Data Networking 24 17:29

  • Space truck docks with ISS

    Johannes Kepler mated with orbiting outpost

    Science 24 17:32

  • Lenovo flaunts ThinkPad with 30 hour battery life

    Charge of the Light Brigade

    Laptops 24 17:44

  • Apple brings multi-touch, full-disk crypto to latest OS X

    10.7 Lion unleashed to developers

    Operating Systems 24 19:19

  • Fujitsu relieves Ballmer's iPad pressure

    Tablets for businesses, not for fun

    Hardware 24 19:29

  • Reactions to iiNet's copyright win

    ISPs hope vainly that this is the end of the fight

    Law 24 20:38

  • Intel: 'PC makers took the light out of Light Peak'

    Thunderbolt will go optical. One day

    Hardware 24 21:09

  • Thunderbolt: A new way to hack Macs

    Blind trust turned on by default

    Security 24 22:15

  • Google wheels (another) Trojan App inside Microsoft Office

    Google Office joins Chrome IE and Gmail Outlook

    Cloud 24 22:54