23rd February 2011 Archive

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  • Microsoft offers Azure virgins 'small' VM concession

    Play now, pay in June

    Cloud 23 00:33

  • Cellphone exposure linked to changes in brain activity

    Handset radiation can alter brain function

    Phones 23 00:51

  • HP misses Q1 sales, revises 2011 downward

    Apotheker's first Carly moment

    Financial News 23 01:17

  • Judge offs ivi.tv

    Injunction granted against net broadcaster

    Media 23 01:40

  • M2 buys up more Australian customers

    Austar exits mobile biz

    Networks 23 03:53

  • Go Stop, Moto!

    Huawei wins injunction, gums up Nokia sale

    Broadband 23 05:06

  • Apple 'outstrips' all brands at box office

    Product-placement king

    Hardware 23 06:01

  • Plextor PX-L611U portable DVD writer

    Optical extras on the go

    Hardware 23 07:00

  • Cornish pasties awarded protected status

    Imitators beware tasty European Commission ruling

    Bootnotes 23 09:10

  • Where are the next storage startup stars?

    Is there room for another 3PAR, Compellent or Data Domain ...

    Storage 23 09:30

  • Scientists tremble before 'thunder-thighs' sauropod

    Early Cretaceous dino delivered quite a kick

    Science 23 09:46

  • Compellent driven into datacentre by Dell

    Going deeper into development

    Storage 23 10:07

  • Apple plots iPad 2 production reduction

    Moles claim output has been cut

    Tablets 23 10:08

  • Virgin considers dipping toes into 'daily deals' offering

    Groupon clone sought, says report

    Financial News 23 10:12

  • Roundabouts and swings at Everything Everywhere

    Financial wizardry shows all is lost/fine

    Mobile 23 10:27

  • Doing the math on IBM's real systems biz

    Sales and profits climb out of a hole

    Business 23 10:35

  • Ken's magnificent seven diagram

    Heroes to save your village from the text-only bandidos

    Data Visualisation 23 10:45

  • Eight years for ID fraudster

    Job Centre worker helped him steal tax credits

    Security 23 11:05

  • Intel to spotlight optical interconnect tomorrow

    Up to a point, Lord Copper

    Hardware 23 11:20

  • EMC kills SPEC benchmark with all-flash VNX

    Watershed benchmark

    Storage 23 11:24

  • UK chip design house strides across pond

    CSR explains the logic of going video

    Hardware 23 11:26

  • Russia blames Google for Egyptian revolt

    Er, right

    Government 23 11:28

  • Early warnings and how to see them

    Always pay attention to gurgling noises in customer support

    Doing Better Business 23 12:00

  • Doctor Who co-star Nicholas Courtney dies at 81

    End of era as the Brigadier checks out

    Hardware 23 12:18

  • Moderate boozing good for your heart: Official

    However, 'if you don't drink, this is not a reason to start'

    Science 23 12:28

  • Price war beckons for mobile payments

    Twitter founder's Square goes cheaper

    Management 23 12:44

  • Bulletstorm

    Is there a new Duke in town?

    Games 23 13:00

  • No showstoppers for UK nuke approval

    On course for June

    Government 23 13:39

  • Apple shareholders demand CEO succession plan

    What happens when Steve goes?

    Hardware 23 13:42

  • Met investigates medical school hack

    Docs get nasty, libellous emails

    Security 23 14:24

  • Apple brands Intel 'Light Peak' as Thunderbolt

    High-speed IO just rebranded DisplayPort tech?

    Laptops 23 15:03

  • Gears of War 3 release date confirmed

    Gunning for glory

    Games 23 15:04

  • Bionic leg builder makes huge step in prosthetics

    Robot knee has a mind of its own

    Hardware 23 15:14

  • Council loses USB of patient records

    Worker 'had problems' using encrypted stick

    Management 23 15:56

  • Android and iOS get a little Minecraft love

    Time-wasting goes mobile

    Mobile 23 15:58

  • Nokia flings out WinPho 7 phones

    Concept snaps prefigure real thing

    Phones 23 16:02

  • Sony debuts 3D laptop

    Big specs, of course

    Laptops 23 16:09

  • ECJ asked to rule on re-sale of software licences

    Oracle says usedSoft's sale of used licences is illegal

    Law 23 16:17

  • Chemists create current-bearing plastic

    Polymer breakthrough points way to cheaper PCs

    Science 23 16:38

  • Oracle: 'Eight Android files are decompiled Oracle code'

    Google OS based on 'hundreds of copyrighted Java files'

    Developer 23 17:36

  • Protecting users from themselves

    Because yesterday's security doesn’t work

    Security 23 17:41

  • New Relic climbs Amazon's Elastic Beanstalk

    This cloud will spread

    Cloud 23 19:21

  • Apple names iPad 2 reveal date

    'Magical and revolutionary', part deux

    Hardware 23 19:29

  • WikiLeaks' Assange 'very likely' to lose extradition fight

    Barrister pokes ahead of Thursday's hearing

    Law 23 19:46

  • Belarusian admits running site that catered to 2000+ ID thieves

    Faces 37+ years in prison

    Security 23 21:16

  • Microsoft student mail checkmates Google state grab

    Portland swings away

    Cloud 23 21:32

  • Google sweetens Android with full Honeycomb SDK

    Fondleslab OS Xooming into view

    Developer 23 21:33

  • Australian utility evaluates EV charging kit

    Plug your 'leccy cars into Ergon

    Science 23 21:34

  • Apple shareholders nix disclosure of Jobs succession plan

    The first rule of Jobs Club is: You do not talk about Jobs Club

    Business 23 23:17