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Big, distributed, and fast: Ehcache sucks up search

Open sourcers running the Ehcache distributed Java cache can now search their data in near real-time by harnessing lashed-together servers.
Gavin Clarke, 18 Feb 2011

HP reinvents self as data center designer

After a freeze in the construction of new data centers in the past couple of years, the market is starting to thaw a bit. And Hewlett-Packard wants to provide more than servers, storage, and networking. It also want to design and manage the construction of the candy coating that wraps around all that gear.

Brits luv broadband. True

Britons believe broadband connectivity to be the product that has most changed their lives over the past ten years.
Tony Smith, 18 Feb 2011
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Windows 8 squeezed to fit 2012 Dell fondleslab?

Will Microsoft deliver Windows 8 in time for OEMs to ship product in 2012?
Gavin Clarke, 18 Feb 2011

Unprecedented domain seizure shutters 84,000 sites

The federal government's unprecedented practice of confiscating internet domain names in secret court proceedings took a new and ominous turn last week when it resulted in the closure of as many as 84,000 website addresses.
Dan Goodin, 18 Feb 2011
Monster Beats Pro

Ten... over-ear headphones

Product Round-upPersonal music is an everyday part of most people's lives and at at the end of the chain, it's the gear we use to pump out the audio that impacts most obviously on the listening experience.
Caleb Cox, 18 Feb 2011

Sepaton changes CEO

Sepaton's CEO and president Mike Worhach has stepped upstairs to vice chairman of the board and the Exec VP for sales and marketing, Mike Thompson, is the new CEO and president. Thompson joined Sepaton in August last year in what then looked like a step down the career ladder, but now looks like part of a set of choreographed steps over five months, with new executive blood flowing through Sepaton's veins.
Chris Mellor, 18 Feb 2011

Pitiless teen burglar murders three witnesses

An Illinois teenager is facing residential burglary and cruelty to animals raps after killing a trio of potential witnesses to an Arlington Heights burglary - three goldfish.
Lester Haines, 18 Feb 2011

South African dam sluices 609 elephants per second

Regular readers know that we at the El Reg Bootnotes bureau are big fans of alternative units of measurement, so we'd like to raise a pint today to South African engineer Danie van der Spuy, who recently quantified the amount of water passing through the sluice gates of the Bloemhof dam as the equivalent of "609 elephants every second".
Lester Haines, 18 Feb 2011

No small iPhone 5, says mole

Apple isn't working on a smaller iPhone, contrary to previous rumours, but it is trying to make the handset less expensive.
Tony Smith, 18 Feb 2011

Inventor of the Workmate dies

Ron Hickman, the inventor of the Black & Decker Workmate, has died in Jersey, where he had a design factory. Hickman died after a long illness that followed a serious fall five months ago.
John Oates, 18 Feb 2011

Lenovo to press LePad on LeWorld

Lenovo will bring its entry into the Android tablet arena to a world audience, but not before it has released the gadget in its native China.
Tony Smith, 18 Feb 2011

Romanian middleman pleads guilty to $2.7m auction scam

A Romanian native faces jail in the US after pleading guilty to participating in a $2.7m online marketplace scam.
John Leyden, 18 Feb 2011

Microsoft won't pursue keyword trade mark users in US

Microsoft will no longer investigate complaints that words used to trigger search adverts constitute trade mark infringement in the US.
OUT-LAW.COM, 18 Feb 2011

US scientists build laser-killing device

Yale boffins have built a laser light cancelling device roughly analogous to noise-cancelling headphones.
Chris Mellor, 18 Feb 2011

FTC and DoJ toss-up on Apple subs plan 'probe'

Apple's take-it-or-leave-it subscription platform for content producers and publishers has attracted the attention of regulators in the US and Europe, according to reports.
Team Register, 18 Feb 2011

India backs off RIM, starts on local operators

India's government has given up pestering RIM and is now asking the country's network operators to provide lawful intercept capability, despite their inability to do so.
Bill Ray, 18 Feb 2011

Mobile network 'guilty' of 'charging for stuff'

Over in the US the debate over pre-emptive internet regulation, created by academics and interest groups, has now firmly entered the territory of the Frankly Bizarre.
Andrew Orlowski, 18 Feb 2011

Countries where Facebook is not, yet, king

Facebook has conquered western Europe, Australia and the US, but it is not king of the castle everywhere.
John Oates, 18 Feb 2011

4 in 5 surfers open to browser exploits from fixed flaws

Eight in 10 browsers remains vulnerable to attacks targeting already patched bugs, with the majority of problems stemming from plug-ins such as Java.
John Leyden, 18 Feb 2011

Panasonic brings Skype to Blu-ray boxes

Panasonic has introduced Skype to its range of 3D Blu-ray players, so those without the video-conference tool built into their TV set can still utilise the service on the big screen.
Caleb Cox, 18 Feb 2011

Intel seeks connected home for Atom

Vodafone and Intel have banded together to push Atom chips, and Vodafone connectivity, into cars, fridges and toasters – the humans already being adequately equipped.
Bill Ray, 18 Feb 2011
Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

ReviewThe decision to resurrect the Marvel vs Capcom series is a logical choice for Capcom. After the success of Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV, it makes sense to capitalise on a general appetite for comic book movies by exhuming the ten-year-old crossover franchise.
Andrew Bailey, 18 Feb 2011

Stealing photographs for fun and profit – snappers respond

Imagine finding a car outside your house, with no numberplate, but with the keys in the ignition and the engine running.
Andrew Orlowski, 18 Feb 2011

Last.fm 'f*cked over' by Apple, says founder

Apple has "fucked over" Last.fm with its new 30 per cent subscription tax, according to co-founder Richard Jones. The former CTO of the music website made the point in an IRC chat session. Other music services are considering their options after the introduction of the subscription requirement, which explicitly covers movies and music, in addition to newspaper and magazine subscriptions. Jones was Last.fm's CTO and left in 2009.
Andrew Orlowski, 18 Feb 2011

Florida lag packs prison survival kit up jacksie

A Florida lag was last week relieved of the substantial prison surival kit he attempted to smuggle into Sarasota County jail in the time-honoured manner - packed in a condom up his jacksie.
Lester Haines, 18 Feb 2011
Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo takes 3DS on UK testing tour

Nintendo has announced it will take the 3DS on the road to give ganmers a chance to try the handheld console ahead of launch.
Caleb Cox, 18 Feb 2011

Nokia: free phones for developers

Nokia is to give all its registered developers an E7 smartphone. And if a Symbian-based handset doesn't appeal - as well it might not given last week's announcement - it's going to give them a Nokia Windows Phone 7 handset too.
Tony Smith, 18 Feb 2011

Stephen Fry explains ... How Christmas Tree Lights Work

CompetitionFollowing the example set by National Treasure™ and ubiquitous luvvie Stephen Fry, who excelled himself by explaining how GPS works, we invited you to submit similar Fry-esque explanations.
Andrew Orlowski, 18 Feb 2011

EU agency calls for clear consent on indelible and zombie cookies

New, more persistent cookies pose an increasing risk to the privacy of consumers online, according to an EU security agency report released on Friday.
John Leyden, 18 Feb 2011

Lawsuit loot helps Overland cut loss

Overland Storage has reported a reduced quarterly loss, helped by a $3m gain from a lawsuit.
Chris Mellor, 18 Feb 2011

EMC recruits Sepaton's chief operating officer

EMC has recruited Sepaton's highly-regarded chief operating officer Fidelma Russo.
Chris Mellor, 18 Feb 2011

Intel boss searches planet for post-Nokia MeeGo spouse

Intel has vowed to find another buddy for its mobile Linux effort Meego, after Nokia shacked up with Microsoft on smart phones.
Gavin Clarke, 18 Feb 2011

US gov mulls changes to popular hashing algorithm

The US government's custodian of cryptography standards has released two proposed changes to the SHA-2 hashing algorithm that are designed to boost performance on 64-bit systems.
Dan Goodin, 18 Feb 2011

Google opens curtain on 'manual' search penalties

When the world learned that EU antitrust regulators were investigating claims that Google unfairly manipulated its search results at the expense of competitors, Google's European corporate counsel was unequivocal in her defense of the company. "We don’t whitelist or blacklist anyone,” Julia Holtz told journalists in Brussels last February, according to The Financial Times.
Cade Metz, 18 Feb 2011

Internet use disrupted in Bahrain as protests turn bloody

Internet traffic in and out of Bahrain showed a marked decline that coincided almost precisely with this week's start of citizen protests demanding government reforms in the small Persian Gulf country.
Dan Goodin, 18 Feb 2011

Google 'Arctic Sea' – Chrome native code, ahoy!

Google has released the first official version of the software development kit for Native Client, its controversial plug-in for running native code inside the browser.
Cade Metz, 18 Feb 2011

Death by 30% cut: Apple app tax must change

Open...and ShutMobile is no longer about selling devices, but rather about selling ecosystems, and payment services are a critical component of those ecosystems. It's too bad, therefore, that Apple, GroupOn and others may be wrong in their various approaches to getting paid.
Matt Asay, 18 Feb 2011

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