16th February 2011 Archive

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  • Humans shamed in round two of Jeopardy! showdown

    Slippery when wetware

    HPC 16 02:19

  • AdBlock Plus: Open source for fun (not funds)

    Labor of software love

    Applications 16 04:00

  • Vodafone Aus off the hook, kind of

    A 50-50 verdict from Privacy Commissioner

    Business 16 04:03

  • Man pockets $8m running computer fraud ring

    Zombies dialed premium phone numbers

    Security 16 04:44

  • Rackspace promises 'big name' OpenStack power shift

    Open source cloud kit set for mystery advisory board

    Cloud 16 05:11

  • Dell to buy AMD?

    All hat and no cattle

    The Channel 16 06:00

  • iXtreamer dock with IPTV

    Media hub for iFans

    Hardware 16 07:00

  • Texas antitrust investigators request Google 'ad rate formula'

    Plus docs on 'manual override' of search results

    Government 16 07:56

  • London councils reveal joint IT jobs cut plan

    Report outlines plans to cut 10 to 12 posts

    Government 16 08:00

  • Coming soon: Die Hard 5 - The Zimmer Frame

    Bruce Willis dusts off the arthritis tablets

    Bootnotes 16 08:10

  • Micro Focus shares drop on update

    Targets missed, shares whacked

    Applications 16 10:01

  • Schmidt promises to get 'permission' before taking over our world

    You're in the mobile business now

    Mobile 16 10:07

  • HTC shuns Honeycomb for Android tablet debut

    Gingerbread instead

    Tablets 16 10:12

  • LG claims 'flicker free' 3D TV first

    Independently tested, apparently

    Hardware 16 10:29

  • RSA pushes single sign-on into the clouds

    Just the one dear

    Cloud 16 10:34

  • Rhapsody bristles at Apple subscription grab

    I'm just a poor boy from a poor family ...

    Media 16 11:08

  • Microsoft loses global ad head to Facebook

    Social network upstart poaches Carolyn Everson

    Media 16 11:19

  • NASA's Stardust braves cometary flak

    Survives photographic close encounter with Tempel 1

    Science 16 11:41

  • Gov will pay £2.25m compo to ID card suppliers

    Money down drain says Blunkett ... who should know

    Government 16 11:43

  • Acer taps out yet more tablets

    Ten-inchers and seven-inchers

    Tablets 16 11:51

  • Dinky Florida machine 'could whup world No 1 computer's ass'

    Chinese brute vs 'reconfigurable' two-fridge tiddler

    Cloud 16 11:59

  • Dissenting Nokia shareholders stop throwing toys from pram

    Elopocalypse: Day Five

    Mobile 16 12:00

  • IT grad claims £5m for crap degree

    University sued for a 2.2, pays out 0.0

    Law 16 12:03

  • Just Mobile AluPen metal iPad stylus

    Tap, type and swipe

    Hardware 16 12:04

  • Freedoms Bill good for CCTV, not for privacy

    Code of practice in surveillance leaves little to protect privacy

    Law 16 12:18

  • Startup offers penalty-free file data reduction

    Magic from Swiss gnomes

    Storage 16 12:43

  • UK Border Agency: Good at making cash, crap at making decisions

    Poor score for points-based immigration

    Government 16 12:45

  • Steelseries World of Warcraft mouse and keyboard

    Steampunk peripherals – how very 19th century

    Hardware 16 13:00

  • Census threatens spies' cover

    Judges, top cops also fear data debagging

    Government 16 13:02

  • Watchdog turns a blind eye to Danish fu*king

    Det er en fu*king lettelse, admits satellite broadcaster

    Bootnotes 16 13:07

  • US Secret Service tabletop training toytown goes virtual

    No more going 'brrmm' and moving model cars about

    Science 16 13:50

  • MS fesses on silent security fixes

    Shh! We're huntin' wabbits

    Security 16 13:53

  • Knife-waving knob nabs fat stack of jazz mags

    Surrey town shocked by sharp-supported shag-sheet snatch

    Bootnotes 16 13:54

  • Nvidia pledges to pass water on Core 2 Duo this summer

    But will it come a codename cropper?

    Tablets 16 14:04

  • Telcos plan to capitalise on the data explosion

    Show me the money...

    Broadband 16 14:13

  • Storm brews over Chinese synchronised goldfish

    Magic trick cruel, say animal rights groups

    Bootnotes 16 14:14

  • Nvidia four-core chip to power quad-res Apple iPad

    If only

    Tablets 16 14:42

  • Sex offenders will get a review – after 15 years

    It's the least government could do ... really, the least

    Law 16 15:14

  • Virgin tempts Brits with fee-free TiVo

    1000 boxes up for grabs

    Hardware 16 15:36

  • Google undercuts Apple in publisher revenues dash

    One Pass passes wind at Cupertino

    Applications 16 15:44

  • Airport face-scanning robots switched off

    Can't tell arse from face

    Government 16 15:48

  • Winamp advises forum password reset after mystery hack

    Just a precaution, you understand

    Security 16 15:54

  • Gadget makes bombs, mines go off 'on average' 20m away

    What's the value of σ here, exactly?

    Science 16 16:22

  • What sealed Nokia's fate?

    It's the bureaucracy, stupid

    Mobile 16 16:51

  • Sun spews out massive solar flare

    Likely to switch on Northern Lights

    Science 16 17:17

  • Windows 0day could allow complete hijacking

    Beware of malformed Browser Elections

    Security 16 17:55

  • Apple rips mobile PC crown from HP

    Fondleslabs included

    The Channel 16 18:50

  • RIM boss: 'Our PlayBook shames the You Know What'

    Unruly mob boos iPhone

    Tablets 16 19:28

  • Cloud to 'shrink channel'

    The guy on the horse is called Famine

    The Channel 16 20:17

  • Hostworks in NSW Food Authority win

    Name-and-shame list gets new home

    Business 16 20:18

  • Botnets claim 7-fold increase in victims

    Are we winning the cybercrime war yet?

    Security 16 21:15

  • Make it Intel: CSIRO needs new kit to replace supercomputer

    Make it Linux, if you please

    HPC 16 22:07

  • IBM tweaks blade and network gear

    Fat blade for databases

    Servers 16 22:38

  • Oracle floats Java EE for cloud

    Reform, regrets, and compromise?

    Developer 16 23:45