15th February 2011 Archive

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  • Groupon tweets first Aus media release

    Blanket coupon coverage

    Business 15 00:37

  • Lead Firefox developer exits Mozilla

    So long and thanks for all the IE antidote

    Applications 15 01:01

  • Adobe open source code backs – gasp! – HTML5

    Things that never happen in Steve Jobs' head

    Developer 15 01:17

  • Man matches machine in Jeopardy! showdown

    Wetware draws round one

    HPC 15 01:55

  • Apple suppliers: Child labor, bribery, suicides

    Jobsian crusaders to the rescue

    The Channel 15 04:00

  • Pacnet opens Sydney data centre

    Facility also hot backup for network ops

    Cloud 15 05:22

  • Iomega SuperHero iPhone back-up gadget

    To protect and serve

    Hardware 15 07:00

  • UK opposes EU plans for '28th regime' for contract law

    No evidence preferred solution would work, says UK

    Small Biz 15 08:52

  • Qualcomm paints Gobi as WiMAX successor

    Rushing in where Intel failed to tread

    Mobile 15 09:18

  • Computacenter splashes out on French reseller

    Profits at last?

    The Channel 15 09:40

  • Spanish police hold alleged Nintendo blackmailer

    He grabbed 4,000 users' details

    Security 15 09:41

  • Are you crying out for virtualised storage tiering?

    Tiers before bedtime

    Data Centre 15 10:06

  • Hardware keyloggers found in Manchester library PCs

    Spy on the wire gets your mad up proper

    Security 15 10:21

  • Tax tribunal finds contractor wasn't employee

    Another slap for unpopular IR35 law

    Small Biz 15 10:28

  • Twitter wants mobile industry followers

    What are you twittering about? You want more money?

    Mobile 15 10:37

  • SaaS security: it comes down to knowing what you are doing

    Roundup of discussion from Week 2

    Hosted Apps 15 10:53

  • Where to now for the data robot?

    Limited options one way but wide open another

    Storage 15 11:17

  • The case for DV

    For some it's a 'lightbulb moment'

    Desktop Virtualisation 15 11:30

  • Pandora to spark music IPO goldrush?

    I said no, no, no ...

    Financial News 15 11:57

  • Supermarket blows £70m on kid-commerce site

    We knew nappies were expensive but...

    Financial News 15 11:58

  • Dissenting Nokia shareholders: Bring us the head of Stephen Elop

    Elopocalypse, Day Five

    Mobile 15 12:13

  • Julian Assange gets helping hand from OJ Simpson's briefs

    WikiLeaks man pulls on snug gloves

    Government 15 12:25

  • Boffins demand: Cull bogus A-Levels, hire brainier teachers

    UK values sci/tech grads – very few forced into teaching

    Government 15 12:29

  • Telstra dropkicks femtocell business model

    Aussies can offload their own data ...

    Mobile 15 12:44

  • HTC takes a flyer on tablets

    Scaled up Android smartphone ahoy

    Tablets 15 12:45

  • Dell Venue Pro WinPho 7 smartphone

    Does the business?

    Phones 15 13:00

  • EMC joins Storage Performance Council

    It's benchmark WAR!

    Storage 15 13:21

  • 'Vacuous' - Twitterati hail Eric Schmidt's midnight tweet

    And Schmidt saw what technology did in Egypt. And it was good

    Government 15 13:40

  • DARPA to pay hackers and hobbyists for help

    Your tax dollars at rest

    HPC 15 13:55

  • BlackBerry OS 6 – Red Star Rising


    Phones 15 14:00

  • Visa's chip-and-PIN exemption rules given cautious welcome

    Good news for shopkeepers

    Security 15 14:12

  • OFT waves through UK.gov's national addressing database

    Joint effort with Ordnance Survey gets 'all clear'

    Government 15 14:48

  • European child abuse image law a step closer

    Committee approval

    Government 15 14:57

  • Clinton demands net freedom for all... 'cept Wikileaks

    Who said anything about China?

    Government 15 15:09

  • May promises £63m for cybercrime fight

    Less than ten per cent of cyber security budget

    Law 15 15:22

  • Toshiba £300 'entry level' Froyo tablet back on sale next month

    Honeycomb offerings to be premium products

    Tablets 15 15:30

  • Old folks' phones set to take over from nurses

    Cut down on the Mars bars, granny

    Mobile 15 15:32

  • UK.gov asks developers for views on Public Data Corporation

    Working title may change to Vanilla Data Corp or similar (maybe)

    Applications 15 15:41

  • Toshiba previews TV UI for cloud content

    IPTV meets social networking meets... everything

    Hardware 15 15:56

  • Ecstasy doesn't make rave-goers any stupider - official

    Going to raves, though...

    Science 15 16:25

  • Opera Mini BREWs up

    The other browser comes to the other OS

    Mobile 15 16:44

  • Samsung readies Android-based iPod Touch killer

    Smartphone minus the phone bit

    Hardware 15 16:49

  • Intel updates Xeon six-shooters for servers

    Gunning for Opterons high and low

    Servers 15 16:50

  • Steve Jobs unveils 30% subs model for ... everything

    Publishers get 'magical, revolutionary' our-way-or-the-highway deal

    Media 15 16:52

  • TiVo calls time on ageing set-tops

    Nine-year-old kit marked end-of-line

    Hardware 15 16:53

  • UK, Oz won't get latest AMD ThinkPad

    'North America and other emerging markets' only

    Laptops 15 17:28

  • Apple cripples iBooks for jailbreakers

    No e-books for you!

    Phones 15 17:50

  • Hacked BBC streaming websites serve up malware

    Driveby exploit on 6Music and 1Xtra

    Security 15 19:18

  • 'Unlimited' misleading on throttled broadband: Federal Court

    ACCC wins Optus advertising case

    Law 15 20:49

  • Australian group buying soars

    From invisible to fly-speck in only 12 months

    The Channel 15 20:50

  • Money gone, people gone: Oracle's open-source blowback

    GlassFish sucks dollars, Hudson quietly moves

    Developer 15 21:06

  • Twitter off-limits for cricketers

    Learn to play cards again, chaps

    Bootnotes 15 21:13

  • Mozilla: 'Internet Explorer 9 is not a modern browser'

    Arch rival condemns Microsoft browser to Victorian age

    Applications 15 21:21

  • iPhone 5 rumors: bigger, smaller, cloudy, keyboard-equipped

    Will Apple ape Google?

    Phones 15 22:57

  • Dell busts through $60bn barrier

    Business buying binge

    Financial News 15 23:09