14th February 2011 Archive

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  • Microsoft's IE9: Don't believe the hype

    Modern. But moving slow

    Applications 14 03:00

  • How Nokia and Microsoft will carve up mobile services

    And poke Intel in the eye

    Mobile 14 04:00

  • Adobe Flash: 20m phones flip Steve Jobs the bird

    How do ya like them Androids?

    Developer 14 05:00

  • Gemalto squeezes Facebook onto a SIM

    Dumbphones can soon thumb noses at smartphones

    Mobile 14 07:45

  • Paleontologists: Standardise 3D laser image files, for pity's sake

    End this misery of plaster moulds, incompatible formats

    Science 14 08:49

  • Job cuts on the rise

    Cuts start to bite

    Management 14 09:15

  • Samsung intros 10in Android tablet

    Vodafone gets first dibs

    Tablets 14 09:57

  • PlayStation phone to come with Crash Bandicoot

    Xperia Play pushes all the right buttons?

    Phones 14 10:02

  • Humanity's stored data measured in CDs to the Moon

    Or books blanketing China, if you prefer

    Storage 14 10:08

  • Latest boffinry: Feeding TNT to sheep

    There's a good reason, honest

    Science 14 10:22

  • Samsung updates Galaxy S with two-core chip

    Bada gets NFC support too

    Phones 14 10:23

  • Russian SMS scam Trojan poses as Valentine MMS app

    Soppy idiots at risk

    Security 14 10:32

  • Sony Ericsson outs Neo, Pro smartphones

    One for keyboard lovers, one for the rest

    Phones 14 10:43

  • Vodafone signals own-brand handset refresh

    World's cheapest touchscreen phone?

    Mobile 14 10:48

  • I’m not a Trojan horse: Nokia’s Elop hits back at neigh sayers

    Beware Canadians bearing gifts...

    Mobile 14 10:57

  • Police hit delete on DNA profiles

    If you're not charged or convicted, your sample will probably be binned

    Law 14 10:59

  • Ericsson and Akamai pair to side-step mobile net neutrality

    Network infrastructure: less sexy, more important

    Mobile 14 11:06

  • Flying dildo downs Oz stag party bloke

    Exotic dancer performs mock cock head shot

    Bootnotes 14 11:08

  • Motorola confirms Xoom tablet is Blighty-bound

    Just don't ask how much it'll cost

    Tablets 14 11:09

  • After Black Friday, Nokia acts to halt share slide

    Lock down the exits, quick

    Mobile 14 11:15

  • RIM rips 4G out of PlayBook for low-tech nations

    Offers alternative 4G tech for other territories

    Tablets 14 11:28

  • Markets whack Phoenix shares

    Despite steady trading

    The Channel 14 11:33

  • Firefox 4 now one beta away from Release Candidate status

    Mozilla man confident test build phase nearly over

    Applications 14 11:34

  • LG tunes in to YouTube for 3D phone videos

    Three and Orange signed up to sell it

    Phones 14 11:35

  • Channel Five reborn as Channel Five

    'Five' now with added 'Channel', and bargain-basement logo

    Bootnotes 14 12:07

  • Radiohead goes out on a limb with 'newspaper album'

    Getting physical with the digerati universe

    Media 14 12:30

  • Anonymous hacktivists: We've got Stuxnet code

    You don't say!

    Security 14 12:31

  • Proporta poses Royal Wedding Phone Pouch

    One for monarchists - and male strippers, seemingly

    Hardware 14 12:32

  • Global warming will not cause 'permanent El Niño'

    Major climate shifts unseen in previous warm eras

    Science 14 12:45

  • Binatone HomeSurf 7 Android tablet

    Seven-inch fondleslab for under a ton

    Tablets 14 13:00

  • IPCC chief: ANPR is 'a victim of its own success'

    System provides too much information ...

    Law 14 13:27

  • Techies floored by 'virus' after Playboy mansion party

    Domainers meet Playmates, call for Doctors and Nurses

    Bootnotes 14 13:37

  • Acer shows laptop lid look tablet

    Iconia avoids iPad-alike styling of rivals

    Tablets 14 13:46

  • Dell crams two four-way Opterons into cloudy server

    First up with clock-cranked 'Magny-Cours'

    HPC 14 14:00

  • Orange enhances phones with sentimental shortcuts

    A touching gesture

    Mobile 14 14:14

  • Can Oz compete in the outsourcing market?

    Neighbours should be there for one another

    The Channel 14 14:17

  • Pink Floyd guitarist pays McKinnon's health bills

    Shine on you crazy diamond

    Security 14 14:18

  • AMD cranks up Opteron clocks

    Before Bulldozer, a few more megahertz

    Hardware 14 14:33

  • Wooden spaceship descends into Moscow sandpit

    Suited Martian sim-naut invaders emerge

    Science 14 14:52

  • Acer unveils big-screen smartphone

    Android-powered Iconia to take on iPhone?

    Phones 14 15:52

  • One third of Russians say Sun revolves round Earth

    'Quite amazing', admits heliocentric pollster

    Science 14 16:04

  • Mobile World Congress 2011

    All the stories, all the mobile tech

    Mobile 14 16:11

  • Operators launch anti-Google WAC

    But no killer API 'til September

    Mobile 14 16:31

  • Nokia's developers wait and wait for Windows Phone

    From Burning Platform to Half Baked Platform

    Mobile 14 16:34

  • Microsoft outlines WinPho 7 roadmap

    From NoDo to Mango

    Phones 14 16:45

  • HP gives Lou Reed a right shoeing

    webOS seamlessly connects to musical outrage

    Bootnotes 14 16:54

  • Microsoft polishes Windows Phone 7

    Multi-tasking, Twitter and Kinect integration

    Mobile 14 16:59

  • HP buys Vertica for data analytics

    Apotheker starts making software moves

    Applications 14 17:10

  • Google open video codec faces second challenger

    VP8 v MPEG v MPEG LA v acronym chaos

    Developer 14 17:16

  • Google, MS, Mozilla: Three 'Do Not Tracks' to woo them all

    So many ways to do one simple thing

    Security 14 18:00

  • Stuxnet blitzed 5 Iranian factories over 10-month period

    12,000 separate infections

    Security 14 18:53

  • Intel samples 'Medfield' next-gen phone chip

    Chips, cash, and commitments

    Mobile 14 19:57

  • HTML5 kicked into 2014

    Another three years of crushing hype

    Developer 14 19:59

  • Boffins devise 'cyberweapon' to take down internet

    Love BGP will tear us apart

    Security 14 21:13

  • Google Chrome extension bars domains from search results

    Your very own webspam blacklist (that you share with Google)

    Applications 14 21:30

  • Qt sees its future in Microkia

    Symbian and MeeGo embers will float

    Mobile 14 21:34

  • Australia online ad spend reaches A$2.65bn

    IAB says we really love video ads

    Media 14 21:55

  • Ericsson to deploy 4G/LTE into Telstra network

    42 Mbps, here we come

    Networks 14 21:56

  • Telstra stirs NBN pot with 4G/LTE deployment announcement

    You can probably guess the rest

    Networks 14 21:59

  • Lasoo: Users click with online catalogues

    Aussies like it mobile

    Financial News 14 22:00

  • Aussies shine at Geek Oscars

    CineSync gonged

    Media 14 22:01

  • Intel demos MeeGo 'tablet user experience'

    Goal: 'irrelevancy'

    Mobile 14 22:49

  • Luckless Lush hammered in hack

    Australia site of bath bomb retailer blitzed

    Security 14 23:16