10th February 2011 Archive

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  • Cisco beats diminished sales targets in Q2

    But profits get a big ol' haircut

    Financial News 10 00:26

  • No new strings for Guitar Hero

    It was just a game that made it very, very big, that’s all

    Media 10 01:59

  • Hack of Irish job site exposes user names, addresses

    Barn door promptly closed

    Security 10 04:19

  • HP rocks Redmond with webOS PC play

    Wintel giant makes like Apple

    Tablets 10 05:27

  • Rackspace borgs OpenStack project cloud brains

    NASA Nebula team beamed up

    Cloud 10 05:46

  • Google and Facebook named as Twitter suitors

    #wsj #reports #takeover #talks

    Financial News 10 06:29

  • Nokia Digital Radio Headset DAB

    Well received?

    Hardware 10 07:00

  • Three jailed for phone box thievery

    Armenians – keeping it old school

    Broadband 10 09:06

  • Discovery survives feeler gauge disintegration

    Flying metal fails to impact 24 Feb launch

    Science 10 10:02

  • Subdued RM says government cuts challenge its business

    School funding shake-up hard to swallow

    The Channel 10 10:07

  • Mumsnet backtracks support for net filter

    Who's been a naughty girl, then?

    Broadband 10 10:22

  • First reports on XM-25 Judge Dredd smartgun in A'Stan

    US troops dub futuristic computer weapon 'the Punisher'

    Science 10 10:28

  • Wii Countdown conundrum brands family 'SH*THEADS'

    Outraged mum recalls Nintendo wordplay filth trauma

    Games 10 10:29

  • Amazon buys bloody big shed for Dublin data centre

    Every little helps

    Cloud 10 10:55

  • 100s to be contacted in re-opened NotW hacking case

    Just leave them a voice message... oh

    Law 10 10:56

  • HP cans WebOS 2 updates for older Palms

    'I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further'

    Phones 10 11:15

  • Nikon refreshes Coolpix range with serious zoom

    several snazzy snappers

    Hardware 10 11:16

  • Everything Everywhere dips toe in retail waters

    Less shop, more yoof hangout

    The Channel 10 11:22

  • No 'tipping point' for Arctic sea ice - latest science

    Polar cap would be back 2 yrs after an ice-free summer

    Science 10 11:24

  • Sony to use social network dweebery to sell 3D TVs

    From Foursquare to three-dee

    Hardware 10 11:38

  • Skinning the DV cat

    Not all approaches are created equal

    Desktop Virtualisation 10 11:45

  • Brocade says if FCoE doesn't happen, it will be ready

    Financial analysts get to hear interesting snippets

    Storage 10 11:56

  • Five essential BlackBerry apps for leisure

    Software for the sofa

    Phones 10 12:00

  • BSA nabs Chester MS software pirate

    Firm coughs up £24,000 for dodgy software copies

    The Channel 10 12:09

  • Android inches nearer NFC nirvana

    Reading, writing, but no reckoning just yet*

    Mobile 10 12:15

  • Improving productivity through BPM

    Past experience proves it's worth

    Reg Technology Panel 10 12:35

  • Italian white van man nudges sound barrier

    €165 fine for hitting 1,230 km/h

    Bootnotes 10 12:36

  • UK.gov plugs £10m into North Wales 'superfast' broadband rollout

    Hi-de-hi, campers!

    Broadband 10 12:58

  • Roberts Stream 63i

    The only all-in-one music combo you'll ever need?

    Hardware 10 13:00

  • 'Chinese cyberspies' target energy giants

    Night Dragon, cyber tiger

    Security 10 13:00

  • WinPho 7 '1.1' set for March release

    Microsoft or device makers behind the delay?

    Phones 10 13:07

  • Holland slashes carbon targets, shuns wind for nuclear

    We can't afford to be Groene

    Science 10 13:31

  • 'Race against time' to find LOST TREES from the MOON

    NASA says 'naut smuggled in vegetable invaders

    Science 10 13:33

  • Apple's casual Xbox: Apple TV seeded for online gaming

    iPhone as touchpad controller, anyone?

    Games 10 13:36

  • MPs' IT support costs £1.122m

    Those expense claims don't type themselves up you know

    Government 10 14:27

  • Iranian web developer faces death over porn site charges

    He wrote the software porn-makers used to upload the filth...

    Government 10 14:29

  • Net censors use UK's kid-safety frenzy to justify clampdown

    It's time to talk Turkey...

    Government 10 14:38

  • Russian volunteer army to fight 'dangerous content' online

    The League of Internet Safety is deadly serious

    Government 10 15:31

  • British e-reader readers still not stealing books

    Handing over cash for electronic words

    Mobile 10 15:33

  • US gov says it can't build an interstellar starship

    Plans to spawn an organisation which can

    Science 10 15:55

  • UK.gov shreds last ID scheme hard drives

    Damien Green waves 'freedoms' flag

    Government 10 15:57

  • Anonymous hack showed password re-use becoming endemic

    Overlaps leave users open to attack

    Security 10 16:08

  • Nominet asks what you think of police domain grab

    Should police be allowed to 'shut websites'?

    Law 10 16:22

  • Ford Focus 2011

    We take Ford's new C-class for a quick spin

    Science 10 16:43

  • Opera uncloaks browser for Apple fondleslabs

    The old no-interpreted-code trick

    Phones 10 17:53

  • Hack reveals passwords from locked iPhones and iPads

    No passcode required

    Security 10 18:44

  • Gaming sales wilt after Australian retail orgy

    Nerds take hands off joysticks ...

    The Channel 10 20:27

  • Screen Australia and YouTube to put Oz summer in the can

    Australia in a day, Mad Max style

    Media 10 20:29

  • Teradata says Ellison can't keep it down

    Record data warehouse growth

    Financial News 10 20:48

  • Google brings 2-factor authentication to Gmail

    1-time password zapped to mobile

    Security 10 21:03

  • Microsoft 'personalizes' Bing search results

    Google wannabe mines your location and history

    Media 10 23:34

  • Free Android encryption comes to Egypt

    The revolution will be encrypted

    Security 10 23:48