2nd February 2011 Archive

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  • Researchers pry open Waledac, find 500,000 email passwords

    Son of Storm is back

    Security 02 00:13

  • Unisys: balance sheet stronger, but sales lower

    Profits under pressure in Q4

    Servers 02 00:42

  • Google and Microsoft relive Joan Collins catfight

    Hair pulled, eyes scratched over 'stolen search results'

    Software 02 01:28

  • WildPackets adds inTechnology to keep an eye on things

    Distie for performance management software

    Software 02 01:43

  • US lawmakers eye internet 'kill switch'

    Nothing like Egypt, surely

    Government 02 04:00

  • Gates: Killing the internet is easy

    Gun power trumps tweet power

    Networks 02 05:48

  • Citigroup clutches EMI to bosom

    And you thought that we were faking, that we were all just money-making

    Business 02 06:00

  • Julian Assange wins peace prize

    A rare gold medal not awarded by the US State Department

    Media 02 06:25

  • Motorola Defy Android smartphone

    Hardy handset for the rough and tumble

    Phones 02 07:00

  • EC consults on procurement law overhaul

    More transparency, more smaller companies

    The Channel 02 08:00

  • Yahoo! blasts Microsoft over WinPho 7 bug blame

    Mail app's mail retrieval method non-standard, apparently...

    Phones 02 09:58

  • Rev slammed for PAYE failure

    Software problems, dirty data and overpaid senior staff

    Government 02 10:02

  • Three to offer Sony Ericsson Arc

    Curvy phone Blighty-bound

    Phones 02 10:14

  • No new copters for Afghanistan troops

    Needless road-bombing bloodbath set to continue

    Government 02 10:16

  • Google grabs Oracle veep to lift EMEA cloud biz

    They have two settings: stun and kill... It'd be best not to confuse them

    The Channel 02 10:24

  • Photo loss blogger to Flickr: You're f*cking kidding

    Insufficient apology for loss of 4,000 snaps

    Media 02 10:28

  • Egypt back online

    But protests continue

    Government 02 10:36

  • Botnets fuel internet DDoS insurgency

    Attacks top 100Gbps for the first time

    Security 02 10:49

  • Amazon fiddling with film streaming service, says report

    Someone needs to control the online projector

    Media 02 10:53

  • LG Android 3.0 tablet out next month

    G-Slate slated for Spring release

    Tablets 02 10:54

  • NASA's NEOWISE wraps asteroid belt survey

    Lots of new heavenly bodies for our viewing pleasure

    Science 02 11:00

  • Freesat to get Channel 4 in HD

    33 per cent more HD content from satellite TV network

    Hardware 02 11:26

  • Facebook plugs gnarly authentication flaw

    Bing impersonation bug boshed

    Security 02 11:28

  • Geeks Guide2... Microsoft Training 365 in 2011

    Save over £300!

    Site News 02 11:30

  • MozyHome stiffs unlimited users

    Delivers unasked-for innovation – and a price rise

    Cloud 02 11:30

  • Mexico demands apology for Top Gear outrage

    Local sports car resembles local - 'lazy, feckless and flatulent'

    Bootnotes 02 11:34

  • Sulky fans biggest threat to gaming, says Black Ops developer

    But please still buy our CoD expansion pack

    Games 02 11:43

  • Google's Chrome browser market share hits 10% mark

    Makes gains as Internet Explorer slides

    Software 02 11:49

  • Who say Management and SaaS don't mix?

    The integration conundrum

    Hosted Apps 02 11:57

  • Ryanair disses booking system security fears

    Secure this

    Security 02 12:12

  • Sales show WinPho 7 off to a flying start

    HP Palm should worry

    Phones 02 12:32

  • UK probes ebook pricing

    Why so much?

    Mobile 02 12:45

  • X-ISS builds turnkey HPC for the masses

    Bricks in the wall

    HPC 02 12:49

  • Official: PhD in 'Essential Oils' or 'Natural Toiletries' = 'a Scientist'

    Also herbal medicine, homeopathy - amazing ruling

    Science 02 12:59

  • Flash versus HTML 5

    The mobile perspective

    Phones 02 13:00

  • Denon Ceol with Apple AirPlay

    Mini combo hi-fi gets iTunes streaming tech

    Hardware 02 13:00

  • UK.gov doesn't know its IT spend – but insists it will spend less

    Whatever it is, it's going to be smaller

    Government 02 13:21

  • Nokia receives two credit-rating warnings

    You're not as worthy as we thought ...

    Mobile 02 13:41

  • Murdoch, The Daily, and life without the web

    News Corp boss trumpets big, beefy brands

    Media 02 14:00

  • Republican reps push for mandatory gun ownership

    South Dakotan riposte to mandatory health insurance

    Law 02 14:42

  • Jabra EasyGo budget Bluetooth headset

    Wireless talk on the cheap

    Hardware 02 14:43

  • ICO drops BT, ACS Law probe

    Dangerous precedent "worse than usual incompetence"

    Law 02 14:53

  • Moons, rings PROBED by interplanetary space robot

    NASA reveals explicit Saturnalian pole-squirt imagery

    Science 02 14:54

  • Coders tool up for 10 petaflop Blue Waters super


    HPC 02 14:55

  • Nokia's pedal-powered charger rolls into stores

    Ring a bell?

    Hardware 02 15:11

  • Verizon iPhone 4 orders taken tomorrow

    Quick! Join the rush!

    Mobile 02 15:35

  • Wrinkle-faced smartphoners demand 'BlackBerry Botox'

    The facial perils of excessive squinting

    Phones 02 15:42

  • BBC's uber-project is a loss-bleeder

    Audit Office slams pan-BBC waste

    Management 02 15:44

  • Marry Microsoft, analyst tells Nokia

    Adopt brace position, we reckon ...

    Mobile 02 15:55

  • Time Warner Cable bags NaviSite for $230m

    Wile E Clouding

    Cloud 02 16:51

  • AOL fails to suck up ad revs in Q4 results

    Knees up, mother Tim

    Financial News 02 16:57

  • Canada? The computer vendor says no

    Trevor Pott reveals why he is not taking the tablets

    Tablets 02 17:00

  • Norwegian MP nominates Wikileaks for Nobel Peace Prize

    Doesn't mention Julian. Probably safer that way....

    Media 02 17:17

  • Bradley Manning 'is British' – campaigners urge UK.gov to act

    Welsh mum unlikely to mean SAS rescue mission, though

    Government 02 17:21

  • Reg readers offered discount tickets to internet future

    .nxt con tells it like it is

    Networks 02 18:00

  • Microsoft reinfects Chrome with closed video codec

    Handbags reloaded

    Developer 02 18:34

  • Google in Android 'Honeycomb' fondleslab demo fest

    Android app market opens on the interwebs

    Operating Systems 02 19:18

  • Dell (finally) peddling Canonical UEC clouds

    Linux-Eucalyptus on bespoke hyperscale servers

    Cloud 02 19:25

  • Feds seize 10 domains accused of illegal sports streaming

    Just in time for Super Bowl XLV

    Law 02 19:29

  • World shrugs as IPv4 addresses finally exhausted

    Arpageddon postponed, the day after X-day

    Networks 02 19:44

  • Aussie advertisers call for more bloat in web ads

    They're coming for your bandwidth

    Media 02 20:32

  • Big Brother chooses Telstra for network

    Endemol in managed networks services buy

    Financial News 02 20:33

  • Oz service provider consolidation speeds up

    Honey I shrunk the ISPs

    Financial News 02 20:34

  • Want grant money for programming?

    There’s an app for that ...

    Developer 02 20:36

  • Google man: 'Honeycomb' only for fondleslabs (so far)

    Mountain View mulls Android tablet v phone dilemma

    Mobile 02 20:45

  • Hacker admits stealing $12m worth of chips from Zynga

    Do not pass go, do not collect stolen booty

    Security 02 20:48

  • Content owners lock arms in front of Aus content review

    Belligerence may backfire

    Law 02 21:00

  • Murdoch & Co unveil iPad news rag The Daily

    Editor: 'We are patriotic. We love America'

    Tablets 02 21:12

  • Jumbo quits on Manaccom

    Another victim of Australia’s online shopping spree?

    Financial News 02 21:22

  • Amazon lobs Oracle onto heavenly servers

    Ellisonware joins MySQL on Relational Database cloud

    Cloud 02 22:51

  • Google offers $20,000 prize in annual hack-off

    Pwn2Own lets Chrome in, after all

    Security 02 22:52

  • Schooner ditches IBM, sets MySQL, caching accelerators free

    No longer lashed to IBM iron

    Servers 02 22:57