1st February 2011 Archive

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  • Mozilla slips 'Do Not Track' header into Firefox nightlies

    The call for 'DNT: 1'

    Security 01 01:30

  • School reinstates Facebooker who called teacher 'douche bag'

    'Cyberbullying' charge debunked

    Media 01 03:40

  • The future is analog (at least part of it)

    Mixed messages in a digital economy

    Media 01 04:00

  • Home Office crime maps go to street-level detail

    ICO says privacy of those involved is preserved

    Government 01 05:00

  • Virgin Media kills 20Mb broadband service

    New customers led through 30Mb door

    Broadband 01 06:00

  • Archos 101 8GB Android tablet

    Lightweight, 10.1in Froyo fondle slab, anyone?

    Tablets 01 07:00

  • Assange traveled in drag to evade gov spooks

    'Can't imagine how ridiculous it was'

    Security 01 07:00

  • Government put brakes on Bribery Act

    May be out after three months (if you can make it worth our while)

    The Channel 01 07:15

  • Amazon to sell Kindle through Currys, PC World

    Advancing onto the high street

    Tablets 01 09:26

  • LG touts glasses-free 3D smartphone

    Optimus line goes stereoscopic

    Phones 01 09:39

  • Egypt loses last vestiges of connectivity

    Country braced for massive protests

    Government 01 09:57

  • Openistas question UK.gov's £300k crime-mapping website

    Portal wobbles at launch

    Law 01 10:01

  • Samsung Android tablet sales smaller than thought

    When shipments don't equal sales

    Tablets 01 10:11

  • Alternative security conferences plot European editions

    Flip over to B-Sides

    Security 01 10:20

  • Apple tosses Sony iBooks rival from iTunes

    E-book reader, buyer app rejected

    Phones 01 10:34

  • Boots punts over-the-counter paternity test

    Jeremy Kyle, Trisha anxiously peruse job pages

    Science 01 10:35

  • Wanted: 1 solution architect to fist bankers' asses

    Willing to get hands dirty, presumably

    Bootnotes 01 11:04

  • DDoS bot infests food processing firms

    Miscreants make mincemeat

    Security 01 11:06

  • Yahoo! mail servers blamed for WinPho 7 data spew bug

    IMAP mishap?

    Phones 01 11:25

  • Kaspersky plays down source-code leak

    Stolen, obsolete code has no effect on protection

    Security 01 11:33

  • Apple clips publishers' wings

    Only one of us is allowed to fly

    Mobile 01 11:41

  • Filth dominates net – shock survey

    Knock yourselves out

    Media 01 11:45

  • China drafts in parent army to battle internet addiction

    One child, two hours a week policy

    Government 01 11:46

  • IEEE releases next-gen powerline spec to gadget makers

    Standards war heats up

    Hardware 01 11:50

  • LG comes to the NFC party

    European launch of proximity payments in 2012

    Mobile 01 11:55

  • Ofcom to review Digital Economy Act site-blocking measures

    When a 'principle' simply isn't enough

    Law 01 11:57

  • Oracle coughs $46m for bribe claims

    Anti-kickback kicker

    The Channel 01 12:07

  • Discovery crawls to launch pad

    Finally poised for 24 February launch

    Science 01 12:11

  • iPhone crashes car stereos, Toyota warns

    Dock distress down under

    Science 01 12:24

  • Boffins hope for dimensional portal event at LHC by 2013!

    Mighty atom-smasher upgrade postponed in excitement

    Science 01 12:27

  • Win five BlackBerry Torch 9800s!

    The Super App-rentice

    Phones 01 12:30

  • Baidu slurps up Google's leavings, pockets $1bn

    Eric's 'gift to Robin': Double income on Chinese searches

    Financial News 01 12:54

  • Intel 'Sandy Bridge' mobile platform

    Second-gen Core i7 CPU leaves its tyre marks

    Laptops 01 13:00

  • Cisco promises half a billion dollars for Cameron's BIG idea

    PM sprinkles Cisco Kool Aid over East London

    Government 01 13:48

  • The lowdown on storage and data protection

    Backup to tape, disk and beyond

    Storage 01 14:00

  • Elon Musk looking to get into 'black' spy sat market

    Opens office next door to space spook-military central

    Science 01 14:28

  • Google boss preps seriously 'wonky' book

    Publishers scramble for super Schmidt spiel

    Media 01 14:35

  • Japan plans space debris fishing trip

    Unfurls really big metal net

    Science 01 14:36

  • China bets on thorium

    Brand new nuclear programme within 20 years

    Science 01 14:43

  • Public Wi-Fi is a dog's dinner, says Cloud founder

    Needs serious investment now

    Broadband 01 14:53

  • Dating site and hacker in online spat over security breach

    No love lost

    Security 01 15:12

  • Embrace your outsourced future

    What happens when we're all competing with Moldovan goatherders?

    Developer 01 15:17

  • PS3 to float into cloud

    Save your games in cyberspace, sync them to other devices

    Games 01 15:19

  • Second Samsung Wave smartphone slaps UK

    Bada boom

    Phones 01 15:29

  • Speedlink goes gold for Competition Pro silver jubilee

    Blaster from the past

    Games 01 15:42

  • eSilo does dashing damp dedupe

    SiloSphere gets soggy at source

    Storage 01 15:47

  • Microsoft Bing man puts self up for auction at eBay

    Yet another Redmond exec walks

    Applications 01 16:17

  • ARM Holdings eager for PC and server expansion

    Record 2010, looking for Intel killer 2020

    Hardware 01 16:37

  • Netgear CEO sorry for 'when Steve Jobs goes away' bit

    But 'closed Apple' still 'doomed'

    Software 01 18:25

  • Newest PS3 firmware hacked in less than 24 hours

    All Sony's horses and all Sony's men...

    Security 01 19:22

  • Open-source forkers declare Oracle independence

    It's Hudson versus Jenkins

    Developer 01 19:28

  • Cisco: Mobile web grows 26X by 2015

    You think it's hard to get a link now?

    Mobile 01 19:42

  • M2 acquires Clear Telecoms

    Adds 20k customers

    The Channel 01 20:09

  • Google to Microsoft: You're stealing our search results!

    Redmond farce trapped by Google 'sting'

    Software 01 20:28

  • Intel, Google, Facebook back Obama startup love

    iPad peddler MIA

    Government 01 20:35

  • VMware: Attack of the co-presidents

    Four replace half of Maritz

    Virtualization 01 22:59

  • EMC lets go of Greenplum Community Edition

    Uncrippled data warehouse development

    Data Networking 01 23:11

  • Yahoo! kills its stuffed elephant

    For the love of Apache

    The Channel 01 23:56