31st January 2011 Archive

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  • Assange relishes US banks 'squirming' over 'megaleak'

    Accuses America of chucking free speech in rubbish bin

    Government 31 05:06

  • Samsung loads Lovefilm onto BD boxes

    Stream at will

    Hardware 31 09:46

  • Is Angry Birds 2 a Fox film spin-off?

    Rovio reveals Rio tie-in

    Games 31 09:54

  • Hansard to pulp paper processes

    Parliament's official recorder plans switchover to digital

    Government 31 10:12

  • BlackBerry beats iPhone to top UK smartphone

    Rim claims 2010 lead

    Phones 31 10:20

  • Facebook system messages subverted by French pranksters

    Schoolboy schooled me in schoolboy French...

    Security 31 10:22

  • Poll confirms Reg Hardware readers' verdict

    Broadband Award winners gain follow-up gongs

    Broadband 31 10:50

  • Ten... wireless keyboards

    Finger clicking good

    Top Ten 31 11:08

  • In defence of Comic Sans

    Comic Sans Relief? I already gave

    Verity Stob 31 11:12

  • Hosted apps and corporate security

    Does security fit into the cloud

    Hosted Apps 31 11:22

  • Facebook launches location-tracking Places Deals

    Targeted advertising is go

    Mobile 31 11:38

  • Google wants Android developers

    Step right up, all of you

    Mobile 31 11:52

  • Five essential BlackBerry apps for business

    Widgets while you work

    Phones 31 12:01

  • 'Air laser' tech could sniff bombs, probe atmos from afar

    Cunning analysis pulse remotely generated from thin air

    Science 31 12:06

  • John Barry dies at 77

    RIP the man with the golden musical touch

    Bootnotes 31 12:28

  • SourceForge applies global password reset after hack attack

    Just a precaution, you understand

    Security 31 12:31

  • Panorama stalks alleged stalker's twin brother

    Beeb in mistaken identity fiasco

    Bootnotes 31 12:56

  • Official: Android rules OK

    Slides past Symbian to take smartphone lead

    Phones 31 12:59

  • Alacritech apprehends an NFS anomaly

    Wildly unbalanced filer I/O

    Storage 31 13:00

  • Sony slips out Mac app for Bloggie Touch

    Parity with PCs

    Hardware 31 13:12

  • Chinese 'repurpose' Top Gun footage

    Explosive fake news report raises eyebrows

    Bootnotes 31 13:13

  • LCD pushbutton sunglasses issued to US Navy SEALs

    Hitchhikers style Joo Janta Peril Sensitive jobs next?

    Science 31 13:25

  • Boffins squeeze a mesh onto Android handsets

    Mobile phone, or network relay?

    Phones 31 13:35

  • Death, grit and climate: Met Office drama unfolds

    Mandarins and meteorologists form circular firing squad

    Science 31 13:52

  • Android bites big chunk out of Apple iPad market share

    Set to leap ahead in 2011?

    Tablets 31 13:53

  • Scaled-down EU patent system moves a step closer to approval

    12 countries take part in the simplified patent scheme

    Government 31 14:08

  • VMware creates private clouds for newbies

    The software is the hard part

    Cloud 31 15:18

  • Orange blames switch for data problems

    Call centres thanked for dealing with angry users 'per the standard process'

    Mobile 31 15:19

  • EU may re-ignite carbon trading following hack attack

    Blowing smoke

    Security 31 15:21

  • Firm offers punter prints pronto

    Mini me in 3D

    Hardware 31 15:25

  • UK.gov taps up DWP's IT boss for all of Whitehall

    Joe Harley takes on wider portfolio, 'ICT futures' wonk sought

    Government 31 15:26

  • Indonesian pop star jailed over sex videos

    Hard time for homemade hardcore

    Bootnotes 31 15:47

  • Intel finds flaw in Sandy Bridge chipset

    Cougar Point bites SATA ports

    Hardware 31 15:49

  • IBM floats Microsoft Office web challenger

    Force feeds Google APIs to Redmondware

    Cloud 31 16:00

  • Dixons offers Angry Birds on the house

    Hit game free from own-brand app store

    Games 31 16:27

  • 419ers strip lonely heart mum of £80k

    Handsome US soldier actually Lad from Lagos

    Security 31 16:28

  • DataCore rewrites SANsymphony score

    Better caching and protection

    Storage 31 16:31

  • India calls RIM's bluff on email access

    But RIM ain't bluffing

    Mobile 31 16:33

  • Google open sources its Mac deployment engine

    Post China hack Apple love

    Software 31 18:19

  • Network attacks (allegedly) ravage London Stock Exchange

    Open source trade system breach?

    Security 31 18:58

  • Enterprise fanbois yawn at death of Apple Xserve

    Few loved it while alive

    The Channel 31 19:29

  • D-Link hooks up with new channel partner

    Whitegold to service D-Link Oz VARs

    The Channel 31 20:31

  • Google Docs morphs into once and future 'GDrive'

    'Shhh,' says Google. 'Don't tell'

    Cloud 31 20:56

  • Oracle promises to obey own OpenJDK rules

    A community process we can believe in

    Developer 31 21:14

  • Mac Tel money in the clouds

    Hosted services drive earnings upgrade

    Cloud 31 21:33

  • Oracle uncloaks 5TB tape

    T10000 C stuffs exabyte library

    Storage 31 22:07

  • Intel shakes off $1bn chipset flaw

    Sandy Bridge ramp repair

    The Channel 31 22:35

  • Netgear CEO says 'closed' Apple is doomed

    Seen it all before, co-founder tells Aussies

    Phones 31 22:46

  • VMware Go promoted to Pro

    More features, fee for VM control freakery

    Virtualization 31 22:56

  • Judge rebukes 'World's No. 1 Hacker'

    Quashes 'extremely troubling' subpoenas

    Security 31 23:03

  • Google exec 'missing' amid Egypt protests

    Web giant grants voice to silenced tweeters

    Software 31 23:46