28th January 2011 Archive

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  • Gadgets boost software-centric Microsoft quarter

    Kinect all you want. PCs and servers rule

    Financial News 28 00:57

  • Google named babysitter for steroidal white space Wi-Fi

    Internecine squabbling already underway

    Broadband 28 01:04

  • FBI serves 40 search warrants in Anonymous crackdown

    Worldwide DDoS dragnet

    Security 28 01:05

  • Iomega SSD 128GB USB 3.0 drive

    SuperSpeed performance anxiety

    Hardware 28 07:00

  • Ten Roars at sports fans

    Your comments matter to us, so we bought them

    Media 28 07:35

  • Gov unveils plans to reduce employment tribunal claims

    Claims will be arbitrated before they reach tribunal

    Small Biz 28 08:00

  • Egypt switches off the internet

    The server at www.egypt.gov.eg is taking too long to respond

    Government 28 09:05

  • Quantum and NEC claim dedupe speed records

    Speed records across entry-level, mid-range and high-end

    Storage 28 10:13

  • DWP seeks data for identity verification service

    Will pay supplier up to £2m for collection of benefit claimants' info

    Government 28 10:18

  • Apple, Rim edge up world phone seller list

    1.4 billion handsets shipped in 2010

    Phones 28 10:21

  • Microsoft hits autistic Xboxer with cheat evidence

    Boy's mum confesses to 'mistake'

    Games 28 10:39

  • UK fraud losses soar to over £38bn

    Public sector cops the lion's share of fraudulent scams

    Small Biz 28 10:48

  • Gatwick Airport security swoops on 3-inch rifle

    Contains deadly toy soldier menace

    Bootnotes 28 10:49

  • Finnish regulator calls for iPhone refunds

    It's cold in Finland, bloody cold

    Mobile 28 10:56

  • LinkedIn to go public this year

    Social network for biz set eyes Wall Street

    Financial News 28 10:58

  • Hobbit helmsman Jackson hit by $190K credit card scam

    What has it got in its pocketses?

    Security 28 11:10

  • UK a 3D TV nation? Not half

    Not even a quarter, Sky's figures show

    Hardware 28 11:25

  • Buying into the cloud

    Maintaining security and compliance in a SaaS world

    Hosted Apps 28 11:42

  • Google's Schmidt perplexed by Facebook blather, still fears MS

    I want you to notice, when I'm not around

    Financial News 28 11:44

  • Sci/tech doctorate protects you from unemployment – in the US

    Picture rather different in old Blighty

    Science 28 11:46

  • Dead Space 2

    The nightmare returns

    Games 28 12:00

  • Apple and Google: New CEOs, old strategies

    Taking the fight to Facebook?

    Mobile 28 12:03

  • Naked Honolulu bloke rescued from garbage chute

    'Had been drinking heavily'

    Bootnotes 28 12:05

  • Tablets be DRAMmed – 9 times as much

    How big will tablets grow?

    Hardware 28 12:09

  • Toshiba intros laptop that CHANGES COLOUR

    Welcome your nano-tech chameleonoid overlords

    Laptops 28 12:20

  • Vodafone confirms Egypt lock-down

    Just obeying orders...

    Broadband 28 12:31

  • Opera fixes critical form-handling flaw

    Second act, malicious spies and click-jackers exit stage left

    Security 28 12:44

  • O2 to upgrade southern UK network

    Wider bands, wider technologies

    Mobile 28 12:53

  • Time to get productive?

    The January rush is over

    Reg Technology Panel 28 12:57

  • Digital TV team sets 3D standard

    DVB-3DTV ready to go

    Hardware 28 13:06

  • Microsoft loses Office 365 man

    Yet another cloudy exec bites dust

    The Channel 28 13:21

  • Amazon: e-books outsell dead-tree copies

    Paper in decline

    Hardware 28 13:27

  • World's first space met office goes live

    Will offer warnings of ion storms, 'space Katrinas'

    Science 28 13:33

  • EU ministers strip consumer rights law of controversial elements

    UK will keep 'right to reject goods'

    The Channel 28 13:47

  • YouTube honours shuttle dead with 'Workplace Safety' ad

    A golden Google inappropriate ad moment

    Science 28 13:52

  • Malawi poised to outlaw farting

    Clampdown on undisciplined bowels

    Bootnotes 28 13:56

  • UK.gov 'HyperHighway' aims to 'speed up the internet by 100x'

    Will only cost £7.2m, apparently

    Data Networking 28 14:13

  • O2's free Wi-Fi in detail: How free is free exactly?

    Freer than you might think

    Mobile 28 14:19

  • Yuppie cellphone-style iPhone case comes to Blighty

    The bricks are back in town

    Hardware 28 14:21

  • MSI Windows webpad goes on sale

    How much?

    Tablets 28 15:03

  • SeeSaw streams UK TV through Boxee

    US IPTV platform gains UK content

    Hardware 28 15:28

  • UK.gov braces for Anonymous hacklash

    Battle lines drawn up in cyberspace

    Law 28 15:42

  • CSC cost-cutting spreads to Europe

    Compulsory holidays all round

    The Channel 28 15:44

  • Guru: Oracle's storage strategy is 'screwy'

    Too much Exadata-type focus and over-priced arrays

    The Channel 28 16:43

  • Cold call scareware scammers aim to bring Mac fans into the fold

    They prey upon your fear, not your operating system...

    Security 28 16:44

  • Memo to Microsoft, RIM, Nokia: Quit copying Apple!

    Leadership, please. Not imitation

    Mobile 28 17:33

  • Verizon borgs Terremark for $1.4bn

    Cloud absorption

    Cloud 28 17:48

  • No Jobs, Schmidt deleted: Microsoft can't fail, can it?

    Windows on ARM to the rescue

    Microbite 28 19:02

  • Google algorithm change squashes code geek 'webspam'

    More Stackoverflow, please

    Media 28 19:16

  • With net unplugged, Egypt cracks down on journos

    BBC man beaten by police in Cairo

    Security 28 19:27

  • Microsoft issues temp fix for serious Windows security bug

    Mitigates script injection threat

    Security 28 21:50

  • Google and Apple locked horns over iPhone location data

    The roots of Jobsian divorce

    Phones 28 22:44

  • Apple iOS app hunger swells

    Survey says: App lovers love apps

    Phones 28 22:50