27th January 2011 Archive

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  • NYT casts Assange as 'arrogant' (with a little 'Peter Pan')

    My time with Julian

    Media 27 01:25

  • Xen sends Citrix Q4 into the clouds

    Skywrites Amazon interop deal

    Financial News 27 01:29

  • Mac daddy predicts all-knowing, all-seeing UI

    'I have seen the future, and it's in your ear'

    Software 27 05:03

  • Samsung N350 dual-core netbook

    Slimmer, faster and - ahem - pricier...

    Laptops 27 07:00

  • Change to sustain public sector ICT spend

    Spending to support cost cuts offsets cuts

    The Channel 27 07:30

  • Mac Tel sends in the clouds

    An architect all your very own

    Cloud 27 08:32

  • BPM beyond automation

    Learning from experience

    Reg Technology Panel 27 09:02

  • Intel's biggest ever buy is going ahead

    EC approves $7.7bn deal, but with conditions

    Hardware 27 09:34

  • State of the Internet Down Under?

    Life in the slowish lane

    Networks 27 10:01

  • Met re-opens NoTW phone hack probe

    'Significant new information' prompts reinvestigation

    Law 27 10:07

  • UK proximity payments by phone this summer

    Everything Everywhere goes NFC

    Mobile 27 10:25

  • Sony preps PlayStation gaming for Android

    Not one PlayStation Phone but many?

    Games 27 10:26

  • Anon hackers join Egyptian protests

    Scientology-baiting less pressing just now

    Government 27 10:28

  • HP makes flash music with Violin

    You wanna play, Larry?

    Storage 27 10:37

  • Lenovo and NEC to combine PC ops

    JV established in Japan and... er... Holland

    Hardware 27 10:38

  • Microsoft sues ex-general manager over Salesforce.com exodus

    How very dare you...

    The Channel 27 10:40

  • Forget Flash – content is king

    A bit of web wisdom too often forgotten...

    Servers 27 10:46

  • Theresa May announces new counter-terrorism package

    Stop-and-search, RIPA sort of limited

    Government 27 11:06

  • China Mobile asks Apple for LTE iPhone...

    ...and Apple seems willing

    Phones 27 11:07

  • MP: Googlepoly hurts British business

    You are in a twisty world of Google sites, all alike

    Government 27 11:08

  • Middlesbrough cabbie relieves lad of iPhone

    No cash on you? Just leave the mobe on the dash...

    Bootnotes 27 11:24

  • Blackadder style chemists transform gold into purest ... purple

    Descendant of James Watt in fruity feat

    Science 27 11:29

  • BSkyB reels in Wi-Fi network operator The Cloud

    Buys hotspot specialist, bigs up growing broadband customer base

    Broadband 27 11:50

  • Man demands police protection from sex-mad missus

    I need sleep, begs exhausted hubby

    Bootnotes 27 11:53

  • LightSquared gets satellite waiver

    A bird in the air is worth ignoring

    Mobile 27 12:01

  • PSP 2 'as powerful as PS3'

    Sony specs up next-gen portable console

    Games 27 12:06

  • Xiotech's go-much-faster storage brick

    Adds SSD speed

    Storage 27 12:40

  • Pothole-spotter app aims to stop arse ache

    Names and shames councils along the way

    Phones 27 12:44

  • HTC DG H100 Media Link DLNA adapter

    Phone and PC to TV streamer, anyone?

    Hardware 27 13:00

  • Data retention 'ineffective' in fighting serious crime

    Lift the blanket, urges German privacy group

    Law 27 13:04

  • UK cops arrest five in Anonymous attacks probe

    Suspects aged 15 to 26 cuffed in raids

    Law 27 13:24

  • Cameroonians cleared in 'surreal' dyed banknote scam

    Victim of €200k hit to blame for own misfortune, says court

    Bootnotes 27 13:26

  • Antique Nimrod subhunters scrapped – THANK GOODNESS!

    World's biggest vintage aircraft club finally shut down

    Government 27 13:42

  • Mexican army interdicts dope-slinging catapult

    Smuggling marijuana into Arizona, medieval style

    Bootnotes 27 14:33

  • Heroic London carbon trading scheme fails

    Islington Greens snatch up homemade raffia crafts from table and flounce off

    Science 27 14:49

  • Hubble squints at most distant galaxy

    Dim cluster spotted at 13.2bn light-years

    Science 27 15:32

  • Google disappears torrent terms from autocomplete search results

    But people able to type still get access to juicy stuff

    Media 27 15:43

  • Distie PC sales swell in US

    Back from the brink...

    The Channel 27 16:03

  • Chaps tolerant of girl-on-girl cheating by other halves

    Blokes hoping to join in, suspect shrewd profs

    Science 27 16:21

  • Smartphone shipments surged in 2010

    Nokia vs Android, Apple vs RIM

    Phones 27 16:44

  • Microsoft insists autistic Xboxer is a cheat

    Mother furious

    Games 27 16:59

  • Your call is not important to us

    Customer service costs time and money, but it's worth doing

    Servers 27 18:00

  • Fanboi king hails Apple 'love affair with open web'

    The high comedy of web hypocrisy

    Software 27 18:16

  • New Nokia boss drops grenade: hints at strategy shift

    Android in, Ovi out? He won't say...

    Mobile 27 18:21

  • Deliveries for final Apple Xserves stalled to April

    Because 'hardly anyone was buying them'

    Servers 27 19:21

  • Scareware mongers cough up $8m to settle fraud charges

    More than a million duped

    Security 27 19:40

  • Mellanox itching to close Voltaire, crank up InfiniBand

    Books loss on Q4 sales bump

    Data Networking 27 19:45

  • Oracle spurns Ruby devs for Java love

    NetBeans is not your home

    Developer 27 20:16

  • Court orders seizure of PS3 hacker's computers

    Sony 1; Geohot 0

    Games 27 21:44

  • RC flyer to watch over fires

    'Can I have a turn please, Captain?'

    Science 27 21:49

  • AMD uncloaks Fusion dev kit

    Parallel processing programming push

    Data Centre 27 22:09

  • Amazon boasts first $10 billion quarter

    Kindlebooks eclipse paperbacks

    Financial News 27 22:38

  • Happy New Year text prematurely blows up suicide bomber

    SMS of death

    Security 27 23:42

  • Intel gifts world open source FCoE

    Vows to save 400,000,000 feet of cable

    Data Networking 27 23:42