24th January 2011 Archive

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  • Australia’s eBay shopping grows strongly

    Who knows by how much?

    Business 24 Jan 00:19

  • CA Technologies signs up to Fujitsu cloud

    Cloud within a cloud

    Financial News 24 Jan 03:59

  • iPhone, Android app offers 3D ads in Oz Open

    It's like the car is coming right at you!

    Media 24 Jan 04:41

  • Google accused of copying (more) Oracle Java code

    Android's 'PROPRIETARY' and 'CONFIDENTIAL' open source files

    Developer 24 Jan 06:26

  • Wise after the event

    The secret of the Wise Group's productivity

    Reg Technology Panel 24 Jan 09:30

  • Taxpayers shafted as Classic FM gets licence back for peanuts

    No need for an auction, says Ofcom

    Media 24 Jan 09:45

  • The cost of not deduping

    Think pouring budget down drain

    Data Centre 24 Jan 09:47

  • Report shows €240bn drop in music retail over 7 years

    Spanish pirates steal musical investment booty, says IFPI

    Media 24 Jan 09:56

  • The Last Airbender up for nine Razzies

    Twilight also likely to take a shoeing

    Hardware 24 Jan 10:03

  • What's Oracle got up its sleeve?

    Looks like it could be tape time

    Storage 24 Jan 10:07

  • ICO slaps NHSBT for wrong organ donor data

    Ten years, thousands of cockups

    Government 24 Jan 10:17

  • Nokia MeeGo tablet spied on web

    Seven-incher by the look of it

    Tablets 24 Jan 10:28

  • Renault denies tech at heart of spy scandal

    Strategy and pricing info, not batteries

    Science 24 Jan 10:29

  • $50bn-valued Facebook goes public about going public

    IPO-incoming. Just not yet, OK

    Financial News 24 Jan 10:36

  • The beginner's guide to near field communications

    Wave me the money

    Phones 24 Jan 10:58

  • LG Android tablet spied in boy-band vid

    Product placement

    Tablets 24 Jan 11:02

  • Beeb say sorry for Stephen Fry A-bomb quip

    Japan rattles katana over nuke survivor gag

    Bootnotes 24 Jan 11:23

  • Sony PSP2 to keep in touch with 3G

    Details leaked

    Games 24 Jan 11:34

  • Toshiba shows second-gen tablet

    Bit on the bulky side?

    Tablets 24 Jan 11:38

  • The cost of beating Apple's shrewd screws? £2

    Quick online search finds easy answer to pentalobes

    Hardware 24 Jan 11:44

  • BSkyB to scoop up The Cloud in bid to rival BT wireless biz

    What's a hotspot not?

    Broadband 24 Jan 12:01

  • Hackers sell access to hacked .mil and .gov sites

    Command and control? Yours for $500, guv

    Security 24 Jan 12:03

  • NASA rovers to lose comms this week as Mars moves behind Sun

    Opportunity to blast rock with cobalt rays while it waits

    Science 24 Jan 12:06

  • BBC axes some Online sprawl

    Web empire pared back - still the biggest spend in the UK

    Media 24 Jan 12:28

  • Backup: It really should be easy

    But it's not

    Data Centre 24 Jan 12:40

  • Smartphone makers to embrace multi-core chips

    Nvidia will have two- and four-core jobs for them

    Phones 24 Jan 12:55

  • HTC Desire Z Android Qwerty smartphone

    Touch or type

    Phones 24 Jan 12:56

  • Google backslaps Schmidt with $100m award

    Take the money and hum

    Financial News 24 Jan 13:13

  • Hot air: Energy industry talks shale gas

    A revolution 50 years in the making?

    Science 24 Jan 13:41

  • BPM beyond automation

    The lessons you can learn from others' experiences

    Reg Technology Panel 24 Jan 13:42

  • Win an HP Slate 500!

    Reg promo

    Site News 24 Jan 14:00

  • 'Personal Air Vehicle' VTOL jump-copter in key flight test

    Whirly, winged wonder-craft gets automated controls

    Science 24 Jan 14:03

  • The realities of SaaS and security

    Do they go together?

    Hosted Apps 24 Jan 14:38

  • O2 Germany offers Bada apps paid for on phone bills

    PAYG no-credit-card plebs can join the party

    Mobile 24 Jan 15:11

  • Matrix 4 and 5 in works, threatens Keanu

    Slo-mo fetish chop-socky saga to go 3D. Apparently

    Hardware 24 Jan 15:18

  • Utilitybidder gets disconnected by developer

    Unplugged after developer allegedly left unpaid

    CIO 24 Jan 15:33

  • Apple $10k winner hangs up on 'prank caller'

    Spend it all on us

    Phones 24 Jan 15:42

  • Intel commits $10bn to buybacks, juices dividend

    Happy days are here again

    Hardware 24 Jan 15:49

  • Italy sues Microsoft for box-bundling bungling

    Windows tax is unfair

    The Channel 24 Jan 15:51

  • French president recovers from Facebook hack

    Zut alors

    Security 24 Jan 16:00

  • Freetard monitoring: costs to be shared

    Broadband users won't pay to appeal copyright cases

    Media 24 Jan 16:23

  • NOVA 2 for iOS

    Shoot through padding

    Games 24 Jan 16:31

  • Mozilla plans 'Do Not Track' bottle-stopper for private surfers

    Oh, behave!

    Applications 24 Jan 16:35

  • EMC wages psych war against NetApp

    We're on your case

    Storage 24 Jan 19:16

  • Google 'Do Not Track' extension preempts feds, Mozilla

    Behavioral ad self-police

    Security 24 Jan 19:51

  • Listing disto Dicker Data leaps 5% on day one

    One penny extra per share...

    The Channel 24 Jan 20:50

  • HP euthanizes Neoview data warehouse iron

    Itanium death

    Data Centre 24 Jan 22:36

  • IT job market to revive in 2011

    We have a pulse!

    Business 24 Jan 22:47

  • Eric Schmidt 'eyes own TV show'

    Google boss in alleged CNN pilot 'disaster'

    Bootnotes 24 Jan 22:49

  • Microsoft Windows guru turns to cybercrime (fiction)

    Bill Gates endorses 'what if' scenario

    Security 24 Jan 23:37