21st January 2011 Archive

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  • Texter who fell in fountain threatens to sue

    Overnight YouTube phenom speaks out

    Mobile 21 00:07

  • WiFi comes to Sydney buses

    Do it standing up

    Broadband 21 00:33

  • Ex-eBay CEO lands post-purge HP board seat

    Rejected by the populace, selected by Lane

    Hardware 21 01:04

  • AMD to Intel: 'Thanks for the marketing boost'

    Summertime showdown looms

    Hardware 21 01:09

  • Website with 10 million users warns of password theft

    Trapster hack

    Security 21 01:18

  • Cisco-EMC Arcadia experiences integrator-friendly re-birth

    Real products, no services

    Servers 21 06:00

  • Aavara PCE122 HDMI extender

    The long run

    Hardware 21 07:00

  • AMD CEO downed by lost server-chip business

    Kindness of HP, Dell and Intel not enough

    Servers 21 07:00

  • EMEA computer shipments flat in final quarter of 2010, says IDC

    It's the iPad and the economy, stupid

    The Channel 21 08:30

  • NEC, Lenovo deny PC merger deal done

    But they do seem to be talking about it

    Hardware 21 10:04

  • Alleged Renault spies fight back

    Name clearing legal battle begins

    Law 21 10:10

  • Samsung finds focus with 16Mp skinny shooter

    Oh snappy days

    Hardware 21 10:15

  • Councils look for 'good enough' IT solutions

    That'll do, pig

    The Channel 21 10:25

  • Open sourcerers port media centre to iOS

    XBMC on Apple TV 2, iPad, iPhone

    Hardware 21 10:48

  • Lush website hack 'exposes credit card details'

    Cosmetics co throws out baby with bubbly bathwater

    Security 21 10:58

  • NASA still dreaming of last Atlantis launch

    Pencils STS-135 mission for 28 June

    Science 21 11:00

  • Blizzard green-lights fan-made StarCraft mod

    WoS gets official sanction despite YouTube takedown

    Games 21 11:03

  • Police DNA retention ruled lawful by NI High Court

    Human rights court ruling trumped

    Law 21 11:08

  • Boffins sex pterodactyls at last

    'Mrs T' gives up secrets of ambiguous sky lizards

    Science 21 11:30

  • Tech salaries up five per cent in 2010

    Six quarters of growth

    Management 21 11:42

  • Man killed by own cock

    Blade-enhanced battle-beast missing, presumed stolen

    Bootnotes 21 12:07

  • Apple's publishing tax provokes Poirot

    Belgium sniffs antitrust trouble with subscription tax

    Media 21 12:11

  • Beeb gets the measure of the London Eye

    Equals 1,190.48 KiloJubs of phone directories

    Bootnotes 21 12:12

  • Google clones Groupon to rival e-coupon site

    Imitation is the best form of flattery, or something

    Media 21 12:21

  • Yes! It's the iDevice-driven desktop droid

    Toy robot trundles as iPhone tilts

    Hardware 21 12:31

  • ZeuS blackhats target online payment providers

    More dosh for the evildoers

    Security 21 12:32

  • Mozilla blocks Firefox-breaking Skype toolbar

    Given 'soft' barred treatment after calamitous crashes

    Applications 21 12:36

  • India's cheap-as-chips delayed by cash spat

    £20 netbook will take even longer to appear

    Laptops 21 13:01

  • Top Indian space boffin beams down climate shocker

    Cherche les cosmic rays

    Science 21 13:09

  • Leica S2 professional medium format DSLR

    The 37.5Mp game-changer tested with its new 120mm lens

    Hardware 21 13:18

  • Massive US rocket sends top-secret cargo into space

    Final 'Misty' stealth spysat placed in covert orbit?

    Science 21 13:20

  • T-Mobile touts US teen tracker

    Parental paranoia palliative motion-monitoring app for less dicey driving

    Mobile 21 13:38

  • Pirates: Good for Microsoft, great for open sourcers

    BSA marooned by shipmates

    Software 21 14:00

  • El Reg takes a spin round Team Lotus's F1 factory

    How do you create an F1 team from nothing in three months?

    Servers 21 14:13

  • Duke Nukem Forever release date revealed

    Let's rock!

    Games 21 14:16

  • Are disk drives beginning to spin down?

    There's a dark cloud over their heads

    Storage 21 14:55

  • End of the line for ID cards

    And that's the end of that chapter

    Government 21 14:56

  • Big new wind turbines too close together, says top boffin

    Latest windfarms 'underperforming'

    Science 21 14:58

  • IPTV UK: failure to launch?

    Rivals fear YouView. They may not need to

    Hardware 21 15:48

  • Facebook defends security strategy

    Shy social network responds to criticism

    Security 21 16:01

  • McDonalds samples NFC swipe-tech in UK

    Calories with a wave, but Starbucks goes for virtual barcodes

    Mobile 21 16:17

  • 1kW of sexy GPU love

    Forget rolling your own - pre-canned is back in style

    Servers 21 18:00

  • Gates, Woz, and the last 2,000 years of computing

    If you program it, they will come

    Media 21 19:58

  • EU halts carbon trading after 'concerted' hack attacks

    €30m up in smoke

    Security 21 20:31

  • Lawyer wants WikiLeaker kept off suicide watch

    Abuse of discretion alleged

    Law 21 22:46