20th January 2011 Archive

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  • AMD takes on Intel in 'the internet of things'

    From refrigerators to one-armed bandits

    Hardware 20 Jan 01:06

  • Job application scam fleeces company of $150,000

    'Dear Sir or Madam: Please click here'

    Security 20 Jan 06:00

  • HTC 7 Trophy smartphone

    Minimum spec mobile, the WinPho 7 way

    Phones 20 Jan 07:00

  • COBOL drinks from cloudy fountain of youth

    .NET and Java 10-year boost

    Developer 20 Jan 08:00

  • Computacenter joins cloud club

    Email everywhere

    The Channel 20 Jan 09:00

  • Extension of flexibility 'may help solve retirement problems'

    Will you still hire me, when I'm 65?

    Small Biz 20 Jan 09:52

  • Burglars snort dead dad's ashes

    Cremains confusion for right bunch of Charlies

    Bootnotes 20 Jan 09:55

  • Amazon buys Lovefilm

    DVDs and Blu-rays by post

    Hardware 20 Jan 10:03

  • Oracle limbers up for big storage surprise

    Data centre game changer, apparently

    Storage 20 Jan 10:07

  • Taiwan parts firms point to iPad 2 res rise

    Component maker moles say 'retina display' coming to Apple tab

    Tablets 20 Jan 10:48

  • Chinese Trojan blocks cloud-based security defences

    Haha, I mock your forcefield!

    Security 20 Jan 10:49

  • Microsoft loses Windows consumer boss to Juniper Networks

    Just be the ball, Brad Brooks, be the ball

    Data Networking 20 Jan 10:53

  • BBC rebuilds Civilisation in HD

    Seminal 1960s documentary restored for transmission

    Media 20 Jan 11:14

  • US snubs Nokia again

    Nokia cancels X7

    Phones 20 Jan 11:38

  • HP wants final probe into Hurd's departure

    Let it go and move on, people

    Financial News 20 Jan 11:39

  • Raygun dreadnought project reports 'remarkable breakthrough'

    Electron war-beam could mean end of aircraft carriers

    Science 20 Jan 11:45

  • Halfords.com crashes off the internet

    Domain doh!

    CIO 20 Jan 11:46

  • BT eases iPad hotspot hop-ons

    Login with your broadband details

    Phones 20 Jan 11:57

  • Microsoft explains Windows 7 Phone phantom data cockup

    Blames third party, doesn't reveal who

    Mobile 20 Jan 12:12

  • Apple lawyers land London lawsuit on Nokia

    Tit-for-tat spat rattles on

    Phones 20 Jan 12:13

  • HTC Gratia comes to UK - three months late

    A Qwerty WinPho 7 handset too

    Phones 20 Jan 12:37

  • NASA 'naut falls off bike, misses shuttle launch

    Steve Bowen replaces Tim Kopra for ISS trip

    Science 20 Jan 12:39

  • Is EMC developing storage super-stack?

    Use your abstraction

    Storage 20 Jan 12:53

  • WikiLeaky phone scam targets unwary in US

    You peeked! Now pay up

    Security 20 Jan 12:56

  • Buffalo Linkstation Pro Duo 2TB Nas

    Putting in a performance

    Hardware 20 Jan 13:00

  • Supercomputer performance leaps off the charts

    Where we are with HPC, where we’re going

    HPC 20 Jan 13:10

  • NY bomb scare bank worker 'evacuates self'

    Suspect package provokes brown trouser moment

    Bootnotes 20 Jan 13:16

  • NASA nano-satellite belatedly ejects from orbiting mothership

    Boffins ask radio hams for help with small sun-jammer

    Science 20 Jan 13:22

  • Brazilian cult condemns USB

    A satanic symbol, apparently

    Hardware 20 Jan 13:23

  • Gov will spend £400k to destroy ID card data

    A snip to snip

    Government 20 Jan 13:33

  • Publisher takes swipe at StarCraft II game mod

    Fan hit by Blizzard

    Games 20 Jan 13:38

  • Xbox 360 update bans Call of Duty dupes

    Microsoft stuffs cracked copies

    Games 20 Jan 13:43

  • Mozilla's Skywriter gets Ajax treatment, emerges as Ace

    One-time Bespin walked into a bar...

    Developer 20 Jan 13:51

  • BP's crystal ball sees more coal, gas, biofuels...

    ...but mostly gas

    Science 20 Jan 14:10

  • First DOS-based malware celebrates silver jubilee

    From Brain to zombie hordes in 25 years

    Security 20 Jan 14:15

  • NASA craft to woo comet on Valentine's Day

    Romantic final encounter for Stardust-NExT

    Science 20 Jan 14:17

  • Anne Hathaway slips into catsuit

    Takes feline lead in The Dark Knight Rises

    Hardware 20 Jan 14:57

  • Wind turbine bonanza expected in Hull

    New jobs nothing to do with gov, claims Cameron

    Science 20 Jan 14:59

  • Apple tightens screws on hardware hackers

    Going mental over pentalobe

    Laptops 20 Jan 15:50

  • DC Universe Online

    Get cape, wear cape, fight

    Games 20 Jan 16:03

  • IBM claims its big blue tools penetrate markets

    But has it stuffed a sock down its Power System pants?

    Servers 20 Jan 17:01

  • US Navy puts stops on server spending

    Full steam ahead on consolidation and clouds

    Servers 20 Jan 17:29

  • Weak October gives F5 a Cisco moment

    New ARX and ADC appliances on the way

    Data Networking 20 Jan 19:21

  • WikiLeaks accused of tapping P2P for secret docs

    Gov probes claims of 21st Century scavenger hunt

    Government 20 Jan 19:27

  • Apple seeks touchscreen display mouse patent

    Poke, tap, and tickle your colorful rodent

    Hardware 20 Jan 20:21

  • Competition regulator OKs Telstra channel union

    Brothers unite!

    Business 20 Jan 20:53

  • FAA to pilots: Expect 'unreliable or unavailable' GPS signals

    Unspecified Pentagon 'tests' cited

    Government 20 Jan 21:15

  • Yahoo7 buys Spreets, bubble inflates

    We got cheap cupcakes and haircuts, today only

    The Channel 20 Jan 21:56

  • AMD optimistic on Fusion as earnings flatten

    2011: make-or-break year?

    Financial News 20 Jan 22:19

  • Google swaps old CEO Schmidt for older CEO Page

    Management shakeup for 'better decisions'

    Financial News 20 Jan 22:20

  • Google's revenue machine stays unstoppable in Q4

    Money for nothing and your clicks for free

    Financial News 20 Jan 23:24