14th January 2011 Archive

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  • Gamers raid medical server to host Call of Duty

    230,000 patient records exposed

    Games 14 00:30

  • Intel: Our server growth never stops

    Every quarter is fourth quarter

    Financial News 14 00:35

  • Man nabbed nude pics from women's email accounts

    'Sextortion' run amok

    Security 14 00:37

  • Linux ecosystem spins around Red Hat

    Silly name, serious company

    Developer 14 02:01

  • Otellini yawns at Windows on ARM

    Chipzilla stays on message

    Tablets 14 02:09

  • Interview: Jailbroken iPhones a vector rather than a vulnerability

    With freedom comes responsibility

    Security 14 03:10

  • Synology USB Station 2

    Neat networker for external drives and printers

    Hardware 14 07:00

  • Sainsbury's is abandoning tape

    Shoden shoes-in Data Domain

    Storage 14 09:11

  • What you think about SaaS

    Reg Readers wax lyrical

    Hosted Apps 14 09:13

  • OFT restricts use of insurance tool

    Credit reference tool could lead to illegal price 'co-ordination'

    Applications 14 09:53

  • Renault wants full spy probe

    Electric car shock as 3 execs suspended

    Science 14 10:00

  • Mitsubishi commuter e-car goes on sale

    G-Whiz killer?

    Science 14 10:13

  • Facebook facing fall-down issues

    Down or out?

    Media 14 10:19

  • Engineers want £20bn for rubbish idea

    Volvo drivers, taxes and recycling

    Science 14 10:24

  • HP cans EVA clustering

    From birth to death in six months

    Storage 14 10:37

  • RIM, Moto tablet ship total to hit 2m in Q1

    Apple's numbers eagerly awaited

    Tablets 14 10:38

  • Wikileaks finally chucks Brad Manning spare change

    Small beans for alleged source

    Government 14 10:51

  • Chinese crack down on 'money-sucker' Androids

    Stealthy stealing from customers to be stamped on

    Phones 14 11:00

  • No need for speed, says Oz communications shadow

    Blasted for blasting A$43bn broadband plan - is he right?

    Broadband 14 11:23

  • EU study frowns over data breach notification rules

    Cyber-security agency worries

    Security 14 11:56

  • Flashy fists fly as OCZ and DDRdrive row over SSD performance

    CTO says rival's specs are 'knowingly disingenuous'

    Storage 14 12:01

  • Special Ops satellite-bitchslapping hydrogen strato cruiser flies

    Supertrooper 'lectroplane to stay up a week at a time

    Science 14 12:46

  • US government could challenge Google's ITA travel plans

    Awaits take off

    Applications 14 12:47

  • Samsung EX1 compact camera

    Robust, retro, low light performer

    Hardware 14 13:00

  • Harder to read = easier to recall

    If you want to remember this, poke yourself in the eye before reading

    Science 14 13:04

  • Sharp submits skinny sound solution

    Raises the bar

    Hardware 14 13:24

  • Pioneer plugs ears with powerful headphones

    Say what?

    Hardware 14 13:27

  • Samsung Froyo phone surfaces

    Not as small as conclusion-leapers think?

    Phones 14 14:21

  • $1,000 reward offered for stolen cancer research laptop

    Thieves make off with boffin's work on prostate cancer

    Laptops 14 14:28

  • Sainsbury's techie jailed for loyalty card scam

    He swiped Nectar card points and funnelled theoretical cash to fake accounts

    Security 14 14:48

  • LG dual-core smartphone to hit UK in March

    Retailers name the date

    Phones 14 14:58

  • California's green-leccy price system will stifle plug-in cars

    Only $200/barrel oil can make Chevy Volt worth having

    Science 14 15:21

  • Ace Reg reporter in career suicide shock

    'Quick, shred my expenses file!'

    Bootnotes 14 15:23

  • Microsoft sends Windows 7 SP1 to OEMs

    Start your engines

    Operating Systems 14 16:19

  • Games sales slip in 2010

    Downturn Abbey

    Games 14 16:28

  • LightSquared faces regulator glare

    While investors go dark

    Mobile 14 16:40

  • Google Apps contracts promise no 'scheduled downtime'

    '46 times more alive than Microsoft Exchange'

    Software 14 17:00

  • Watson beats humans in Jeopardy! dry run

    'They say it got smart, a new order of intelligence'

    HPC 14 17:30

  • No court order against PlayStation hackers for now

    No personal jurisdiction

    Games 14 20:22

  • Will Windows on ARM sink Windows Phone 7?

    Peaceful coexistence v tribal warfare

    Mobile 14 23:25