12th January 2011 Archive

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  • IBM's mainframe-blade hybrid to do Windows

    Tighter server coupling coming?

    Servers 12 00:11

  • Telcos, ISPs respond to floods

    Services whacked, customer assistance, relief donations

    Broadband 12 00:29

  • Attacks on IE drive-by bug go wild

    Microsoft unloads (temporary) workaround

    Security 12 01:08

  • Google axes Jobsian codec in name of 'open'

    Dubbed 'utter hypocrite' by fanboi king

    Developer 12 01:15

  • Ubuntu's Narwhal rides OpenStack cloud

    Two clouds a crowd?

    Cloud 12 01:28

  • Microsoft disputes Apple's 'App Store' trademark

    'It's just a store that sells apps'

    Media 12 04:00

  • HTML5: An antidote for Apple App Store-itis

    Imitation not the sincerest form of flattery

    Developer 12 05:00

  • Android-powered touchscreen Wi-Fi headphones offered

    7.1 fondle-cans run Skype, Pandora

    Hardware 12 06:00

  • Google Nexus S Android smartphone

    Powered by Samsung

    Phones 12 07:00

  • Flood isolates Internode in Qld

    Redundant link or equipment failure?

    Broadband 12 07:22

  • Bond 23 back on track for 2012

    Daniel Craig back in action after MGM returns from the brink

    Bootnotes 12 09:58

  • Online channel sales dodge the dip in 2010

    HP, Lenovo and Dell still growing

    The Channel 12 10:00

  • Yorks cops bust Bradford guinea pig farm

    Cannabis 'hothouse' alert ends in cavy anti-climax

    Bootnotes 12 10:08

  • BBC kills off WML site

    Anyone still running WAP gateways?

    Mobile 12 10:32

  • Archeologists toast world's oldest wine press

    4,000 BC – a vintage year for dry reds

    Science 12 10:59

  • Nvidia to open Android games store


    Games 12 11:14

  • Ombudsman slams DWP, HMRC data dumbnesses

    Catalogue of system snafus savaged

    Government 12 11:19

  • Discovery (finally) good to go on 24 Feb

    NASA confident about 'elegant' fuel tank fix

    Science 12 11:20

  • EMC to launch low-end VNXe box

    Celerra NX3e showed the way

    Storage 12 11:30

  • Verizon Wi-Fi hotspot tool coming to all iPhones?

    Tethering rebranded

    Phones 12 11:41

  • And here's how a datacentre network works...

    It's all about layers

    Data Centre 12 11:51

  • JVC intros 'world first' 3D HD consumer camcorder

    Double vision

    Hardware 12 11:52

  • Keira Knightley, Jessica Biel eye Batman

    Thesps to test for The Dark Knight Rises

    Bootnotes 12 11:53

  • Financial fraud hits 23-year high

    High-tech scams and tax fraud cost UK economy £1.37bn, says KPMG

    Security 12 11:55

  • MySpace unfriends 500 staff

    Lesson in how not to run a social network

    Media 12 12:19

  • Ofcom: T-Mobile probe? Er, not really

    Operator steps into the firing line after fair-use cut

    Mobile 12 12:36

  • Mozilla plots February Firefox 4 release

    'Tired and stressed' team prepare for lift off

    Applications 12 12:45

  • Sony Ericsson LiveView remote phone viewer

    The Android accessory that puts on a display

    Hardware 12 13:00

  • EMC follows NetApp's lead with VNX line

    We all need bigger numbers, right?

    Storage 12 13:10

  • Symbian’s Secret History: Davies on what went right (and wrong)

    Former CTO Charles Davies shares his memories

    Mobile 12 13:22

  • Government joins European fingerprint database

    Home Office in on collecting asylum seeker smudges

    Law 12 13:28

  • Sony to spill PSP 2 beans this month

    Handheld making headway

    Games 12 13:41

  • ISPs battle EU child pornography filter laws

    Filtering at network level just pushes hardcore users underground, say ISPs

    Broadband 12 13:52

  • Sony sues PlayStation 3 'hackers'

    No dongle, no problem

    Games 12 14:04

  • Silicon to stop next-gen powerline standards war

    Will the mains networking biz put its squabbles behind it?

    Hardware 12 14:19

  • China's 'stealth fighter' flies – brown trouser time, or not?

    Benefits the US aerospace industry more than China's

    Science 12 14:21

  • Sony puts PlayStation app on iPhone

    Jaw-jaw not war-war

    Games 12 14:27

  • Friends, GenesReunited cuts losses

    Jute, jam, journalism and jeanyology?

    The Channel 12 14:38

  • Cuts 'could hit NHS patient record plans'

    BMA frets online access will be hard

    Government 12 14:39

  • Bogus Kama Sutra presentation opens your backdoor to hackers

    NSFW 'PowerPoint' file rogers Windows machines

    Security 12 15:05

  • Airbus secures whopping 180 plane deal

    'Biggest single order in commercial aviation history'

    Science 12 15:49

  • Rackspace accelerates clouds with Akamai

    Limelight CDN being phased out

    The Channel 12 15:50

  • Custom ICs in small numbers to be cheap as (normal) chips

    DARPA boffins' amazing claim

    Hardware 12 16:16

  • T-Mobile backtracks on retrospective mobe data caps

    But won't renew generous packages

    Mobile 12 16:44

  • T-Mobile u-turns on data cap

    Puts the 'fair' back in 'fair use'

    Mobile 12 16:58

  • Virgin Mobile to throttle 'unlimited' mobile broadband

    Bandwidth penalty for transferring 5GB imposed

    Broadband 12 17:13

  • EMC sidelines Data Domain boss

    15-year vet takes over

    Storage 12 17:39

  • Mythical 'iPad 2' caught on camera

    'Dummy' vid

    Tablets 12 17:57

  • Open source Java 7 for Mac code appears

    Port project, ahoy!

    Developer 12 18:51

  • Gawker makes a hash of non-ASCII characters in passwords

    Media site becomes a byword for password FAIL

    Security 12 19:28

  • Men sentenced for role in international ATM skimming ring

    Scammer outted on MySpace

    Security 12 19:36

  • Microsoft's Novell patent cartel dodges German regulators

    Reports of death greatly exaggerated

    The Channel 12 19:51

  • Supercomputer boffins warm to clouds

    High performance computing clouding

    HPC 12 20:14

  • Coming soon: the girl with liquid eyes

    I am a long-lasting lightweight liquid lenses camera

    Hardware 12 20:34

  • Assange vows to drop 'insurance' files on Rupert Murdoch

    News Corp and Bank of America too

    Security 12 21:32

  • Disgruntled TSA data analyst sentenced for sabotage attempt

    50 ways to leave your employer

    Security 12 22:38

  • Telstra, Samsung launch tied integrated IPTV devices

    We’ll give you the DRM for free

    Media 12 23:00

  • Pac Fibre secures more funding

    PayPal co-founder included in $NZ5.5 million raising

    Broadband 12 23:01

  • Spain grovels to penguins over 'Linux' anti-terror plot

    Violent separatist IT genius crackdown in codename kerfuffle

    Government 12 23:15

  • Without Meyer, what will AMD do next?

    ARM Micro Devices

    Hardware 12 23:16