7th January 2011 Archive

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  • Acer outs low-cost Androids

    One for business, one for pleasure

    Phones 07 00:17

  • Google pinpoints bugs that send texts to wrong people

    Android saves marriages

    Mobile 07 00:30

  • Researcher breaks security sandbox in Adobe Flash

    Bypassing security with mhtml

    Security 07 01:05

  • Ion readies book scanner for e-book buffs

    Pump up the volumes

    Hardware 07 02:01

  • FCC dubbed 'Ministry of Truth' over net neut rules

    'Freedom is slavery' howls ideologue

    Networks 07 06:18

  • Samsung Galaxy Player 50 Android PMP

    Smartphone sans phone?

    Hardware 07 07:00

  • Min of Justice to crack down on dodgy compo claims

    'Incentives to sue' to be banned

    Law 07 09:46

  • Whose data is it anyway?

    Don't lose control - or get paranoid

    Hosted Apps 07 09:55

  • The optimised datacentre

    Introducing our new topic

    Data Centre 07 09:57

  • OCZ exhibits semi-vapourware speed freak SSDs

    Today's vapour, tomorrow's cloud?

    Storage 07 10:15

  • Microsoft Kinect goes gangbusters

    XBox marks the sweet spot

    Games 07 10:21

  • Zero-day backdoors to be left unplugged on Patch Tuesday

    Microsoft may have to fix vulns later in month

    Security 07 10:55

  • Met confirms secret Gov forecast of Brass Monkey winter

    Didn't share it with us, though

    Government 07 11:18

  • Samsung launches 'world's slimmest' 3D Blu-ray player

    Size matters, apparently

    Hardware 07 11:24

  • Startup proposes cheap, printed NFC radio tags

    May struggle to get aboard struggling standard

    Broadband 07 11:28

  • Salesforce buys Dimdim, continues with Facebook-for-biz ploy

    Follow the yellow brick Zuckerberg

    Cloud 07 11:45

  • Runaway hydroponic fungus attacks real-world Starship Voyager

    'Mould in transporter' horror caused by below-decks dope farm

    Bootnotes 07 12:06

  • Google battles Derby cops over access to Street View data

    Criminal caravan caper camera-car capture court clash

    Law 07 12:24

  • Microsoft confesses to New Year Hotmail blunders

    Claims nothing deleted, admits emails may have 'bounced'

    Software 07 12:28

  • Mac App Store giving away pay apps for free

    Angry Birds vendor now even angrier

    Security 07 12:43

  • Apple denies reported plan to deep-six CFO Oppenheimer

    'Peter loves the company and is extremely happy'

    Business 07 12:47

  • Kinect blamed for Red Ring of Death outbreak

    'Purely co-incidental'

    Games 07 12:55

  • Huawei S7 7in Android tablet

    The low-cost option?

    Tablets 07 13:00

  • Man charged in bizarre EXPLODING VIBRATOR plot

    Gunpowder-stuffed mock cock labelled 'Merry Xmas bitch'

    Bootnotes 07 13:14

  • Ofcom preps 'digital dividend' selloff, kick in the (foot)balls for Sky

    Olympic spectrum-cop electronic warfare unit planned, too

    Government 07 14:06

  • Intel soups up Wireless Display tech

    But will punters really buy a new laptop for PC-to-TV streaming?

    Hardware 07 14:48

  • Facebook riddled by 'my first ever status message' scam app

    Forgetful narcissists targeted by survey scoundrels

    Security 07 14:52

  • Ptable: It’s all about the interface

    Using simplicity to drag people into the 21st century

    Servers 07 15:00

  • EU law not tough enough for online piracy, says Brussels

    Wants measures to force ISP cooperation

    Law 07 15:38

  • Fujifilm focuses on fresh FinePix range

    GPS goes gritty

    Hardware 07 15:42

  • Tech veep denies Xiotech ISE controller strategy change

    'It's certainly possible'

    Storage 07 15:50

  • Nazis 'became obsessed' with piss-taking Finnish dog

    Mocking mutt raised paw in response to barked 'Hitler'

    Bootnotes 07 16:02

  • 'Methanotroph' bacteria feasted on blown BP rig's methane belch

    Deepwater Horizon upsets climate-change assumptions

    Science 07 16:11

  • Vegas vid-poker hackjackpot bonanza duo face charges

    One-arm-bandit bandits plundered backdoor for $100ks

    Security 07 16:29

  • Hoxton social media types hit by Silicon Roundabout power cut

    No 'leccy to be had at the Electricity Showrooms

    Bootnotes 07 16:32

  • Oz net filter jams up with smut, may be pulled out altogether

    Online rules may be scrapped

    Law 07 16:52

  • iConnectivity brings MIDI interfacing to iOS devices

    Mobile music making gets serious at last

    Hardware 07 18:00

  • Feds relax export curbs on open-source crypto

    Hold the applause

    Security 07 19:15

  • US job market still limp

    But IT on the rise

    Financial News 07 19:20

  • Drupal 7 dives into machine-readable web

    Later better than never

    Applications 07 19:42

  • Ford unveils all-leccy Focus for 2012

    Li-ion battery liquid cooled for longevity

    Science 07 20:30

  • Motorola dual-core Android phone to pull off laptop trick?

    The smartphone that thinks it's a notebook

    Phones 07 21:37

  • If you open source an old market, are you doomed to fail?

    Going down with a closed ship

    Software 07 21:44

  • For sale: 50,000 compromised iTunes accounts

    Music and movies for pennies on the dollar

    Security 07 21:45

  • Verizon to sell iPhone 4 this month

    Deal to be made official next week, says mole

    Mobile 07 23:06

  • DisplayLink tools up iPad as wireless Windows screen

    Turn tablet into monitor

    Phones 07 23:34