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Panasonic preps TV accessory tablet

CES 2011Android tablets are for media consumption? Panasonic thinks so - and that they'll make rather good TV accessories too.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2011

Casio shows off its camera Tryx

CES 2011Every once in a while a camera comes along that causes a bit of a stir. The original Flip video camera was certainly a game changer and at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Casio unveiled Tryx, a camera that has every chance of achieving a similar response.
Bob Dormon, 06 Jan 2011

Sony Ericsson lights up Xperia Arc

CES 2011The PlayStation Phone hasn't (yet) made an appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), so Sony Ericsson fans will have to make do with the Xperia Arc, a very slim Android smartphone that, as its name suggests, is curved.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2011

PlayStation phone coming, hints Sony chief

CES 2011OK, so Sony's networking chief Kaz Hirai didn't announce the PlayStation Phone - or even confirm that this eagerly anticipated gadget is on the way, but he came darn close during his Consumer Electronics Show (CES) presentation this evening in Las Vegas.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2011

Microsoft invents touch-sensitive mouse

CES 2011Microsoft says it's Touch Mouse - a input rodent with a touch-sensitive top surface - came out of a programme to research how "mouse 2.0" might appear. We're certain it did, but we'd also suggest the company could have saved itself an R&D buck or two by buying an Apple Magic Mouse and copying it.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2011
Speakal novelty Speakers

Doctor Who and the Stig become public speakers

CES 2011Speakal, US-based manufacturer of novelty speaker systems, is at the Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) this year with a fresh range of set-ups, which include these Top Gear and Doctor Who inspired designs.
Caleb Cox, 06 Jan 2011
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Ballmer says Windows on ARM isn't about ARM

CES 2011Windows 8 will be the first incarnation of Microsoft's flagship OS to run on ARM processors. But Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer prefers to paint this news a bit differently.
Rik Myslewski, 06 Jan 2011
Arcam Solo rDac

Arcam Solo rDac wireless digital-to-analogue converter

ReviewWireless music systems are commonplace nowadays, but some folk still prefer to use a standalone digital-to-analogue converter to liberate their digital music library, and these are the punters Arcam is pitching its Solo rDac at.
Alun Taylor, 06 Jan 2011

Panasonic readies five 3D camcorders

CES 2011Just to be sure that nobody has any doubts about its commitment to 3D content creation, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Panasonic launched 12 new camcorders, five of which can capture stereoscopic images.
Bob Dormon, 06 Jan 2011
Trying to catch money in a net

Pickles throws down gauntlet on council data

Eric Pickles has told more than 200 "slow coach councils" that they must put spending data online or face the consequences.
Kable, 06 Jan 2011

Spam volumes shrink over festive season

Spam volumes have witnessed a dramatic drop of more than 50 per cent since Christmas.
John Leyden, 06 Jan 2011

Renault fingers three for spying

French car giant Renault has suspended three senior executives for alleged industrial espionage offences.
John Oates, 06 Jan 2011

ESA releases splendid new space-'scope pic of Andromeda

The European Space Agency (ESA) has released an impressive composite snap of the closest spiral galaxy to the Milky Way – an infrared and X-ray mélange showing Andromeda in all its glory:
Lester Haines, 06 Jan 2011

Windows Phone 7 to get cut'n'paste shortly, says Ballmer

CES 2011Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 will get a significant update in a month or two, with faster task switching and the much-discussed ability to cut and paste between applications.
Bill Ray, 06 Jan 2011

SWAT team besieges Illinois school in 'butt dialling' incident

An Illinois man prompted a full-scale SWAT intervention on Monday afternoon by inadvertently "butt-dialling" his wife, who quickly became convinced the "garbled" call was evidence he was being held hostage.
Lester Haines, 06 Jan 2011

NoTW editor suspended as phone-hacking stink persists

The News of the World has suspended an assistant editor over claims he authorised the voicemail hacking of phones used by actress Sienna Miller and her friends.
John Leyden, 06 Jan 2011

Groupon cops triple slam from ads authority, blames newbies

Voucher site Groupon has promised not to republish adverts judged by the Advertising Standards Authority to be misleading.
John Oates, 06 Jan 2011

SaaS and Security

Tech PanelThe security discussion around Software as a Service (SaaS) is pretty lively. It is common to hear IT professionals question whether service providers can be trusted to look after business data. We are trying to determine how real the risk actually is, and how it compares to risks currently associated with data storage in house.
Dale Vile, 06 Jan 2011

Assange 'threatened to sue' Grauniad over leak of WikiLeak

Julian Assange threatened to sue The Guardian last year when he learned it planned to publish stories based on leaked US diplomatic cables without his permission, it's claimed today.
Christopher Williams, 06 Jan 2011

Footie fans in 'cunthorpe Utd' calendar shocker

Scunthorpe United has apologised to 2,000 fans for rather unfortunately dropping the "S" from the club's name in a personalised 2011 calendar, the Sun reports.
Lester Haines, 06 Jan 2011
Palm Pre 2

Palm Pre 2 WebOS 2.0 smartphone

ReviewThis is the second upgrade made to the Palm Pre since the original version appeared almost two years ago, and the first since the company was acquired by HP. The last tweak, the Palm Pre Plus, made a few changes, but this latest version raises the bar considerably.
Dave Oliver, 06 Jan 2011

Unsinkable music CD finally sinking

After a remarkably resilient lifetime, in which its death was announced prematurely several times, the music CD finally looks to be on its way out. Figures released by the BPI this week show a 12.4 per cent decline in CD albums sales. In 2009, CD sales fell just 6.9 per cent – remarkable considering the disappearance of Zavvi and Woolies – in a recorded music market that edged up 1 per cent. US unit sales of CDs have been falling since 1999.
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Jan 2011

Investors fight to buy secret special-offer Facebook equity

Goldman Sachs is to reportedly end soliciting interest in Facebook shares from wealthy investors later today.
Kelly Fiveash, 06 Jan 2011
Nike+ SportWatch GPS

Nike and TomTom display watch with marathon capabilities

CES 2011Nike and TomTom have come together to create the Nike+ SportWatch GPS, unveiled this week at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
Caleb Cox, 06 Jan 2011

Casio touts 'Bluetooth Low Energy' wristwatch with 2 year battery

CES 2011Casio is showing off a prototype Bluetooth Low Energy watch at CES, hoping that it is battery life that's stopped us rushing out to buy wrist-mounted Bluetooth kit.
Bill Ray, 06 Jan 2011

US woman @theashes gives in to Twitter, flies to Sydney

A US children's nanny whose boyfriend gave her the twitter handle @theashes, prompting a flurry of confusing messages by cricket-loving tweeters as a result, has made it Down Under for the final test match in Sydney.
John Leyden, 06 Jan 2011

Ofcom clears way for 3G kit on 2G spectrum

Ofcom has modified the UK's mobile-operator licences to allow 3G services at 2G frequencies, though don't expect to be able to use them any time soon.
Bill Ray, 06 Jan 2011

Disappearing filth leads to dropped charges in extreme smut case

The stumbling progress of extreme porn case law continues with Newcastle magistrates dropping a charge of possessing a single image of extreme porn – because local police and prosecution appear to have lost the evidence.
Jane Fae , 06 Jan 2011

Xiotech saddles up, heads west, fires a few guys

In a decisive break with its past, Xiotech is moving its headquarters from Eden Prairie, Minnesota, to Colorado Springs in Colorado, and some people have been laid off as a result.
Chris Mellor, 06 Jan 2011

South African wireless traffic lights pillaged by SIM-card thieves

The Johannesburg Road Agency is in talks with suppliers to try and stop thieves targeting its shiny new traffic lights for the SIM cards they contain.
John Oates, 06 Jan 2011
RIM PlayBook

RIM reveals 4G PlayBook plans

CES 2011Research in Motion is to launch a 4G version of its much-anticipated tablet, the PlayBook, this summer with US mobile operator Sprint Nextel.
Caleb Cox, 06 Jan 2011
arrow pointing up

Apple unwraps app store for proper computers

Apple has launched an online applications store for its Mac computers.
Kelly Fiveash, 06 Jan 2011

Sony shows sci-fi style personal 3D viewer

CES 2011Next-gen 3D viewers will get personal and, in some cases, lose the need for special glasses - or at least that's what Sony, for one, reckons.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2011

Becks offloads Posh Porsche on eBay

David Beckham is offloading his Porsche 911 Turbo Convertible on eBay ahead of an impending return to Premiership football at Tottenham.
Lester Haines, 06 Jan 2011

Kindle lets users lend e-books to mates via email

Amazon is allowing Kindle users to lend a book to a mate, but the UK Publishers Association reckons e-book borrowers should get down the library.
Bill Ray, 06 Jan 2011

Toshiba tries again with second gen tablet

CES 2011After Toshiba's shaky entry into the tablet market - exclusive UK retailer Dixons dropped it after a week thanks to software problems - the Japanese giant is having another go, this time upping the spec and waiting for Android 3.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2011

iPhone-wielding chumps rush to give data to phish sites

Mobile users are three times more likely to respond to phishing scams than their PC-using counterparts, according to stats prised from fraudulent websites.
John Leyden, 06 Jan 2011

Fit your old MacBook Air with turbo flash, bitchslap the new ones

CES 2011Solid state drive (SSD) supplier OWC has come up with a flash retrofit to first-generation MacBook Airs to make them fly faster and further than ever before, faster than Apple intended, and faster than generation two Airs as well.
Chris Mellor, 06 Jan 2011

Amazon expands cloud services support

Amazon Web Services, the cloudy infrastructure-peddling arm of the online retailing giant, is expanding its support offerings with entry and higher-end options while at the same time chopping prices on existing support levels.

iRiver upgrades Story with hi-res display

CES 2011iRiver has announced what it claims will be the e-book reader with the highest resolution display.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2011

Motorola uncloaks 10.1-inch Xoom fondleslab

CES 2011Motorola has announced a new 10.1-inch tablet, the Xoom, hoping to take on Apple's überpopular iPad and a host of fondleslab wannabes.
Rik Myslewski, 06 Jan 2011
vulture tv reporter

Google Apps battle spam with auto email signing

Google's Apps service has rolled out a technology designed to snuff out spam and phishing emails by cryptographically verifying that senders are they entities they claim to be.
Dan Goodin, 06 Jan 2011

Google sneak peeks Android for fondleslabs

Google has given the world another peek at "Honeycomb", the next incarnation of Android designed specifically for tablets – such as the upcoming Motorola Xoom – and other devices with larger-than-handset screen sizes.
Cade Metz, 06 Jan 2011

Olympus fires off seven shooters

CES 2011Olympus has announced seven cameras at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), with a new addition to the PEN range of micro four-thirds cameras at the top of the pile.
Bob Dormon, 06 Jan 2011

Skype gobbles mobile video startup

Skype has agreed to acquire Qik, a California-based outfit offering mobile software and services that let you capture and share video across phones as well as desktops and the web.
Cade Metz, 06 Jan 2011

NASA taps Unisys for flight sim mission

Here's a job you probably wish you had. Unisys has just been tapped by NASA's Langley Research Center to provide application development and systems integration services for the space agency's simulators and flight research projects. The contract has a potential value of $48.5m.

IT sales beat expectations in 2010

The market for computing and telecom hardware, software, and services had better sales in 2010 than research outfit Gartner originally predicted. And the prognosis for 2011 is perhaps better than many now expect.

Dell flashes Streak 10, launches Streak 7

CES 2011Dell has extended its Streak family of Android tablets by two inches with the announcement of a 7in model and by five inches with the admission that a 10in version is "coming soon".
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2011

Dell opts for Android for consumer smartphone

CES 2011Dell today announced a new smartphone, the Venue, adopting the Sony Ericsson approach of offering a vanilla version of the handset sans keyboard and a "Pro" version with a slide-out Qwerty deck.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2011
CES 2011

CES 2011: Complete Coverage

CES 2011
Register Hardware, 06 Jan 2011

Samsung rolls out 4th gen Wi-Fi camera

CES 2011While the world + dog will use a cameraphone to distribute snapshots, Samsung still reckons a dedicated camera with built-in Wi-Fi is the way to go.
Bob Dormon, 06 Jan 2011

Facebook revenues 'hit $1.2 billion in nine months'

Facebook pulled in $1.2 billion in revenue over the first nine months of 2010, according to a report citing documents distributed by Goldman Sachs, which is offering Facebook equity to some of its wealthiest clients.
Cade Metz, 06 Jan 2011

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