3rd January 2011 Archive

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  • Pre-holiday chip sales go flat

    Ho ho slow

    The Channel 03 Jan 16:02

  • EMC to open Israeli R&D center

    Beersheva boost

    The Channel 03 Jan 17:25

  • Intel aims flash at tablets, netbooks

    Shrunken X25-V gets m-SATA treatment

    Storage 03 Jan 18:59

  • IE 0day accidentally leaked to Chinese hackers


    Security 03 Jan 19:34

  • Novell's Microsoft patent sale referred to regulators

    Open sourcers fear patent attacks

    Developer 03 Jan 20:27

  • Germans pick Xeon over Power for three-petaflops super

    Big Blue licks Bavarian HPC cream

    HPC 03 Jan 21:56

  • Sirius to top $1bn in sales with MSI Systems acquisition

    Big in the midrange

    The Channel 03 Jan 22:16

  • Cellphone snooping now easier and cheaper than ever

    Breaking GSM for $650

    Security 03 Jan 22:20