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10 top New Year's Eve party apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

New Year's Eve is party night – and who better to spend that celebratory evening with than your constant companion, one that has served you well throughout the year?
Western Digital My Book Live

Western Digital My Book Live Nas box

Review Western Digital’s My Book line of drives spans nearly all areas of external storage, supporting fast modern interfaces from FireWire 800 and eSATA to USB 3.0. Yet the My Book Live is network drive and, in terms of connectivity, sports nothing more than a DC input and a gigabit Ethernet port.
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Vote now to name killer PARIS space cocktail

The time has come for you, our beloved readers, to name the diabetic-busting PARIS cocktail lovingly concocted in honour of our space plane triumph.

Chinese bot will slurp your Droid

A Trojan capable of stealing data from infected Android smartphones, and bundled with botnet-style functionality, has appeared in China.
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UK.gov relaxes patent application process

The UK government has rejigged the process for filing patents in Europe, which the Intellectual Property Minister Baroness Wilcox said would help bring down costs for Blighty's businesses.
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BT fibre-up-your-exchange poll in 6-way Mugabe style pileup

Today is the last day of BT's "Race to Infinity" broadband upgrade competition, and the result already looks improbable.
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US woman sues again over XP 'downgrade', seeks class action

A US woman who earlier this year unsuccessfully tried to sue Microsoft for allegedly charging her extra to downgrade from Windows Vista to XP has brought another lawsuit against the software giant.
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Civil servants touted ID cards to friends, family as flop loomed

Civil servants were asked to encourage their family and friends to sign up for a now-defunct ID cards amid Whitehall fears the scheme would flop, confidential documents have revealed.
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MySpace employees face uncertain 2011

Beleaguered News Corp web property MySpace reportedly looks set to plan significant lay-offs in the New Year.
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Honda US cops to vast data snaffle from marketing firm

Honda US has written to customers following a data breach that led to the exposure of million of customer records.
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British-born NASA astronaut Piers Sellers becomes OBE

A British-born spaceman has been appointed an OBE in the Queen's New Year Honours List.
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Anonymous hacktivists fire ion cannons at Zimbabwe

Pro-WikiLeaks hacktivists have launched a denial of service attack against government websites in Zimbabwe.
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China announces Skype ban to protect telco revenues

China has banned Skype and other Western VoIP providers in a move designed to stop the services from eroding the profits of traditional telecoms operators in the country, China Telecom and China Unicom.
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Groupon drops $500m in piggy bank, eyes world hungrily

Groupon confirmed yesterday that it has already raised more than half of the $950m it is seeking in a monster equity funding round.
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Facebook stat flood gives hope to mateless, dateless

If you're moping around, lonely and dateless this New Year's Eve, you can take heart in a new statistic that proves there are, indeed, plenty of available fish in the proverbial sea: 43,869,800 people changed their status to "single" on Facebook in 2010.
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Apple patent endangers unbiased product reviews

Apple has filed a patent application for an online-store product-review system that turns the ideal of unbiased product evaluation on its head.
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iPad's biggest rival? Microsoft's dead Courier

Open...and Shut Apple's iPad has been criticized as a super-sized version of the iPhone. While that criticism is mostly correct, it falls short in one key area: it's a heck of a lot easier to input information into an iPhone than into an iPad.
Matt Asay, 31 2010