29th December 2010 Archive

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  • Motorola Milestone 2 Android smartphone

    Social climber

    Phones 29 07:00

  • Nortel patent sale fuels uncertainty over LTE intellectual property

    Big guns scrap for IP stockpile

    Mobile 29 10:07

  • Paul Allen reloads patent attack against tech titans

    Happy New Year to Apple, Google, Facebook, world...

    Financial News 29 10:57

  • Cambridge boffins rebuff banking industry take down request

    NO-PIN down

    Security 29 11:21

  • Alcatel-Lucent pays to shut down US bribery probe

    Admits dodgy 'consulting'

    The Channel 29 11:37

  • How I watched a holographic storage company implode

    InPhase techie talks smoke, mirrors and holograms

    Storage 29 12:22

  • PC World website went titsup on Boxing Day

    Apparently due to 'a long queue'. Shurely shome mistake?

    The Channel 29 12:37

  • 4chan hit by DDoS assault

    If a shock site got defaced would anyone notice?

    Security 29 12:45

  • HP lands $2.5bn NASA IT support deal

    Bastard Operator From Space

    The Channel 29 12:51

  • Amazon slips out Microsoft's Windows 7 Family Pack kill date

    Sales end 31 December

    The Channel 29 12:56

  • Cuckold computer tech faces ID theft charges over Gmail 'hack'

    Soap opera

    Security 29 14:15

  • Standard smartphone charger to dominate in two years

    Apple, Nokia and RIM signed up

    Mobile 29 14:46

  • Groupon to raise $950m in massive funding round

    Who needs Google, anyway?

    Financial News 29 15:18

  • Skype's mega-FAIL: exec cops to cause

    Live by P2P, die by P2P

    Servers 29 19:10

  • Intel unveils itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny SSDs

    Same performance, one-eighth the size.

    Storage 29 21:28