23rd December 2010 Archive

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  • Of Wikileaks and data theft

    Maladroit is as maladroit does

    Storage 23 08:39

  • Serial acquirer Kelway hoovers up ISC Computers

    Fourth deal since January 2009

    The Channel 23 09:20

  • MS warns over zero-day IE bug

    Exploit circumvents added security defences

    Security 23 09:36

  • Skype still staggering after major blackout

    Supernode snafu continues to cause problems

    Applications 23 10:23

  • Councils show true grit in the face of ... FOI requests

    Road salt info requests lost in 'confidentiality' blizzard

    Government 23 10:35

  • Boffins build medical control centre with Kinect

    Forceps. Scalpel. Clamps. High-score

    Hardware 23 10:36

  • Yahoo! buzzing over 'nonce Pope's' Christmas message

    Seasonal outbreak of discomfort and joylessness

    Bootnotes 23 10:48

  • Stephen Fry security whoopsie leads to prank fart book order

    Blundering thesp also requests homeopathic goat tome

    Security 23 11:15

  • Hackers get to work with Apple's AirPlay

    Stream punks

    Hardware 23 11:22

  • London's tube demands faster-than-NFC ticketing

    500 milliseconds not quick enough for the Underground

    Mobile 23 11:41

  • LG pitches Blu-ray media streamer ahead of CES

    BD, 3D and DLNA all in one

    Hardware 23 11:42

  • Asus to punt Core i5 Windows 7 tablet

    Aimed at ARM-less big biz

    Tablets 23 12:06

  • Apple iPad 2 said to sport über speaker

    Hopes for USB port, SD slot dashed?

    Tablets 23 12:29

  • Dell buys Big Blue-based health cloud piccy firm

    Love the service, hate the hardware

    The Channel 23 12:32

  • Double-clicking patent takes on world

    Who's that trip-trapping over my bridge?

    Developer 23 12:37

  • ICO waves stick at climate boffins over FoI compliance

    University staff trained on small print of the act

    Law 23 12:43

  • DARPA working on eyes-in-the-back-of-your-head hat

    'Full Sphere Awareness' to use software mini-cameras

    Developer 23 13:01

  • Microwaved hard disc, run-over PC and other data disasters

    There's nowt as thick as folk

    Hardware 23 13:58

  • Steve Jobs gets Obama love

    Mac tycoon a jewel in free-market crown, according to world leader

    Bootnotes 23 14:02

  • Hacker charged over siphoning off funds meant for software devs

    Accused of diverting Mystic River of cash

    Developer 23 15:00

  • Massive new US spy airship 'could be used to carry big cargoes'

    Mighty Brit-designed vessel could swap height for grunt

    Science 23 15:23

  • Santander mixes up 35,000 bank statements

    Massive data blunder means bank might have to pay up

    Management 23 15:45

  • IBM strikes panglossian license deal with Voltaire

    Just buy Mellanox and get it over with

    Data Networking 23 16:25

  • Mozilla betas facelifted open source license

    Now with more Apache code love

    Developer 23 17:52

  • HPC mavens sell excess super cycles

    The Cheshire HPC utility

    HPC 23 18:00

  • UN defends human right to WikiLeaked info

    Rejects calls for 'illegitimate retributive action'

    Government 23 22:03

  • Oracle revisits Sparc T processor roadmap

    Time to overclock, boys

    Servers 23 22:08