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Of Wikileaks and data theft

Private First Class Bradley Manning may be one of the most celebrated whistleblowers ever but he is also, if he really is the Wikileaks source, a damn fine data thief. The corollary of that is that the United State military is a an awful guardian of classified data.
Chris Mellor, 23 Dec 2010

Serial acquirer Kelway hoovers up ISC Computers

ICT services group Kelway has breached the £300m turnover mark after hoovering up ISC Computers.
Team Register, 23 Dec 2010

MS warns over zero-day IE bug

Microsoft warned on Wednesday of a new zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer.
John Leyden, 23 Dec 2010

Skype still staggering after major blackout

Skype is the process of recovering from a major outage that left users across the world unable to log into the VoIP service on Wednesday.
John Leyden, 23 Dec 2010
Robot on road photo via Shutterstock

Councils show true grit in the face of ... FOI requests

Local Councils may not be getting any cannier at ordering in salt to coat the roads during the current unprecedented cold spell – but they’re certainly getting a lot cleverer at covering their tracks when it comes to answering Freedom Of Information requests.
Jane Fae , 23 Dec 2010

Boffins build medical control centre with Kinect

Microsoft's Xbox 360 Kinect add on isn't just for gaming. Swiss scientists have used open source drivers to develop a prototype remote control mechanism for medical equipment.
Tony Smith, 23 Dec 2010

Yahoo! buzzing over 'nonce Pope's' Christmas message

Yahoo!'s buzz service took a pop at the papacy overnight, apparently informing its readers: "Nonce Pope to deliver Christmas message on the BBC".
Joe Fay, 23 Dec 2010

Stephen Fry security whoopsie leads to prank fart book order

ExclusiveHoppity-skippety technology commentator of all our hearts Stephen Fry has made a regrettable security blunder.
Team Register, 23 Dec 2010

Hackers get to work with Apple's AirPlay

It's been a busy week or so for coders hacking AirPlay, Apple's media streaming protocol. We've seen code posted to allow streaming from Macs to Apple TVs, from iPads to Linux boxes running XBMC, and now we have an iPad-to-Windows link enabled.
Tony Smith, 23 Dec 2010

London's tube demands faster-than-NFC ticketing

London Underground has been telling NFC World that existing NFC implementations just aren't fast enough, so it will be sticking with plastic cards for a while.
Bill Ray, 23 Dec 2010

LG pitches Blu-ray media streamer ahead of CES

In a bid to beat the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) rush, LG has today announced some of the products it will announce at the show in Las Vegas next month.
Tony Smith, 23 Dec 2010

Asus to punt Core i5 Windows 7 tablet

Asus has revealed that the tablet it is going to announce at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next month will run Windows 7 and pack in an Intel Core i5 processor.
Tony Smith, 23 Dec 2010

Apple iPad 2 said to sport über speaker

Apple's iPad 2 will be slightly smaller than the current model, be a little less curvy - think of the latest, flat-backed iPod Touch rather than the angular iPhone 4 - but don't expect it to sport either the rumoured USB port or SD card slot.
Tony Smith, 23 Dec 2010

Dell buys Big Blue-based health cloud piccy firm

Dell is buying InSite One, a SaaS (Storage-as-a-Service) for the US health market, and getting a cloud storage services platform extensible to other markets.
Chris Mellor, 23 Dec 2010

Double-clicking patent takes on world

Hopewell Culture & Design reckons it owns the act of double-clicking, and is suing Apple, Nokia, Samsung and just about everyone else for breaching its patent.
Bill Ray, 23 Dec 2010

ICO waves stick at climate boffins over FoI compliance

The Information Commissioner's Office has made its first move to force a public sector organisation to improve its compliance with the Freedom of Information Act.
Kable, 23 Dec 2010

DARPA working on eyes-in-the-back-of-your-head hat

Maverick Pentagon boffins have decided to build a miraculous gadget – perhaps as small and lightweight as a pair of sunglasses – which will endow the user with zoom vision, various forms of nightsight, and act as a heads-up display besides. Perhaps best of all, the proposed kit would also offer "full sphere awareness" – that is, eyes in the back of your head.
Lewis Page, 23 Dec 2010

Microwaved hard disc, run-over PC and other data disasters

Recovering data after a user had somehow managed to microwave a hard disk or dropped a PC from a second floor window were among the more unusual data recovery problems successfully tackled by Disklabs during 2010.
John Leyden, 23 Dec 2010

Steve Jobs gets Obama love

Steve Jobs is the kind of rich guy America should celebrate, according to Barack Obama.
Team Register, 23 Dec 2010

Hacker charged over siphoning off funds meant for software devs

An alleged hacker has been charged with breaking into the e-commerce systems of Digital River before redirecting more than $250,000 to an account under his control.
John Leyden, 23 Dec 2010

Massive new US spy airship 'could be used to carry big cargoes'

The huge LEMV* surveillance airships now being built by British designers for the US Army may be able to carry substantial cargoes as an alternative to sky-spy equipment, according to reports.
Lewis Page, 23 Dec 2010

Santander mixes up 35,000 bank statements

The High Street bank Santander has blamed printers for a blunder that saw it send 35,000 bank statements to the wrong addresses.
Christopher Williams, 23 Dec 2010

IBM strikes panglossian license deal with Voltaire

Maybe IBM should just stop fooling around and buy Mellanox Technologies already.

Mozilla betas facelifted open source license

Mozilla has released a beta version of the MPL 2.0, the first update to its open source license in more than a decade.
Cade Metz, 23 Dec 2010

HPC mavens sell excess super cycles

Supercomputing labs the world over are feeling the budget pressure like the rest of us, especially those supported by public funds. With this in mind, OCF – an HPC system integrator based in Sheffield – has come up with a plan that will help labs make a little money to cover their cost: sell capacity to outsiders for a fee.

UN defends human right to WikiLeaked info

The United Nations has responded to the ongoing WikiLeaks kerfuffle, urging member states to – ahem – remember the basic human right to access information held by governments and other public authorities.
Cade Metz, 23 Dec 2010

Oracle revisits Sparc T processor roadmap

Three weeks ago, Oracle co-founder and chief executive officer, Larry Ellison, gave us all a preview of the upcoming Sparc T series processor roadmap as part of the rollout of the Sparc SuperCluster, an Exadata-style parallel database machine based on the current Sparc T3 processors. In the wake of Ellison's revelations, Rick Hetherington, vice president of hardware development at Oracle, did a Q&A interview with Oracle PR that shed a little more light on the Sparc T chip roadmap.

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