16th December 2010 Archive

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  • UK Man cops to £500,000 iTunes royalty scam

    Have songs, will download

    Security 16 Dec 01:10

  • Google drops nuke on 'objective' search engine utopia

    Mountain View in shock 'opinions drive algorithms' claim

    Media 16 Dec 01:25

  • Sony PlayStation Network vs MS Xbox Live

    Major consoles' online offerings rated

    Games 16 Dec 07:00

  • Fanboys: updated OS X Lion MacBooks, iMacs in H1 '11

    Well, duh

    Laptops and Tablets 16 Dec 09:51

  • Cisco and NetApp are all loved up

    Is an OEM deal coming?

    Virtualization 16 Dec 10:19

  • A question of performance

    In-house does not equal reliable

    Hosted Apps 16 Dec 10:31

  • UK start-up pitches touch-to-sync tech for watches

    NFC moves beyond phones?

    Hardware 16 Dec 10:32

  • Greek police cuff Anonymous spokesman suspect

    First 'cyberwar' dismissed as tech hit-and-run vandalism

    Security 16 Dec 10:38

  • Hitachi GST delivers storage bounty on a platter

    636Gbit/in2 record density goodness

    Storage 16 Dec 10:50

  • LG whips out dual-core Android smartphone

    Tegra, Froyo on board

    Phones 16 Dec 11:03

  • eBay takes the Critical Path

    Tat bazaar absorbs contractor

    Mobile 16 Dec 11:10

  • Boeing wins MoD logistics deal

    Ministry wants to keep big bucks bang 'low-key'

    The Channel 16 Dec 11:12

  • Patents do not protect small firms, says trade body

    High-tech SMEs will find it almost impossible to enforce them, says SMEIA

    Developer 16 Dec 11:30

  • Police probe British Anonymous activists

    Scotland Yard on the case

    Law 16 Dec 11:55

  • WikiLeaks mirror site rails against malware warning

    Redirect site sets up shop in dangerous 'hood

    Security 16 Dec 12:10

  • Blighty Yahoo! workers could see jobs go overseas in 2011

    But purple palace declines to comment

    Applications 16 Dec 12:14

  • Three-quarters of downloads are illegal – BPI

    But nearly 75 per cent of online population are law-abiding

    Media 16 Dec 12:33

  • MPs shocked at Taser supplier overlap

    Committee grills Home Office officials

    Law 16 Dec 12:47

  • Zeal Optics Transcend GPS goggles

    The ultimate in cyber ski-wear?

    Hardware 16 Dec 13:00

  • HipLogic tries to fan mobile spark

    Wrapping it up like it's 2005

    Mobile 16 Dec 13:03

  • New spaceplane proposed for NASA station crew contract

    Pocket shuttle offers astronauts backdoor entry

    Science 16 Dec 13:07

  • Hacker warning over internet-connected HDTVs

    Something's wrong with one of them, but we won't tell you which or whose

    Security 16 Dec 13:12

  • Assange to be released

    Prosecution appeal fails

    Government 16 Dec 13:27

  • AOL buys Pictela's HD content marketing platform

    Purchasing things will make everything all right

    Financial News 16 Dec 13:30

  • Social media and security threats

    And how to survive them

    Reg Technology Panel 16 Dec 13:32

  • Ofcom sets out airport fees

    No discount for the Scots, but plane owners get reprieve

    Broadband 16 Dec 13:51

  • Catfish: A fanfare for Facebook fakery

    This shit just got real. Or did it?

    Bootnotes 16 Dec 13:52

  • Apple Mac App Store to go live January

    Download date detailed

    Software 16 Dec 13:58

  • MP queries Hargreaves review

    How did you choose Boyle and Loosemore?

    Media 16 Dec 14:01

  • Rackspace in heavenly marriage with server admin kit

    Gives self a Cloudkick

    Cloud 16 Dec 18:19

  • Google questions tests that praise IE's bad website blocker

    Er, they're testing against Chrome 6

    Security 16 Dec 18:45

  • Facebook trains self to recognize your face

    Zuckerberg's internet knows what you look like

    Media 16 Dec 19:54

  • Apple, EMC, and Oracle in Novell patent play

    Microsoft's secret frenemies

    Software 16 Dec 20:17

  • Intel and AMD in third quarter stalemate

    Un-x64 CPUs gain ground

    Hardware 16 Dec 22:21