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Amazon invites 5 terabyte mondo-files into the heavens

Amazon has increased the maximum object size on its S3 online storage service to 5 terabytes. Previously, S3 users were forced to store large files in chunks no larger than about 5 gigabytes.
Cade Metz, 11 Dec 2010

Cisco: 'World head over heels for convergence'

Cisco Systems didn't necessarily want to be in the server racket. But a few years back, when the networking giant realized that converging server and storage networks would cut into its revenue streams. Therefore, to remain relevant - by which I mean to make money - Cisco could create converged infrastructure, including servers and networking together and partner for storage and hypervisors.

Exim code-execution bug, now with root access

Exim maintainers have warned of an in-the-wild attack that allowed the miscreants to execute malicious code with unfettered system privileges by exploiting a bug in older versions of the open-source mail transfer agent. The memory-corruption vulnerability resides in Exim 4.69 and earlier versions, and already has been used in at least one attack to completely root an enterprise server, according to this account. Security pros have sounded the alarm because the vulnerability is remotely exploitable and is already being used maliciously. What's more, attack code has also been added to the Metasploit exploitation kit, making it easy for others to reproduce the attack.
Dan Goodin, 11 Dec 2010