10th December 2010 Archive

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  • Copyright troll sues for ownership of Drudge Report domain

    It's ba-ack

    Media 10 00:19

  • Mozilla vows Google 'Crankshaft' riposte

    'Nobody puts Monkey in a corner'

    Applications 10 00:26

  • HP goes Gaia with new Energy Efficient Ethernet

    Rocking unused ports to sleep

    Data Networking 10 00:41

  • IBM Power Systems deals get stingier

    Big Sam as Big Scrooge

    Servers 10 01:03

  • The year's best... PC games

    Kick the console

    Games 10 07:00

  • ECJ could increase online sellers' liability for trademark infringements

    EBay and the like should watch out for 'repeat offenders'

    The Channel 10 09:51

  • Primary school miss flashes porn vid at kiddies

    'Educational programme' outrage

    Bootnotes 10 09:56

  • UK government looks for 500MHz spectrum

    If the Americans can do it, then so can we

    Mobile 10 10:24

  • South Korea delivers stern warning to...Facebook

    30-day deadline to clean up on privacy

    Government 10 10:27

  • Apple chap knocks up ancient Lego computer

    The plastic fantastic Antikythera Mechanism

    Science 10 10:42

  • Google gets physical on Hotpot

    Suddenly stickers are cool again!

    Mobile 10 11:09

  • Wikileaks insiders break away from 'Emperor' Assange

    OpenLeaks opens on Monday

    Government 10 11:16

  • Flash is not that reliable

    Fails slightly more often than hard drives

    Storage 10 11:43

  • Apple touts top iTunes tunes of 2010

    Warning: Contains stuff that will make you feel old

    Media 10 11:48

  • Infinity Blade

    Is the iDevice fantasy fighter as sharp as it's claimed to be?

    Games 10 11:49

  • NASA's Odyssey to break Martian long-service record

    Orbiter clocks up 3,340 days

    Science 10 11:50

  • Microsoft ends year with Patch Tuesday bang next week

    So many vulns, so little time

    Security 10 12:22

  • iPad to lose weight, gain eye

    Chinese already ramping up production

    Tablets 10 12:25

  • Mozilla showers Firefox, Thunderbird with updates

    Fixes for Ffox flaws, and Thunderbird updates are go

    Applications 10 12:26

  • Channel Five to air Walking Dead

    Zombie hit shuffles toward Sky-less tellies

    Hardware 10 12:27

  • US Army: Judge Dredd smartgun in every squad from 2014

    XM-25 portable airburst artillery piece plans unveiled

    Science 10 12:30

  • Microsoft dives into cloud as resellers ask: 'What's in it for me?'

    Well, we're not Google, for a start

    The Channel 10 12:55

  • Join in the Wikileaks DDoS war from your iPhone or iPad

    Low Orbit Ion Cannon comes to the slab – or any browser

    Security 10 13:41

  • Microsoft wades into interwebulator chat about Hotmail

    Why aren't we as good as Gmail?

    Applications 10 14:15

  • Is Server Virtualisation still a major force in your plans?

    Or is it already yesterday's big thing?

    Reg Technology Panel 10 14:26

  • Apple ditches Costco. Or vice versa. Or both

    iPods too tiny for mega retailer?

    The Channel 10 15:07

  • Top secret payload fired into orbit aboard private rocket

    Reclusive millionaire's mystery package revealed

    Science 10 15:10

  • Stealing credit card details via NFC is easy/pointless

    That might just be a netbook in his pocket

    Security 10 15:38

  • Default judgement FAIL: ACS:Law muffs up in court

    Judge not impressed with firm's muddled showing

    Law 10 16:12

  • 'The New Kingmakers': Tech giants pay for the love of coders

    If you can't win it, buy it

    Developer 10 19:04

  • WikiLeaks' Assange to be indicted for spying 'soon'

    'Serious, active' criminal investigation

    Law 10 19:16

  • Microsoft eases Windows Phone 7 restrictions (a bit)

    Ballmer to debut second update

    Mobile 10 19:53

  • Governments stonewall interwebs porn domain

    Prudish prigs and porno punters X-out .xxx

    Media 10 22:12