30th November 2010 Archive

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  • Google antitrust? Ask the one man who can (almost) answer

    To know the unknowable

    Media 30 00:10

  • Big iron, x64 refresh goose server sales

    Cookie sheet racks gain, RISC/Unix wanes

    The Channel 30 00:44

  • US cable giant Comcast accused of internet video 'toll booth'

    Backbone cries foul over 'net movie delivery fee'

    Networks 30 01:37

  • Olympians threaten ICANN with lawsuit

    New domain name plan under fire

    Networks 30 05:00

  • Governance bodies offer help to small firm directors

    14 'guiding principles' for directors in unlisted companies published

    Small Biz 30 07:00

  • Arcam rCube portable iPod speaker system

    Top of the docks

    Hardware 30 07:00

  • Seagate ends talks to go private

    No go ho ho

    Financial News 30 09:41

  • Infrastructure overheated? Take a dip in the resource pool

    Tender steps to a private cloud

    Reg Technology Panel 30 10:12

  • US orders data lock down in wake of Wikileaks release

    Shuts stable door on 'largest data spillage in American history'

    Government 30 10:22

  • Microsoft waves arms, signals 2.5m Kinect sales

    Sony keeping mum

    Games 30 10:42

  • Activists say consultation on RIPA was 'secretive and short'

    Home Office's changes to e-comm intercept law 'hard to find'

    Government 30 10:43

  • Becta agrees £400m ICT framework

    Agency includes over 20 suppliers in services framework agreement

    The Channel 30 10:48

  • US rejected Brown's McKinnon case plea

    Gordon got short shrift on extradition, Wikileaked files show

    Government 30 10:54

  • How to kill your computer

    When the kernel panics once too often...

    Hardware 30 11:00

  • Windows Phone 7 gets unlocked

    Side loading without Microsoft's say-so

    Phones 30 11:22

  • Trend Micro buys encryption firm

    Scrambling to satisfy regulatory compliance push

    Security 30 11:24

  • Google Earth steps 'seamlessly' into Street View

    Version 6 with fully-integrated snooping

    Applications 30 11:26

  • SanDisk, Sony pitch über CompactFlash spec

    PCIe in, ATA out

    Hardware 30 11:31


    Rubbish truck 'goes kaboom' in bin blast incident

    Bootnotes 30 11:32

  • Europe opens full probe into Google

    Accused of 'gaming' its own search results

    Government 30 11:40

  • Acer leans on Pisa in HPC market bid

    Uni gets Gateway competency centre

    HPC 30 11:54

  • Apple Mac Mini with Snow Leopard Server

    The Xserve alternative?

    Hardware 30 12:00

  • Ransomware Trojan is back and badder than ever

    Hextually transmitted pathogen encrypts files

    Security 30 12:03

  • NASA to make MAJOR ALIENS REVELATION this week

    Secret White House briefing rumours stoke SETI speculation

    Science 30 12:32

  • How I saved the Macintosh

    After getting the idea from a Clamshell Orgy

    Applications 30 12:33

  • Me, myself and Eric: Google delays social network effort, says report

    Gonna be a cold, lonely Christmas for Googley devs

    Applications 30 12:36

  • Irish chap romps off with Bad Sex award

    'Like a lepidopterist mounting a tough-skinned insect...'

    Bootnotes 30 13:17

  • Wikileaks hit by second DDoS

    It gets knocked down. But it gets up again. You're never going to keep it down

    Government 30 13:44

  • Tron Evolution

    Glowing nowhere?

    Games 30 14:00

  • Microsoft reaches for remote control in crowded US TV market

    Wake up, little snoozy. Smell the smelling salts

    Media 30 14:15

  • British computer pioneer Wilkes reaches EOL

    /etc/init.d/halt for time sharing pioneer

    Bootnotes 30 14:30

  • Councils 'spend shedloads on CCTV'

    Report shows costly cost of local snoopage

    Government 30 14:46

  • iPhone 4 keyboard case anyone?

    Leather and Bluetooth

    Hardware 30 15:24

  • 'Smear agricultural land with human poo'

    Fight 'peak phosphorus' with ass soil, urges Soil Ass.

    Science 30 15:31

  • Apple Facetime flings out frightening random calls

    No, I did not order a wake-up for 2am

    Phones 30 15:43

  • Tesco takes Apple tablet

    Buy an iPad, get Clubcard points

    Tablets 30 15:53

  • Who said anything about green?

    Desktop virtualisation gets you part way there anyway

    Desktop Management 30 16:03

  • Sony pips MS with 4.1m motion controller sales

    Nah, nah, na-nah, nah

    Games 30 16:07

  • Telegraph to charge for online news

    Tories face tariffs

    Media 30 16:52

  • Red Hat snaps up Makara

    Better to eat than be beaten

    The Channel 30 18:49

  • Cryptographers crack system for verifying digital images

    Have you seen my signing key?

    Security 30 19:39

  • Calling Australia's IT Pros: Optus wants to kick your sporting arse

    Man up for the ultimate IT Support Challenge

    Site News 30 22:00