29th November 2010 Archive

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  • The Mac that saved Apple (and Steve Jobs)

    Deep inside the Bondi Blue

    Vintage 29 04:00

  • WikiLeaked US cables link China to Google hack

    Clinton ordered surveillance of UN leadership

    Security 29 05:32

  • Monster iPad Case Test: The Rest

    Bags of... well... bags

    Hardware 29 07:00

  • Monster iPad Case Test: Skins and Hard Cases

    Silicone specials

    Hardware 29 07:02

  • Monster iPad Case Test: Slipcases

    Slide it in

    Hardware 29 07:04

  • Monster iPad Case Test: Folios

    Wallet keep my tablet protected?

    Hardware 29 07:06

  • Yes! It's the Reg Hardware Mass iPad Case Test

    46 cases reviewed and rated

    Hardware 29 07:10

  • Aussies want compo for bank fail

    Computer says doh!

    Servers 29 09:23

  • Epic fails

    One in eight IT projects succeeds. What do we learn from the other seven?

    Project Management 29 10:22

  • Pirate Bay appeal failure spawns more DoS attacks

    Revenge of Anonymous

    Security 29 10:24

  • Symbian Foundation shuts up (virtual) shop

    Last one out, turn off the lights

    Mobile 29 10:26

  • Apple says no to Android-oriented iPad mag


    Tablets 29 10:27

  • Vodafone offers free mobile broadband in Europe

    All roads lead to roam

    Mobile 29 10:49

  • Oz bank meltdown due to file corruption cock-up

    IBM mainframe upgrade downer

    Developer 29 11:14

  • Leslie Nielsen dead at 84

    No longer at risk of being called Shirley

    Bootnotes 29 11:15

  • Lone hacker theory in Wikileaks DDoS attack

    Well obviously it was TEH GOVERNMENTS etc

    Security 29 11:24

  • Phoenix on track for decent year

    Revenues and profits up

    The Channel 29 11:28

  • I was timeboxed in a holistic scrum

    More lithe than agile

    Verity Stob 29 11:30

  • An iPad for under 200 quid*

    *You'd be throwing in your soul, of course

    Tablets 29 11:35

  • Inventor only entitled to share of employer's actual patent earnings

    Court of Appeal rules on 1984 gadget case

    Developer 29 11:57

  • The Great iPad Case Giveaway

    Dozens of cases, dozens of winners

    Tablets 29 12:00

  • FCO spends £39m with HP

    Fat slice of pie

    The Channel 29 12:20

  • Wikileaks exposes Clinton's cyberspy wish-list

    Ban Ki-moon-on-a-stick

    Government 29 12:24

  • Sharp launches Galapagos tablets

    Magical and evolutionary?

    Tablets 29 12:33

  • Mozilla rages at MS, Apple and Google's 'trojan horse' tactics

    Shove your plug-ins where the sun don't shine

    Applications 29 12:36

  • US woman @theashes stumped by cricketing tweets

    What the hell is a wicket?

    Mobile 29 12:41

  • Overclocking for servers

    Appro feeds Wall Street greed for speed

    HPC 29 13:00

  • UK services still shrinking

    Some small hope for tech spending though

    Small Biz 29 13:04

  • Has Wikileaks run out of secrets?

    Julian - this lot's rubbish

    Government 29 13:08

  • Symbian's Secret History: The battle for the company's soul

    How Nokia took charge, and never let go

    Mobile 29 13:24

  • RIM recruits tester for NFC hardware

    Confirms its lack of foolishness

    Mobile 29 13:30

  • LaCie slips in Superspeed USB hub


    Hardware 29 14:04

  • Dubya to speak his mind at Facebook event

    'A leadership is someone who brings people together'

    Bootnotes 29 14:21

  • Canada steps closer to legalising sex work

    While UK tiptoes a bit further away

    Law 29 14:29

  • The A to B of building supercomputers

    Top500 here we come

    HPC 29 14:30

  • LHC boffins turn lead into quarko-gluotic Big Bang incrediblo-stuff

    Particle-pummelling primordial plasma pulchritude

    Science 29 14:36

  • Analyst cuts PC sales forecast, blames iPad

    Consumers buying tablets, making computers last longer

    Tablets 29 14:46

  • Wikileaks: Berlusconi useless, Pope Catholic

    Shock 'revelations' shake western democracies

    Bootnotes 29 15:22

  • Asus prices up note-taking Eee reader

    £175 inc VAT, anyone?

    Tablets 29 15:47

  • What is the point of End Point Protection?

    How we should be protecting our PCs

    Desktop Management 29 15:50

  • Feds seize 70 'filesharing, dodgy goods' sites

    Gimme that

    Government 29 15:52

  • Mellanox gobbles up Voltaire for $218m

    Network consolidation for fun and profit

    HPC 29 16:14

  • Iran admits cyberattack hit nuke programme

    Imadinnerjacket's centrifuges unspun

    Security 29 17:01

  • Oracle erects mystery Sparc SuperCluster

    'World record database performance'

    HPC 29 17:57

  • Empire Strikes Back director Kershner dies at 87

    A great disturbance in the Force

    Bootnotes 29 18:58

  • Researcher warns of iPhone phishing peril

    Blame Mobile Safari's scrolling address bar

    Security 29 19:19

  • Supremes to hear Microsoft's Word appeal

    $290m and a franchise on the line

    Software 29 19:45

  • WikiLeaks re-taunts feds with US Amazon mirrors

    'Hey Pentagon, we're using your own software'

    Networks 29 23:24