26th November 2010 Archive

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  • WTF is... up with e-book pricing?

    Price rises coming

    Hardware 26 Nov 07:00

  • Choosing the right path for desktop virtualisation

    Toss a coin or join us?

    Reg Technology Panel 26 Nov 08:09

  • Gamers demand CoD: Black Ops money back

    PS3 version not up to snuff, it's claimed

    Games 26 Nov 09:48

  • Stuxnet code leak to cause CYBER-APOCALYPSE NOW!

    Get a grip, Sky News

    Security 26 Nov 10:11

  • Brussels talks clouds and privacy

    Steely Neelie warns on security

    Servers 26 Nov 10:13

  • Regional accent read-outs coming to satnavs

    Rind and rind the rindabite

    Science 26 Nov 10:15

  • EU Parliament backs ACTA with few reservations

    Still need more clarity though

    Media 26 Nov 10:27

  • That wasn't so bad

    Two projects that got it right

    Project Management 26 Nov 10:51

  • Dutch twaddle-prof lambasts Google Scholar

    Not very scholarly to rank academic articles by popularity...

    Applications 26 Nov 10:51

  • Monarchist marks fall for faux royal wedding ticket site

    Now that's what I call a commemorative mug

    Security 26 Nov 10:59

  • Reg Hardware Reader Awards 2010

    Name names

    Hardware 26 Nov 11:10

  • Ofcom slaps down ham botherer

    Drive-by signal jammer closed down

    Broadband 26 Nov 11:17

  • YouTube shakes hands with French artists

    Signs content deal with three royalty collectors

    Media 26 Nov 11:24

  • BOFH: Pain fear games

    It's an austere year ahead - let's get festive

    BOFH 26 Nov 12:00

  • Hands up at the desktop virtualisation checkpoint

    Let us grill you in our annual Reg reader survey

    Reg Technology Panel 26 Nov 12:04

  • Gamble to win and lose... and win

    Taking cash from bookies: Part II

    Media 26 Nov 12:29

  • What's the frequency, Kenneth?

    El Reg pits radioheads against each other in new compo

    Broadband 26 Nov 12:30

  • Hacked Twitter spreads false Tsunami warning

    Indonesian gov advisor's account used for badness

    Security 26 Nov 12:30

  • Secunia recovers from DNS redirection hack

    Serial scamp strikes again

    Security 26 Nov 12:47

  • Start-up pitches low-cost no-glasses 3D for iPad

    Stereoscopy on the cheap

    Laptops and Tablets 26 Nov 12:53

  • Filthy PCs: The X-rated circus of horrors

    Grotesque dust creatures and mummified frogs

    Hardware 26 Nov 12:54

  • Pirate Bay verdict: Three operators lose appeal

    Prison sentences reduced but fines jacked up

    Media 26 Nov 13:20

  • Android out-runs Windows Phone 7 on price comparison site

    A lazy fortnight

    Phones 26 Nov 13:23

  • ISPs under pressure to control online porn

    Minister thinks of the children

    Law 26 Nov 13:42

  • Virgin skins up Tivo box

    UI sneak peek

    Media 26 Nov 13:51

  • 'Mad captain' sole entrant in Vodafone compo

    Arrr! Third world women, your pirate champion has arrived

    Mobile 26 Nov 14:08

  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

    Streets ahead?

    Games 26 Nov 14:12

  • 'Looking and acting like an employee' didn't make him one

    Agency worker not an employee, rules Court of Appeal

    Small Biz 26 Nov 14:14

  • Yes! It's the Reg Top 5 FUTURISTIC GUNS Thanksgiving Roundup!

    Backpack raygun, portable artillery piece and MUCH MUCH MORE

    Science 26 Nov 14:50

  • Pushing service delivery beyond the enterprise boundary

    No more need for delivery managers? Pah!

    Service Assurance 26 Nov 15:08

  • Payback orders for eBay squaddie

    'Naive' ex-quartermaster sold traceable MoD-issue gear online

    Bootnotes 26 Nov 15:30

  • Pure Twilight DAB/FM radio and dawn simulator

    Moodlight serenade

    Hardware 26 Nov 15:32

  • Seagate DeLorean: World's priciest hard drive?

    $250 for 500... gigawatts?!?

    Hardware 26 Nov 16:00

  • Reg hack tickled by Kent schoolgirl

    Hot custard cream action

    Bootnotes 26 Nov 17:29

  • Microsoft and Attachmate were not Novell's destiny

    Big bets, brass balls, and other lost assets

    Software 26 Nov 18:00

  • Europe's broadband bird goes up tonight

    Filling in the not-spots

    Broadband 26 Nov 18:18

  • Reg Hardware Reviews Digest

    The week revisited

    Site News 26 Nov 18:21

  • Petabyte-chomping big sky telescope sucks down baby code

    Beyond the MySQL frontier

    Science 26 Nov 19:00

  • Fanboi primer: How to move your iTunes from PC to Mac

    Step-by-step instructions for Jobsian surrender

    Software 26 Nov 20:00