24th November 2010 Archive

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  • HTC inks patent pact with Myhrvold's Intellectual Ventures

    AKA Intellectual Vultures

    Business 24 00:03

  • SAP ordered to pay Oracle $1.3bn

    Drop-your-pants time (again)

    Software 24 00:28

  • Woman admits she helped sell bogus chips for military gear

    China inside

    Security 24 04:00

  • Numascale brings big iron SMP to the masses

    The NUMA NUMA song

    HPC 24 05:00

  • Apache open sourcers welcome Google's unwanted Wave

    Mountain View orphan finds home

    Software 24 06:00

  • Nokia X3 Touch and Type

    Candybar sweetener

    Phones 24 07:00

  • Fujitsu in deal with Northern Ireland beaks

    £37.4m for five years' NI courts ICT service

    The Channel 24 07:00

  • Giffgaff shudders to a halt

    The people's network cuts off the people

    Mobile 24 08:54

  • Project delivery for modern PMs

    The end of IT project failures?

    Project Management 24 08:59

  • Android flaw poses drive-by data slurp risk

    There's no patch for it, so users should take care

    Security 24 09:34

  • Isilon may stay on Seattle scene

    EMC plans to run it as an 'arm's length' division (allegedly)

    Storage 24 09:55

  • Immigration caps won't touch tech transfers

    £40k+ out-of-towners can stay for 5 years

    Small Biz 24 10:03

  • HMRC excise tracking to go online

    Paper ditched in attempt to thwart fraud

    Small Biz 24 10:08

  • Now Oz to ban online cigarette ads

    Or to ban internet deals for cheap smokes ... we're not sure

    Government 24 10:27

  • MP wants age verification for net smut

    Are you 18? Well, fine, but you're still a mucky little pup

    Government 24 10:29

  • Rogue apps 'worst Facebook feed malware baddies'

    Bonus extras will eff up your feed

    Security 24 10:48

  • Apple I goes for twice the price of an Enigma

    Turing papers still going begging

    Vintage 24 10:52

  • Dell Duo to debut in December

    Netbook-cum-tablet UK launch date posted

    Laptops 24 11:04

  • Sex abuse fax leak costs council £100k

    Information Commissioner flexes new powers

    Law 24 11:06

  • YES! It's the twists-in-midair FALLING GECKO ROBOT!

    Long awaited squamato-tumblewrithe tech debuts at last

    Science 24 11:11

  • Geeks Guide2 Christmas 2010

    Christmas Savings at Reg Books

    Site News 24 11:30

  • Location-based advertising grows up

    Shooting the mobile messenger

    Mobile 24 11:36

  • Kids want Santa to bring iPads not consoles

    Teenagers more discerning

    Hardware 24 11:41

  • Of Kuwait and DSLR cameras

    The ban that wasn't

    Hardware 24 11:44

  • Qualcomm Mirasol color e-ink set for CES demo

    Video-friendly e-book screen's first public showing

    Hardware 24 12:10

  • Parent-thwarting bypass tool takes kids to internet badlands

    Myfatherisonline.com a doorway to survey scams and other nasties

    Security 24 12:17

  • Where is Compellent's technology going?

    Primary dedupe and synchronous Live Volume, it seems

    Storage 24 12:38

  • Fugitive tech CEO settles backdating case with SEC for $53m

    Now can I come home from Namibia?

    Financial News 24 12:39

  • Sony qicks off Qriocity streaming service

    Qnnection to internet recuired

    Media 24 12:40

  • Toyota Auris hybrid e-car

    Town and out in a Prius-powered hatchback

    Science 24 13:00

  • Boris bikes for all from next week

    Casual cyclists are go...

    Government 24 13:20

  • Pentagon braces for Wikileaks' diplomatic dump

    Mass of classified comms expected

    Government 24 13:23

  • Unarmed Royal Navy T45 destroyer breaks down mid-Atlantic

    'Always a few snags in early days years'

    Government 24 13:29

  • The Reg launches enterprise storage newsletter

    Blocks and Files

    Storage 24 13:32

  • Pumpkin pie could prompt Thanksgiving sexual free-for-all

    Black licorice, doughnuts also fingered as sexual stimulants

    Bootnotes 24 13:33

  • How I used Space Shuttle tech to insulate the living room

    Radical DIY with space gel

    Science 24 13:42

  • My lost Cobol years: Integrating legacy management

    When does management itself become the problem?

    Service Assurance 24 14:18

  • Privacy-protecting social network opens up

    Facebook for humans - by invitation only

    Applications 24 14:43

  • App maker asks $600 for BlackBerry bling

    Shine on, you crazy diamond

    Phones 24 15:06

  • iPads improve image of IT industry

    Gawd help us all

    Management 24 15:33

  • SeeSaw offers ads-free catch-up telly

    And now a word from our sponsor... NOT

    Media 24 15:43

  • NHS enables Facebook to track surfers on health info website

    Privacy experts say 'ick, germs'

    Security 24 16:36

  • The human router

    Rise from your basements sysadmins. We need you up here

    Project Management 24 16:47

  • USA to bin colour-code terror warning system - report

    'There can only be shades of grey' says UK top cop

    Government 24 16:51

  • Boffins bring us one step closer to a quantum network

    One small step for storage; one giant leap for mankind

    Storage 24 17:04

  • Opera Mobile 10.1 lands 'Carakan' engine on Symbian

    As the web's most valuable secret reaches 76 million users

    Phones 24 18:00

  • Heavenly server kit open sources moist turkey plug-in

    Bacon, oranges, and GitHub

    Servers 24 18:51

  • Apple accused of iPhone ban on 'all single-station radio apps'

    Company claims beef with single developer

    Phones 24 21:13

  • Windows 0day allows malicious code execution

    Potential 'nightmare'

    Security 24 21:15

  • Xbox modder can't claim fair use, says judge

    'FU' gets new meaning

    Security 24 23:00