19th November 2010 Archive

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  • Yahoo! Connected TV to open paid app store

    Calling! all! money! hungry! coders!

    Developer 19 Nov 03:10

  • Open source Drupal takes Gardens path to big business

    One per cent of the web. And beyond

    Software 19 Nov 05:00

  • Platform Computing doubles up cluster management

    Bigger grids, same price, and GPUs too

    HPC 19 Nov 06:00

  • Apple files patent for iPad weight loss

    More fiber in the diet

    Laptops and Tablets 19 Nov 06:00

  • Top Ten Arcade Classics

    Shinryuken! Feel my burning vigour!

    Top Ten 19 Nov 07:00

  • Content 'made available' in jurisdiction where server is located

    It's not about where it's read, says High Court

    Media 19 Nov 07:00

  • Can NetApp catch up with EMC?

    Maybe seven quarters are all that's needed

    Storage 19 Nov 09:26

  • Who could buy Compellent?

    Cisco could, if it wanted to blow its EMC relationship to kingdom come

    The Channel 19 Nov 10:10

  • Chinese bride sentenced to hard labour for retweet

    Wedding day arrest for anti-Japanese message

    Government 19 Nov 10:13

  • Rim PlayBook to hit UK in Q2 2011

    Yanks get $500 tablet in Q1

    Laptops and Tablets 19 Nov 10:21

  • IBM's tools give Big Data a good seeing to

    Company shares nothing but Hadoop and GPFS

    Developer 19 Nov 10:36

  • Christians vs metalheads in FB flame war

    Catholics shut down 'Black Mass' metal festival

    Bootnotes 19 Nov 10:39

  • The Project Management survival guide

    El Reg talks PM with Lastminute.com and friends

    Project Management 19 Nov 10:50

  • NASA's new 'Bullet' airship to fly from Moffett Field

    Uses tech from US Navy's zeppelin aircraft carriers

    Science 19 Nov 11:00

  • The Economist publishes iPad app

    Free-trade tablet

    Phones 19 Nov 11:01

  • DWP spreads IT spending around

    Proportionately less work dished out to two biggest suppliers

    The Channel 19 Nov 11:09

  • Court orders naming of celeb phone hack hacks

    News of the Whom

    Law 19 Nov 11:31

  • Street View hits 20 German cities

    Partial surrender to Google's all-seeing eye

    Media 19 Nov 11:49

  • BOFH: Look out!

    In BOFH office, squeaky wheel greases you

    BOFH 19 Nov 12:00

  • Vodafone warns investors of rival spoilers

    The end of all-you-can-eat

    Mobile 19 Nov 12:04

  • Foxconn hit by worker protests

    Tech industry's favourite manufacturer

    Financial News 19 Nov 12:28

  • A Linux server OS that's fiddly but tweakable

    ClearOS gives 'enablers' more control

    Operating Systems 19 Nov 12:30

  • Shell's London office UNDER WATER and besieged by GIANT EELS

    Oil giant's riverside office now part of the river

    CIO 19 Nov 12:44

  • MS security tool interferes with Chrome and Adobe updates

    Nanny software niggles nixed

    Security 19 Nov 12:49

  • Three 'human hotspots' hand out free Wi-Fi

    MiFi marketing malarkey

    Mobile 19 Nov 13:01

  • Angry Birds struggle to take on Androids

    While Adobe chalks up another victory

    Phones 19 Nov 13:03

  • All you need to know about service assurance

    The devil is in the detail

    Reg Technology Panel 19 Nov 13:13

  • Dell's storage strategy has a hole to fill

    EqualLogic's unequal status

    Storage 19 Nov 13:17

  • PCI Express 3.0 spec sneaks out

    Shush, members only

    Hardware 19 Nov 13:21

  • New RAF transport plane is 'Euro-w*nking makework project'

    Gov refuses to admit what we'll pay for toss A400M

    Government 19 Nov 13:22

  • Why Microsoft is Acorn and Symbian is the new CP/M

    Today's phones are just like '80s computers

    Mobile 19 Nov 13:38

  • Chinese retailers sell Apple-only white iPhone 4s

    How many did Apple make - and how many leaked out?

    Phones 19 Nov 13:45

  • Super Meat Boy

    Play for high steaks

    Games 19 Nov 14:00

  • Anti-bullying charity demands more laws on cyber-bullying

    Beats up on existing offences

    Law 19 Nov 14:19

  • New owner slips into unwitting BoJo's domain

    Mayor loses campaign site to domainer

    Broadband 19 Nov 15:00

  • Maude: Gov contracts 'made my eyes water'

    Sloppy senior ministers don't know what they're signing

    The Channel 19 Nov 15:16

  • Wiseguy ticket scalpers used botnets to outwit Captchas

    Badfellas bust a captcha in your (super)dome

    Security 19 Nov 15:17

  • Anti-piracy lawyers 'knowingly targeted the innocent', says law body

    Watchdog howls at 'revenue-generating scheme'

    Law 19 Nov 15:25

  • Google to scrub slurped UK Wi-Fi data

    'Significant achievement', trumpets Information Commissioner

    Law 19 Nov 15:40

  • A race to the finish

    Pert, critical path or crawl to the line?

    Project Management 19 Nov 16:06

  • Amazon launches book gifting service

    As sure as there's a 'X' in 'Christmas'

    Laptops and Tablets 19 Nov 19:09

  • DHS airport spooks stalk star hacker

    Why are the feds trailing Moxie Marlinspike?

    Security 19 Nov 19:25

  • iPad apps: the 10 smartest and 10 stupidest

    From the sublime to the 'WTF?'

    Laptops and Tablets 19 Nov 20:04

  • Oracle names date for next Java

    (Nearly) nothing can stop us

    Developer 19 Nov 20:54

  • Apple preps CDMA-GSM 'World iPad'?

    Plus skinniness and video chat

    Laptops and Tablets 19 Nov 20:57

  • Adobe (finally) adds security sandbox to Reader

    Locking down widely exploited app

    Security 19 Nov 23:03