18th November 2010 Archive

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  • Amazon man: 'Clouds will juice hardware spend'

    Salesforce boss: 'Larry Ellison is annoying'

    Media 18 00:32

  • Twitter man: Tweet ad demand exceeds supply

    'Twad math looks good'

    Media 18 02:07

  • Whitehat cracks notorious rootkit wide open

    ZeroAccess no more

    Security 18 04:00

  • Palm Pixi Plus budget smartphone

    Phone gnome

    Phones 18 07:00

  • Cloud service levels with a cast iron guarantee?

    Getting your networks up to speed

    Reg Technology Panel 18 07:52

  • Ofcom sets out mega-auction timetable

    No 4G until 2014

    Mobile 18 08:00

  • Virgin demands ISPs end broadband speed 'con'

    We say, put your own house in order first, Virgin

    Broadband 18 09:57

  • Capita says gov cuts hit hard

    Osborne's bell tolls for reseller

    The Channel 18 10:14

  • Facebook message security risks 'open door to Web 2.0 botnet'

    Nowhere is safe! Nowhere!

    Security 18 10:28

  • Geeks Guide 2 BlackBerry Development

    Save up to 40 per cent

    Phones 18 11:00

  • India claims RIM data deal, again

    Canadians remain silent

    Mobile 18 11:10

  • Violin uses Gear6 tech to make super-fast arrays

    'Ang on Avere, we're back in a flash

    Storage 18 11:18

  • Swedish prosecutors seek Assange arrest

    Rape questions for Wikileaks man

    Law 18 11:20

  • Qualcomm outs dual-core ARM-based, LTE-capable pad chip

    28nm die-shrink for 4x graphics boost, 5x speed jump

    Phones 18 11:21

  • Google Docs finally goes mobile

    But only for Froyo and iOS devices

    Mobile 18 11:23

  • Hasbro unleashes 'Spastic' Transformer

    Cunning stunticons toy won't be sold in UK, unsurprisingly

    Hardware 18 11:29

  • Easynet blames network collapse on dodgy router update

    Overnight fix

    Broadband 18 12:07

  • Windows malware dominates Mac malware detection chart

    Sophos clean-up tool IDs carriers and rare Mac Trojans

    Software 18 12:11

  • Has CERN made the VATICAN ANTIMATTER BOMB for real?*

    Physicists in veiled threat to gov funding bodies

    Science 18 12:23

  • Microsoft pings first Office 2010 service pack beta at testers

    Private viewings only for now

    Applications 18 12:24

  • Google signs French book deal

    Les livres sont libérés!

    Media 18 12:27

  • A young and pretty Linux server OS that takes a bit of work

    Zentyal 2: like Ubuntu, with bits on

    Operating Systems 18 12:30

  • iPhone 4 gets slide-out keyboard

    Clip-on Apple-to-HTC conversion

    Phones 18 12:35

  • ViewSonic tempts tablet triers with cash-for-kit deal

    Old netbooks exchanged for £££s

    Tablets 18 12:52

  • Bill Gates oils up Microsoft's Lync product

    Beam me up, Steve

    Applications 18 13:11

  • GSMA opens the way for Apple SIM

    Operators roll over for Jobsian tummy-tickle

    Mobile 18 13:28

  • 'Plastic surgeon' cuffed for in bar boob checks

    Not a doctor, not South African. Seems to be a woman

    Bootnotes 18 13:41

  • Samsung SF310 13.3in notebook

    Fashion victim?

    Laptops 18 13:47

  • Internet Explorer 9 preview thinks inside box, outside browser

    Getting into the guts of the PC, one web page at a time

    Developer 18 14:22

  • Dirty PCs: How much filth can you take?

    The horror, the horror

    Hardware 18 14:26

  • BlueArc boosting itself

    On a roll

    Storage 18 14:49

  • DARPA: Hypersonic strato-ship crackup was no biggie

    Preps second Shuttle-envelope-buster for 2011

    Science 18 14:54

  • LIDL punts circular saw blades to innocent kiddies

    'Great for snuggling or playing with'

    Bootnotes 18 15:20

  • Sweden to issue international arrest warrant for Assange

    Interpol called in

    Law 18 15:25

  • Brits say 'no, no, no' to 3D TV

    Rest of Europe cries 'non', 'nein', 'nee', etc too

    Hardware 18 15:33

  • Oracle whacked by DoJ complaint

    'Shabby treatment' of Sun customers must stop

    The Channel 18 16:07

  • German 'hacker' uses rented computing to crack hashing algorithm

    Brute force PAYG hack attack cracks SHA1 hashes – for $2

    Cloud 18 16:15

  • Unlucky for some: Sex.com sold for $13m

    California bankruptcy court orders sale

    Financial News 18 17:03

  • Google Apps offer 'full spectrum' of Google services

    You get it all. Except extra phone support

    The Channel 18 18:50

  • Verizon revives Microsoft's unhappy hipster phone

    Smart no more

    Mobile 18 18:53

  • Mozilla millions still 86% Google cash

    Mountain View sugar daddy tax audit rolls on

    Financial News 18 20:53

  • iAds to flood UK iPhones, iPads

    Apple 'a pain to deal with'

    Mobile 18 21:07

  • Valley open-source star swallowed by Black Duck

    Pulling power ain't what it used to be

    Financial News 18 21:21

  • Dell profits rise 144%

    Consumer sales the only laggard

    Financial News 18 23:15

  • Google charges feds $25 a head for user surveillance

    Microsoft charges zilch

    Security 18 23:22