17th November 2010 Archive

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  • Yahoo! preps build-your-own-dynamic-website service

    'The science of web technology' can be yours

    Media 17 Nov 00:12

  • NY youth makes $130k selling real(-ish) white iPhone 4s

    Inevitable legal letter arrives

    Phones 17 Nov 00:34

  • Convey upgrades hybrid core supercomputer

    Drop-in FPGA upgrade

    HPC 17 Nov 05:00

  • Zuckerberg admits fallibility over Gmail block

    'But you must understand: I believe in OPENNESS'

    Security 17 Nov 05:42

  • Synology DiskStation DS411+ Nas box

    Dual core storehouse

    Hardware 17 Nov 07:00

  • British children gorge on Net diet

    Facebook or family time? No contest!

    Broadband 17 Nov 08:00

  • DiData stares down the recession

    Sales, profits up

    The Channel 17 Nov 09:27

  • We spent how much?

    Budget overruns needn't be normal

    Project Management 17 Nov 10:04

  • Sony teases with lens-switch camcorder prototype

    E-mount compact shooter for pros

    Hardware 17 Nov 10:19

  • Google Voice gets going on iPhone

    Everywhere is local, if you're an American

    Mobile 17 Nov 10:38

  • Easynet network goes titsup

    Customers tweet their fury

    Broadband 17 Nov 10:39

  • What's fluffy, shapeless and over our heads?

    Cloud hype

    Server Management 17 Nov 10:50

  • iPod accessories incoming

    Add-ons for your Nano and Shuffle

    Hardware 17 Nov 10:56

  • UK weakens supervision of Data Protection Act

    Bills could remove Info Commissioner's independence

    Government 17 Nov 11:07

  • Indies walk out on eMusic

    Beggars, Domino desert download service

    Media 17 Nov 11:12

  • Panasonic pitches monster 3D plasma TV at monster price

    Big living room, bigger wallet required

    Hardware 17 Nov 11:15

  • Blogger faces terror charges for 'naming MPs'

    Don't tell 'em about Hansard or TheyWorkForYou

    Law 17 Nov 11:22

  • Facebook bug sin-bins female users

    Spam abuse system pops a gasket

    Applications 17 Nov 11:25

  • DVD, BD retailers warn punters off non-DVD, BD Xmas gifts

    Remember, a video retail association is not just for Christmas

    Hardware 17 Nov 11:36

  • Speak geek: The world of made-up language

    Pointy ears, bumpy foreheads and obscure tongues

    Media 17 Nov 11:43

  • Squaring the service delivery circle

    Marrying what they want with what you can deliver

    Service Assurance 17 Nov 11:47

  • Linux servers for Windows folk: go on, give it a bash

    A piece of cake – even for non open-saucy types

    Operating Systems 17 Nov 12:00

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet

    Shrunken slate or fat phone?

    Laptops and Tablets 17 Nov 12:00

  • Hackers hop onto royal engagement search results

    Malwarey Middleton meddling by miscreants

    Security 17 Nov 12:04

  • A Linux server OS that's had 11 years to improve

    Is SME Server ready to roll?

    Operating Systems 17 Nov 12:30

  • Isis joins battle for control of your wallet

    Operators vs banks in NFC cash-snatch death match

    Mobile 17 Nov 12:32

  • Virgin opens kimono, flashes box

    Glimpse of stocking filler

    Hardware 17 Nov 12:51

  • Ballmer, Gates won't slice up Microsoft

    Steve's 'genetic makeup' doesn't like the 'dis-synergy'

    The Channel 17 Nov 12:53

  • How von Neumann still controls the desktop

    Putting the business first

    Desktop Management 17 Nov 13:07

  • i365 needles VAR channel

    Giving VARs a way into cloud backup

    Storage 17 Nov 13:22

  • What will Google do with NFC?

    Wave it at Cupertino, or take on Visa...

    Mobile 17 Nov 13:23

  • UK.gov ignores 'net neutrality' campaigners

    Fast lanes coming

    Broadband 17 Nov 13:28

  • Royal Wedding: Prince Charles is a ZX81, Wills is an iPad

    One ruined young lives, the other is shiny on top

    Hardware 17 Nov 13:38

  • Chinese ISP hijacked US military, gov web traffic

    BGP wakeup call still not sounded

    Security 17 Nov 14:18

  • Google chucks personal ratings to the Hotpot

    Yelp, only more creepy

    Applications 17 Nov 14:20

  • Adobe update tackles PDF peril

    Quick patch to stop hack smack attacks

    Developer 17 Nov 14:28

  • Hey kids, wanna build your own Vulture 1?

    Click here for hot plans of famous space plane

    SPB 17 Nov 15:19

  • HMV offers 80-quid colour e-book reader

    'Rubber style finish'

    Laptops and Tablets 17 Nov 15:45

  • Police-baiting website Fitwatch returns

    Back and fitter than ever - not that it ever really went away

    Law 17 Nov 15:53

  • Microsoft spooks software customers about dangerous pirates

    Warning: They look just like the rest of us!

    The Channel 17 Nov 16:17

  • Adaptive Computing speaks better GPU with Moab 6

    Torque is cheap

    HPC 17 Nov 16:40

  • PopDrive and Bantam have a pop at RDX

    Potshot at industry leader ProStor

    Storage 17 Nov 16:49

  • Apple adds ex-Northrop exec to board

    Sugar to sweeten Jobsian investment portfolio?

    Financial News 17 Nov 18:46

  • Oracle Java submission hastens Apache showdown

    Two weeks and counting

    Developer 17 Nov 19:14

  • Microsoft has a BLAST with Azure clouds

    Petaflops barrier also broken

    HPC 17 Nov 19:23

  • FBI brass ask Google, Facebook to expand wiretaps

    Mr. Mueller goes to Silicon Valley

    Security 17 Nov 19:57

  • Na'vi on your sat-navatar

    Plug in your tail and off you go

    Science 17 Nov 20:12

  • Virtualization: the challenges and opportunities for SMBs

    How to get started

    Reg Technology Panel 17 Nov 20:33

  • Will Facebook target ads across the interwebs?

    Zuckerberg on Eric Schmidt's ad nightmare

    Media 17 Nov 20:45

  • Oracle sues partner after multiple break-ins

    Third time's the charm for hapless remanufacturer

    The Channel 17 Nov 22:27

  • US may disable all in-car mobile phones

    Transportation boss: 'It will be done'

    Mobile 17 Nov 22:46

  • Oracle ships Solaris 11 Express

    Solaris 11 for the impatient

    Servers 17 Nov 22:51