16th November 2010 Archive

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  • Schmidt: Google Chrome OS 'a few months away'

    Android Gingerbread 'weeks away'

    Operating Systems 16 00:22

  • Stony Brook in action at the Student Cluster Competition

    Why 'Bear-O-Dactyl'? Because it sounds scary

    HPC 16 03:00

  • Florida A & M show up. Their hardware doesn't

    SCC update

    HPC 16 03:00

  • Colorado: Is the fourth time the charm?

    SCC update

    HPC 16 03:02

  • LSU Tigers defend home bayou

    SCC Update

    HPC 16 03:03

  • Purdue Shhh....Boilermakers coding

    SCC update

    HPC 16 03:04

  • Meet NTHU

    The pride of Taiwan clusters in the bayou

    HPC 16 03:08

  • HPC clustering: A new spectator sport in Lone Star state?

    Umm... Texas Longhorns SCC update

    HPC 16 03:09

  • GPUs go crazy at SCC

    Quiet confidence on the Russian front

    SC 2011 16 03:12

  • World's most advanced rootkit penetrates 64-bit Windows

    Windows driver signing mincemeat

    Security 16 04:00

  • Calxeda gears up for server ARM race

    'We need a new clock'

    Servers 16 05:00

  • Apache strikes back in Oracle Java standoff

    Ball's in your court, Larry, not ours

    Developer 16 06:00

  • Baidu boss: Google don't know China

    Native search giant nabs 99% of Chinese netizens

    Media 16 06:30

  • Ten... budget Android smartphones

    Low-cost handsets for the hard up

    Top Ten 16 07:00

  • Farming subsidy database 'breaches privacy rights'

    ECJ frowns on agricultural exposure

    Law 16 07:00

  • Hitachi GST ends STEC's monopoly

    Fibre Channel SSDs here at last

    Storage 16 08:00

  • How to improve your organisation's productivity

    In your spare time!

    Reg Technology Panel 16 08:30

  • Cyber cops crush plod-snapper site following Millbank riot

    Offending page now much more popular

    Law 16 09:46

  • Coraid lands $25m funding whopper

    Underdog manufacturer can bark louder

    Storage 16 09:59

  • Acoustic gunshot locators get UK military field trials

    Bullet-crack backtrack attack-smack

    Government 16 10:00

  • Hitachi quietly slips in new, big hardness

    And Hitachi makes three, so it's over to you, Samsung

    Servers 16 10:29

  • TalkTalk posts jolly six months

    It's good to (be) TalkTalk

    Broadband 16 11:00

  • Dell tablet-netbook combo PC out next week

    Duo in-bound

    Laptops 16 11:27

  • Spy app firm charges £1.86 to remove its software

    App developer targets the deeply paranoid

    Mobile 16 11:31

  • IRC botnets dying off

    Web-based zombies dominate

    Security 16 11:40

  • Samsung readies Google TV tellies

    Takes aim at Sony

    Hardware 16 11:44

  • 'Spacetime cloak' could act as 'Star Trek transporter'

    Hey boffins: You do the science, we write the headlines, OK?

    Science 16 11:48

  • LightSquared lights up first bird

    Building a national mobile network, instantly

    Mobile 16 11:50

  • How to design and build a supercomputer

    Ever wondered what it takes?

    HPC 16 12:00

  • Apple readies iTunes for Beatles juice, says report

    Didn't notice that the lights had changed

    Media 16 12:14

  • It's Tier 1 vs Tier 2 in the HPC slugfest

    Appro plays to niches

    HPC 16 12:16

  • Head of UK.gov IT quits

    Reforms himself out of a job

    Government 16 12:18

  • Royal Family engagement creates scareware opportunity

    Wedding news searchers should stay away from portals of doom

    Security 16 12:20

  • ACTA draft falls from skies

    This one looks final

    Media 16 12:21

  • Giffgaff says some subscribers yakked for 9 days a month

    Financial reality hits Web 2 network

    Mobile 16 12:50

  • Second arrest for Phones4U robbery

    Merseyside man nabbed following raids around Wigan

    The Channel 16 13:00

  • Aussie outfit offers Brits rock-bottom price tellies

    Kogan's Run

    Hardware 16 13:01

  • Those govt cuts - slasher horror or history-changing brilliance?

    Computers, menus and ideologies: take your pick

    Government 16 13:10

  • Europe questions move to block child sex abuse images

    Probably not effective, or legally possible across the EU

    Government 16 13:16

  • Intel to unveil Sandy Bridge CPU line-up at CES

    From vague to Vegas

    Hardware 16 13:17

  • 50m-year-old mystery space object doesn't look a day over 30

    Explosive extragalactic birth: Crab-type windy pulsar?

    Science 16 13:29

  • Fox News outs Beatles as 'Manchester's favorite mopheads'

    It's a lorra, lorra larfs

    Bootnotes 16 13:36

  • Data Robotics SuperSpeeds storage appliance

    USB 3.0 joins eSata, Firewire 800

    Hardware 16 14:03

  • Student Cluster Competition: And they're off!

    One team nearly doesn't make it

    HPC 16 14:22

  • DNS provider decked by DDoS dastards

    sitelutions pulls itself off the canvas

    Security 16 14:49

  • Facebook: Privatising the internet, one Poke at a time

    Embrace'n'extend, bitch

    Applications 16 15:24

  • NFS smackdown: NetApp knocks EMC out

    Flash Cache as good as SSD tier

    Storage 16 15:32

  • Steve Jobs no longer Eggman as Beatles hits iTunes

    I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together

    Media 16 15:40

  • Alleged bad Appler should pay back $1m

    Industrial espionage claims for iPhone man

    Financial News 16 15:57

  • Juniper blows small wad on Trapeze

    $152m for 'seamless, high-quality experience'

    Business 16 16:26

  • Yahoo! hooks self into Twitter

    Tests 'local' ecoupons

    Media 16 17:15

  • OpenSSL updated to kill code-execution bug

    Remotely exploitable

    Security 16 17:53

  • North Carolina to raise army of Microsofties

    Microsoft Career-ready training

    Software 16 18:29

  • Exposed: leaked body scans published online

    Proves pervscan images can be saved

    Government 16 19:37

  • Prof to drill camera into own skull

    Al-Qaeda hacker set for third eye

    Science 16 19:41

  • Flashy Anobit is on fiscal fire

    Intel heads $32m boost to flash controller wizards

    Storage 16 20:41

  • Intel melds football helmets and supers

    Crash test dummies linebackers

    HPC 16 21:13

  • Moshe Yanai: critic accused of 'sour grapes'

    Not the man I knew

    Storage 16 21:34

  • Ex-Google duo open wallets of angels and Ashton Kutcher

    $1.2m from 21 faces

    Financial News 16 21:36

  • BlackBerry boss renews disdain for Steve Jobs

    Baits world with tablet mystery, um, module cavity

    Mobile 16 21:49

  • Social levelling with the iPad

    The class destroyer

    Storage 16 23:38