12th November 2010 Archive

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  • Yahoo! to! ax! 10%! of! product! staff! says! report!

    Irving arm under ax

    Financial News 12 00:48

  • 'Superb' Apple 1 on the block for £100k-£150K

    1976 Jobs garage tech can be yours

    Vintage 12 01:16

  • Memo to Microsoft: don't bet against Amazon

    Private clouds will roll over

    Software 12 04:00

  • RHEL 6: how much for your package?

    Red Hat price bulge

    Operating Systems 12 05:00

  • Fanbois howl as OS X update bricks PGPed Macs

    Disaster averted

    Security 12 06:00

  • Google: Oracle doctored that 'copied Java code'

    'And, by the by, Android wasn't built by Google'

    Developer 12 07:03

  • Pioneer XW-NAV1 iPod dock and AV centre

    Media frenzy

    Hardware 12 08:00

  • Panasonic Pure Line TX-L37D28 37in LCD TV

    Looks a picture

    Hardware 12 08:00

  • ICO insists on scrutiny for laws invading privacy

    Er, isn't that the ICO's job?

    Law 12 10:08

  • Location, location: Storage controller functions get moving

    Shove it in the server, or bung it in the array?

    Storage 12 10:28

  • Plods scrap crap stealth spy blimp

    It kept falling down the stairs in bad weather, guv

    Law 12 10:35

  • The cunning PM communications plan

    Yes to Twitter, no to jargon

    Project Management 12 10:55

  • Apple plugs iTunes Ping into Twitter

    Ah go on go on go on

    Media 12 10:58

  • Sky confirms UK Online closure

    UK Offline

    Broadband 12 10:59

  • Kinect hacked for OS X

    Irony value high: motion tech first offered to Mac maker

    Games 12 11:16

  • MS hits back in Security Essentials row

    It's all opt-in, so what's the beef?

    Security 12 11:17

  • Microsoft looks to KIN for support

    Desperation or shelf-clearing?

    Mobile 12 11:20

  • Dell 'Streak 2' to get 5in HD display, dual-core CPU

    Mole spills beans

    Tablets 12 11:33

  • Gov and telcos in Aussie wiretap death match

    'Wiretaps are fine. You are wrong, wrong, wrong!'

    Broadband 12 11:45

  • Global warming is actually good for rainforests, say boffins

    +3°C, 1000ppm CO2 did jungles a world of good last time

    Science 12 11:48

  • BOFH: BOFH vs Bot: Ultimate Smackdown

    Sacrifice is nice

    BOFH 12 12:00

  • Google's social 'problem' doesn't involve building Facebook rival

    Dead leaves on the dirty ground

    Applications 12 12:18

  • Beeb to show unseen interview with Dr Who theme creator

    Delia Derbyshire remembered

    Hardware 12 12:21

  • IBM's cloudy object vision stoked by EU

    Eurocrats fund IBM-led development

    Storage 12 12:38

  • Elgato gadget to stream Freeview direct to iPad

    Just awaiting iOS 4.2

    Phones 12 12:46

  • iPhone users are sad and mentally unfocused

    Many fondle-slabbers doleful even during jig-jig

    Phones 12 12:50

  • Robot wars break out on poker sites

    Poachers, gamekeepers and game theory

    Applications 12 13:13

  • Airport security boss calls time on tech

    Old school intelligence, not new school stupidity

    Government 12 13:28

  • China faces million-strong zombie phone horde

    Leading the world in mobile malware

    Mobile 12 13:32

  • Reduced growth forces Sophos to shed 80 jobs

    Second round of job losses after a weak first half

    Security 12 13:53

  • Xbox Kinect costs just £35 to build

    Cheap as chips

    Games 12 13:54

  • Chicago officer beats off dildo-wielding bill-skipper

    Crab Shack mock cock cop attack shock

    Bootnotes 12 14:06

  • MoD battles copycat hackers

    Military targeted after TinKode gets in the news

    Security 12 14:13

  • Nintendo readies 'limited edition' Mario Kart Wii pack

    Celebrates 25-year-old game by bundling 18-year-old game

    Games 12 14:47

  • Apple, Oracle air-kiss their way to OpenJDK deal for Mac OS X

    No tongues, please

    Developer 12 15:20

  • Black Ops sets record sales figures

    Haul of duty

    Games 12 15:22

  • Hasty legislation will make a mess of Europe's 'right to be forgotten'

    The ethics of online deletion

    Law 12 15:27

  • Supercomputing: From idea to reality

    An A to B of supercomputer development

    HPC 12 15:31

  • Pussy-slurping: You think you understand it, BUT YOU DON'T

    Boffins in cataclysmic lingual robotics breakthrough

    Science 12 16:14

  • Security pros fail to get a grip on meaty bot

    Lethic spam package uses Stuxnet nuke nobbler cert ploy

    Security 12 16:55

  • Facebook joins Apple and Google in data center wonderland

    Follow the tax breaks

    Servers 12 18:41

  • Palin email hacker gets 366 days in custody

    Prison or halfway house

    Security 12 19:07

  • Samsung's Android tablet: split and eviscerated

    Inside the wannabe 'iPad killer'

    Tablets 12 19:35

  • 3D printers, one-dimensional enemies

    Copy cats

    Law 12 20:51

  • Overland secures fresh funds

    Signs of uptick as data protection vendor gets cash injection

    The Channel 12 20:52

  • Feds may tighten privacy protections

    'Do-not-track' mulled

    Security 12 20:53

  • Microsoft coaches NoSQL options for Azure cloud

    MongoDB. Memcached. MariaDB?

    Applications 12 22:57

  • Woman charged with stealing nude pics of baseball star

    ...from Playboy Bunny's email account

    Security 12 23:31

  • Facebook set to unveil 'Gmail killer'

    'Zuckerbergian email with Microsoft hooks'

    Applications 12 23:38

  • RHEL 6: serious Linux built for growth

    Excitement? We've heard of it

    Operating Systems 12 23:49