9th November 2010 Archive

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  • Storage smackdown: EMC and NetApp go head-to-head

    Converged IT stack ding-dong

    Storage 09 Nov 00:00

  • NetApp Revs up ONTAP software

    Sysadmins get more thrust and better control

    Storage 09 Nov 03:00

  • SIA forecasts semi sales stall in 2012

    IC Insights: 'don't be a bummer'

    Hardware 09 Nov 03:38

  • The forgotten, fat generation of Mac Portables

    Long before the Air, there was Lord Lard Ass

    Laptops and Tablets 09 Nov 04:00

  • Hacker unshackles Kinect from Xbox

    Microsoft not amused

    Games 09 Nov 05:00

  • NetApp heads in same direction. Only faster

    Array into the future

    Storage 09 Nov 06:00

  • Kingston Technology DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 32GB

    SuperSpeed storage on your keyring

    Hardware 09 Nov 08:00

  • VKernel does Hyper-V bean counting

    Virtual machines cost real dollars — and now you'll pay

    Virtualization 09 Nov 08:00

  • Multi-coring FAS6200 processors

    What's the secret sauce

    Storage 09 Nov 08:53

  • Steelie Neelie calls for 'every vehicle digital'

    Glorious EU networked/electric car future foreseen

    Government 09 Nov 09:47

  • French go after Google for brand grab

    We say Non!

    Law 09 Nov 10:07

  • E Ink unwraps colour e-paper reader

    Triton to sink tablets?

    Laptops and Tablets 09 Nov 10:22

  • Treasury asks for advice on eMoney

    Who'd want to be a banker these days?

    Government 09 Nov 10:28

  • Vodafone flogs stake in Japanese carrier for £3.1bn

    Needs cash to chip at debt

    Mobile 09 Nov 10:31

  • Tracking website eyeballs SpyEye

    Security researcher plays Trojan peekaboo

    Security 09 Nov 10:44

  • Disaster recovery blurs into high availability (or other way round?)

    It's a virtualisation thing

    Server Management 09 Nov 11:00

  • Oracle enlists private dick to sniff out HP boss

    Larry Ellison stalks Leo Apotheker, says report

    Financial News 09 Nov 11:04

  • Oz docs prescribed iPads by Premier

    Vote me back in, and I'll hand 'em out, says state chief

    Laptops and Tablets 09 Nov 11:20

  • HMRC spent £765m through Aspire last year

    Just under half of supplier budget spent on IT outsourcing deal

    The Channel 09 Nov 11:36

  • Opera Mobile pops up on Android

    But the fat lady ain't singing yet

    Mobile 09 Nov 11:45

  • Glacier boffins rubbish IPCC apocalypse claims

    Shock UN doom prophecy 'does not pass closer examination'

    Science 09 Nov 11:46

  • Did UK.gov break the law with its child database?

    Whitehall promises answers on specs of binned ContactPoint

    Government 09 Nov 11:50

  • Samsung NF210 dual-core netbook

    Quirky design, state-of-the-art Atom CPU

    Laptops and Tablets 09 Nov 12:00

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops

    Go nuts in 'Nam

    Games 09 Nov 12:08

  • NHS website stops whingers clogging up the surgeries

    100 million visitors can't be wrong

    Government 09 Nov 12:18

  • Firesheep developer poohpoohs mitigation tools

    Woolly thinking on cookie-jacker-slapping

    Security 09 Nov 12:34

  • Facebook beats Google's block

    Upload your contacts... bitch

    Media 09 Nov 12:42

  • Two-faced world spends billions on climate help, fossil fuel

    Not by the same people though...

    Science 09 Nov 12:52

  • Terracotta dumps Big Java's garbage problem

    BigMemory for useless heaps

    Servers 09 Nov 13:01

  • Virtualization for small business: Where's the pay-off?

    Too big, too expensive, too painful – or just fine?

    Virtualization 09 Nov 13:18

  • Stormy Peters jumps GNOME ship for Mozilla

    As one door opens, another door opens...

    Developer 09 Nov 13:21

  • Geeks Guide 2 HTML5

    Save 40 per cent on HTML 5 titles

    Site News 09 Nov 13:38

  • Amazon awards self slimmer slice of newspaper pie

    Doubles cut for publishers

    Mobile 09 Nov 13:40

  • Elon Musk vs NASA and the US rocket industry - ding ding!

    Seconds out for the space fight of the century

    Science 09 Nov 13:48

  • Student Cluster Competition: The runners and riders

    Checking out the form book

    SC 2011 09 Nov 14:30

  • Why Symbian failed: developers, developers, developers

    Fear and loathing in active objects!

    Mobile 09 Nov 14:34

  • Co-op cashier's breasts overcharged for fruit and veg

    Mortified employee receives HR support

    Bootnotes 09 Nov 14:47

  • 'One-trick pony' Zuckerberg yet to prove CEO worth

    Show me the money... bitch

    Financial News 09 Nov 14:48

  • Lenovo sub-notebook outed

    Lots of ports, odd design, autumnal colours

    Laptops and Tablets 09 Nov 15:12

  • Oil heir loses $6m in 'CIA-Opus-Dei' malware murder scam

    Pianoman got played for six years

    Security 09 Nov 15:19

  • Marvell fires first shot in ARM-x64 server scrap

    Armada XP cruisers versus Xeon battleships

    Servers 09 Nov 15:24

  • Counter-terror review to consider net jihadis

    Extremism filters back on agenda?

    Government 09 Nov 15:32

  • Reg hacks crawl from London to Brighton

    Cantankerous 1904 jalopy no match for PARIS team

    Bootnotes 09 Nov 15:42

  • Oracle gets DoJ to dismiss some aspects of fraud case

    Court fight still incoming

    The Channel 09 Nov 16:26

  • Microsoft unveils cloud-mounting SQL Server

    'New generation' of Visual Studio tools promised

    Developer 09 Nov 16:45

  • US Marine hover-jeep to get robotic hands-off controls

    'Good morning. All selections other than LZ CERTAIN DEATH are disabled'

    Science 09 Nov 17:02

  • The autistic network: Web2.0 makes you dumb

    'One nation under a format', New York Review of Books pronounces

    Media 09 Nov 17:29

  • ScaleMP shared memory clusters tuned for Xeon 7500s

    Upgrade for added juice

    HPC 09 Nov 18:26

  • AMD ships first Fusion processors

    CPU + GPU = APU (finally)

    Laptops and Tablets 09 Nov 19:24

  • World's largest pilot union shuns full-body scanners

    Warning cites radiation risk

    Science 09 Nov 19:39

  • Google search rolls out 'instant' site previews

    Check-out-but-never-leave tech goes live

    Media 09 Nov 19:40

  • Quest gets some Bakbone for $55m

    Upright data protection

    Storage 09 Nov 20:00