5th November 2010 Archive

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  • Cellphone tower data protected by US Constitution

    Seachange ruling

    Law 05 02:26

  • Ex-Red Hatters eye Larry's MySQL wobblers

    Lessons from Sun: back to PostgreSQL

    Applications 05 02:46

  • Sinister scams 'sextort' social networkers

    Mass nude pic trap

    Security 05 04:00

  • Why you can't move a mainframe with a cloud

    Time to get hybrid

    HPC 05 05:00

  • Devil's dollars drive open source

    Irony, thy name is 'proprietary'

    Software 05 05:00

  • Gates matters more than Jobs, says Forbes

    Larry Ellison? He doesn't matter at all

    Bootnotes 05 06:00

  • Extreme Networks boosts stackable GigE switches

    Stack 'em up

    Data Networking 05 07:00

  • Teufel System 8 THX Ultra 2 home cinema speakers

    Now, where to put that 500W sub..?

    Hardware 05 08:00

  • Carphone shares jump on Best Buy news

    Smartphones push earnings as CPW raises targets

    Financial News 05 09:22

  • Cloudfather withdraws after Isilon blows it

    High price repels EMC

    Storage 05 09:52

  • IE bug fix not included in light Patch Tuesday

    Only one 'critical' patch – for Office for Windows

    Security 05 10:04

  • Nominet forgets what the first .uk domain name was

    It was 25 years ago, but that's all we know

    Broadband 05 10:09

  • North Korean PDA hits shelves

    20th Century arrives north of border

    Mobile 05 10:57

  • Reg Hardware Tabulates Tablets

    Current models spec'd and priced

    Tablets 05 11:15

  • Assange could claim Swiss asylum

    Info pimpernel goes cuckoo?

    Law 05 11:16

  • Hackers v defenders in pan-Euro cyber security exercise

    Critical online service stress tested by simulated assault

    Security 05 11:34

  • Apple signs Xserve death warrant

    Serve from a Mac instead, says Mac maker

    Hardware 05 11:35

  • BOFH: You just can't go around killing people

    What do you mean why? 'Cause you can't

    BOFH 05 12:00

  • 007 Blood Stone

    A view to a thrill?

    Games 05 12:00

  • ConDems launch Tech Blueprint

    Reviews all round

    Government 05 12:01

  • Plastic plod used police database to find dates

    Well, Soulmates is quite expensive

    Law 05 12:06

  • PC World, Currys open online app stores

    Brought to netbook

    Software 05 12:15

  • PARIS joins the 17-mile-high club

    Aerial mission photos for your viewing pleasure

    SPB 05 12:30

  • Microsoft gives F# an Apache 2.0 boost with code drop

    Visual Studio programming language now (slightly more) freed up

    Developer 05 12:30

  • HP pockets half of all Scottish development cash

    £7m to create 721 jobs

    The Channel 05 12:32

  • Ofcom explains the not in the not-spot

    It's money, not NIMBYs, that stops us calling

    Mobile 05 12:37

  • US smartphones – Once you’ve had Android there’s no going back

    Looking to the future on the verge of 4G

    Mobile 05 13:00

  • Adobe Flash foils MacBook Air battery life

    Uninstall Flash, get two more hours' runtime

    Laptops 05 13:00

  • WD and Xyratex discuss future tech roadmap for disk drives

    Heat-assisted magnetic recording product could arrive by 2014

    Storage 05 13:18

  • Windows 7 'I'm a PC' man quits Microsoft

    'I'm a PC and I'm pissing off'

    Operating Systems 05 13:23

  • ZeuS miscreants offer up honeypot

    Cybercrooks turn the table on researchers with fake interface

    Security 05 13:31

  • Brian Blessed booms for TomTom

    'Beardy old me'

    Science 05 13:35

  • $8.9m poker prize up for grabs - humans only please

    Why can't a bot play at this level?

    Applications 05 13:47

  • Pentax X90 superzoom bridge camera

    Telescopic sights

    Hardware 05 14:00

  • 'Hippy' energy kingpin's electric Noddy-car in epic FAIL

    Dale Vince bummed out in Clarkson bitchslap mishap

    Science 05 14:04

  • BBC iPlayer tips up at BlackBerry App store

    Media morph

    Phones 05 14:19

  • Scarlett Johansson unleashes voracious sexuality in steamy alien film

    Hollywood star gets Under the Skin

    Bootnotes 05 14:42

  • Shops drop cost of CoD: Black Ops

    Duty lowered in arms race

    Games 05 15:10

  • Dell dumps RIM, saves fortune

    Staff clear pockets for porky Venue Pro sets

    Mobile 05 15:14

  • Reg Hardware Reviews Digest

    The weekly round-up

    Hardware 05 15:50

  • US Army's new $0.5bn British airship will fly 'mid-next summer'

    Still puny vs '30s zeppelins - Reg units analysis

    Science 05 16:05

  • Shuttle Discovery further delayed by leaky boil-off umbilical

    Veteran ship wreathed in explosive gas

    Science 05 16:21

  • Clearwire cuts 15 per cent of staff

    Praying for profits

    Broadband 05 16:41

  • Two 21-year-old ZBot mule suspects cuffed in Wisconsin

    Pair were both on the FBI list

    Security 05 16:50

  • iTunes App Store sprouts 'Hall of Fame'

    Criteria for inclusion? Unknown

    Phones 05 17:16

  • Google snips Facebook's Gmail line

    'You want our data? We get yours'

    Media 05 18:56

  • Boffins devise early-warning bot spotter

    Conficker's Achilles Heel

    Security 05 20:13

  • US adds 151,000 October jobs

    IT on the up

    Financial News 05 20:17

  • Disguised impostor clears international flight

    'Unbelievable case of concealment'

    Security 05 21:35

  • Google in shock 'we serve ads' claim

    Ad giant slaps ad label on search ads

    Media 05 21:40