4th November 2010 Archive

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  • QLogic loses sales and marketing SVP

    Resigns to be CEO of cloud service provider

    Server Management 04 00:05

  • PayPal rushes out patched iPhone app

    Old one didn't detect spoof sites

    Security 04 04:00

  • Oracle beefs chips and I/O on x64 blades

    Whither Opteron?

    Servers 04 05:00

  • HP parries Ellison's 'industrial espionage' subpoena

    Hides new CEO

    Business 04 06:00

  • Software engineer blogs own Starbucks wiretap

    Firesheep theatre

    Security 04 06:51

  • Oracle 'friend' fails crucial Java leadership test

    Rally returns Apache to power

    Software 04 07:00

  • Pure Oasis Flow weatherproof DAB and Internet radio

    Waterproof streams, anyone?

    Hardware 04 08:00

  • First data fines on the way, says ICO

    Half a million quid penalties prove ICO has teeth, says commissioner

    Government 04 08:00

  • Man arrested in Phones4U mansion raid

    Plod collar suspect in Liverpool

    The Channel 04 08:56

  • Tesla scores $30m investment

    Panasonic gets slice of 'leccy car maker

    Science 04 09:38

  • Orange bulks up SIM-only deals for people who text like a canary

    And talk for Britain

    Mobile 04 10:05

  • 'Mr Backup' tracks race for dedupe speed trial domination

    Many-headed HYDRAstor wins

    Storage 04 10:12

  • Samsung: we'll sell a million-plus Android tablets this year

    Add it to the Tab

    Tablets 04 10:13

  • Western Digital lets iPad users peek at pix

    Free MyBook drive app good for Android too

    Storage 04 10:15

  • LG tablet to be flavoured with 'Honeycomb' Android

    Asus skipping 'Gingerbread' too?

    Tablets 04 10:33

  • Data protection law 'should contain costs recovery for ICO'

    Also link to privacy protection, says firm

    Government 04 10:34

  • Old PCs: When it's time to die

    End of life

    Desktop Management 04 11:00

  • SkyFire flees iTunes store

    Angry Bird-buster just too darn successful

    Mobile 04 11:03

  • Pesky weather grounds Discovery

    Earliest launch tomorrow for shuttle's swansong

    Science 04 11:04

  • Nuclear reaction: what's next in energy science?

    What to expect now even tree-huggers love nukes

    Science 04 11:05

  • Ofcom clears deck for re-farming

    Competition issues just evaporated

    Mobile 04 11:29

  • 'Pervy' private chat case springs back into life

    'Most significant obscenity case this century'

    Law 04 11:38

  • Europe demands right to be forgotten

    Brussels lays ground rules for data protection

    Government 04 11:57

  • US census takers fight angry Americans for their data

    They barely even vote. Why would they fill in a form?

    Government 04 12:15

  • MySpace quivers under News Corp axe

    Social network site to be offed?

    Media 04 12:17

  • World's dumbest file-sharer guilty for third time

    Everyone loses

    Media 04 12:21

  • Apple coughs to time zone problems

    Now that the Americans are going to be hit

    Phones 04 12:27

  • HTC forgets Norwegian alphabet

    Where did the Ø go?

    Phones 04 12:30

  • Acer outs mega-format media box

    LAN and local content played on your TV

    Hardware 04 12:31

  • EPOXI set to give comet some stick

    NASA spacecraft gaining on Hartley 2

    Science 04 12:45

  • Toshiba ships Folio Android tablet

    Undercuts similar-size iPad by £100

    Tablets 04 12:47

  • Symbian rubbishes 'rebranding' reports

    Brussels launches embedded gravy boat

    Mobile 04 13:01

  • What's next for the mobile UI?

    Industry's wisest heads ponder. We take notes.

    Mobile 04 13:17

  • Teradata rides data analytics wave in Q3

    Raising guidance for Q4

    Servers 04 13:52

  • Public Cloud: Sorting out the peaks from the troughs

    Baby steps are what you take

    Server Management 04 14:01

  • Apple MacBook Pro 17in Core i7 BTO notebook

    The anti-glare alternative

    Laptops 04 14:10

  • Brussels blocks UK from biometric superdatabase

    Intelligence defeat for spooks

    Government 04 14:11

  • Bare breast ballot finds scant support in small US town

    Pittsfield burghers stay covered up

    Bootnotes 04 14:12

  • Nathan Barleys to fill Olympic chasm - Cameron

    Twitterati to save White Elephant?

    Government 04 14:37

  • US Cyber Command becomes 'fully operational'

    Now witness the firepower

    Security 04 15:00

  • Apple vs Nokia not as wrapped up as it appears

    ITC staff advice only applies to handful of patents

    Mobile 04 15:10

  • Europe attacks itself in cyber-warfare test

    As OECD admits major security fail

    Government 04 15:21

  • Public sector tech jobs still plummeting

    Another bad quarter

    Management 04 15:24

  • Clive Sinclair unveils 'X-1' battery pedalo bubble-bike

    Impractical, underpowered: yet heavy and silly-looking

    Science 04 15:49

  • Yahoo! invites world of boffins into 4,000-node Hadoop cluster

    Hello! Yahoo! is! a! tech! company!

    HPC 04 16:00

  • Panasonic updates exchangeable-lens compact

    DMC-GF2 debuts

    Hardware 04 16:19

  • Macs get USB 3.0 thanks to LaCie

    Well, some Macs...

    Hardware 04 16:34

  • Ballmer, Bartz, Schmidt collide in London

    Westminster at centre of digital universe for seconds

    Government 04 16:47

  • Apple preps patch for MacBook Air screen snafus

    My friend flicker

    Laptops 04 16:59

  • Deep space COMET FLYBY: First PICS

    Empty NASA space bomber in recce pass against 2nd target

    Science 04 17:14

  • Netbooks: notebook evolved - or stunted throwback?

    Demand for tablets suggests the latter

    Laptops 04 17:31

  • Android wins devs' hearts and minds

    Survey says: iPhone goes down in 2011

    Developer 04 17:39

  • Forumware giant vBulletin sues ex-devs (again)

    XenForo vows defeat of 'trade secrets' claim

    Software 04 17:47

  • Scroogle busted again after Google tweak

    Private Google scraper on fourth life

    Media 04 19:13

  • Ex-Sun boss gives Ellison open source wedgie

    'You're a great capitalist, Larry'

    Software 04 20:24

  • Firefox 4 Android beta gets stomach stapled

    Now with 60% less beef

    Applications 04 21:23

  • Google's 'Instant' search engine goes mobile

    Gets busy on Android, Jesus Phone

    Applications 04 22:01

  • Apple's Mac App Store opens doors to devs

    Welcome to the dictatorship

    Software 04 22:02