3rd November 2010 Archive

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  • Flash video comes to iPhone, iPad (kinda)

    Steve Jobs workaround

    Tablets 03 02:34

  • Semi sales leap 26% from 2009

    Future uncertain

    Financial News 03 03:53

  • Mac market share slips worldwide

    Apple not infallible shocker

    Financial News 03 04:00

  • Nuke lab gets visual with GPU cluster

    The yummy mummy of workstations

    HPC 03 05:00

  • Google man slings mud at Facebooked Bing

    Microsoft! They're like Google!

    Applications 03 06:00

  • Shut up, Spock! – how Battlestar Galactica beat Trek babble

    TV science adviser talks Cylons with El Reg

    Science 03 06:54

  • CloudSleuth slaps dashboards on heavenly grids

    Google performance anxiety cure

    Servers 03 07:00

  • Oracle kills low-priced MySQL support

    Love or money? Larry picks money...

    Software 03 07:38

  • Philips Streamium MCi900 DVD and Wi-Fi Hi-Fi

    Entertaining concept

    Hardware 03 08:00

  • Volunteer biker gang foils Westminster CCTV car fleet

    Unamused council watches cash trickle through fingers

    Government 03 08:09

  • eBay Meg bitchslapped by Governor Moonbeam

    Techy execs trounced in US election: Fiorina out too

    Government 03 08:59

  • DWP CTO predicts the end of Windows

    But will cling on to Office

    Government 03 09:46

  • Microsoft details small biz server release dates and prices

    Three in a bed, little one said 'rollover'

    Small Biz 03 09:57

  • Oz journo pokes PARIS

    Australo-Pom paper plane space race now inevitable?

    SPB 03 10:04

  • Haven for life found in Mars' Syrtis Major region

    Boffins peer at Hesperian 'warm, wet spots'

    Science 03 10:08

  • Stealth Carbon 'efficiency' tax could close UK data centres

    Idiot bureaucrats design scheme to export data centres and jobs offshore

    Servers 03 10:27

  • Hitachi eyes Apple owners for skinny HDD

    Too slow?

    Hardware 03 10:52

  • London Stock Exchange investigates IT 'sabotage'

    'Suspicious' 2-hour outage probed

    Financial News 03 11:02

  • Virgin Media readies 1TB TiVo set-top for Brits

    Integrated broadband for internet TV

    Hardware 03 11:07

  • First Windows Phone 7 handsets sell out

    Orange offering £20 for customer patience

    Phones 03 11:09

  • ICO U-turns on Street View

    Lapdog growls

    Government 03 11:15

  • DARPA, NASA team on '100-Year Starship' project

    Plan to invent Heinlein style miracle nonprofit first

    Science 03 11:19

  • BBC One HD to go live tonight

    HD channel not all HD

    Hardware 03 11:31

  • Microsoft's IE 8 'most widely used browser', rules ASA

    Blighty ad watchdog kicks out 'misleading' complaint

    Applications 03 11:34

  • Wi-Fi strikes alliance with mains networking tech

    There's parts of the spectrum we're not polluting yet

    Broadband 03 11:51

  • Toshiba AC100 Android smartbook

    Oh, Tosh, what went wrong?

    Laptops 03 12:00

  • Gigabit WLAN tech to shoulder Wireless DisplayPort

    WiGig gains Vesa approval

    Hardware 03 12:01

  • How much is Facebook worth?

    What's on your mind? I've just realised who the mark is...

    Financial News 03 12:08

  • Orange intros MiFi gadget, refreshes mobile data deals

    Share your mobile broadband connection

    Mobile 03 12:09

  • Hitachi GST going for IPO

    Preparations for offering under way

    Storage 03 12:13

  • Sexy Hustler honeys unlikely to corrupt Croydon yoof

    Adults quite a different matter, rules ad regulator

    Media 03 13:11

  • Nominet to flog short domains

    BA wannabes face auction scrap

    Broadband 03 13:15

  • Symbian's Utopia - and why it was an impossible dream

    Cruel and unusual? No, merely misguided

    Mobile 03 13:21

  • BT network goes titsup up north


    Broadband 03 13:24

  • Shaping your next desktop upgrade

    Big bang or baby steps

    Desktop Management 03 13:42

  • Testy Turkey re-blocks YouTube over naughty hotel romp clip

    Make up your mind

    Government 03 14:05

  • Chinese Kindles hop firewall to freedom

    Reader and Amazon servers provide nifty browsing loophole

    Government 03 14:30

  • ITC to side with Nokia against Apple

    Insider claims evidence doesn't show patent infringement

    Phones 03 15:05

  • Oracle 7400 storage drags down cloud storage firm

    Customers: We've been down for weeks. Supplier: No you haven't.

    Storage 03 15:11

  • BT shields gentle customers from Min of Sound pirate raids

    Won't turn over addresses

    Law 03 15:16

  • James Bond returns to movie games screens

    Secret agent is Wii Man

    Games 03 15:26

  • PARIS laid bare in intimate snaps

    Our space plane mission's bumper photo album

    SPB 03 15:29

  • National Rail tweaks departure board API, 'orders' coder to kill site

    Developer puzzled by 'licence has always been required' claim

    Developer 03 15:48

  • Apple to triple iTunes song sample length

    But not for all tunes

    Media 03 16:07

  • Aircraft bombs may mean end to in-flight Wi-Fi, mobile

    New detonation options

    Mobile 03 16:09

  • Former Phones 4U boss injured in armed break-in

    Raiders bash mobile billionaire with iron bar, say cops

    The Channel 03 16:17

  • Marathon adds suspenders to virty server belts

    Microsoft acquisition bait

    Servers 03 16:24

  • Supremes poke Schwarzenegger's 'violent' game ban

    Take Grimm view

    Media 03 17:00

  • Best Buy opens UK online store

    And two more megastores

    Hardware 03 17:53

  • Facebook unveils Facebook Phone mobile hooks

    Single sign-on, location APIs, e-coupons on the go

    Mobile 03 17:57

  • Fedora 14: haven for Ubuntu's homeless GNOMEs

    A real performer. But will it love you back?

    Operating Systems 03 18:00

  • Unpatched IE bug exploited in targeted attacks

    'More than a few organizations' hit

    Security 03 18:06

  • Group slams airport naked body scanners

    EPICally invasive and ineffective

    Security 03 19:00

  • Zuckerberg: the iPad 'is not mobile'

    Next question...bitch

    Tablets 03 20:22

  • Google open sources Apache server speed mod

    Googlenet mystery server bits?

    Developer 03 21:50

  • DDoS attacks take out Asian nation

    Myanmar fades to black

    Security 03 22:26

  • SGI shrinks red ink with super sales

    One day, profits

    Financial News 03 23:37

  • Silicon Valley wrestles self over public safety spectrum

    Urgent communications throw-down

    Broadband 03 23:56