2nd November 2010 Archive

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  • ViewSonic tablet defies death by Steve Jobs

    Seven inches can't satisfy Apple boss

    Tablets 02 01:00

  • Ruskie teacher fired for objection to Microsoft Office

    Education directorate 'defies Kremlin over Linux'

    Software 02 02:00

  • Child porn victims seek multimillion-dollar payouts

    One victim. One photo. $3.68 million

    Security 02 04:00

  • Dell skunkworks brews ARM server future

    Cortex A9. LAMP stack. Eye of newt

    Servers 02 05:00

  • Adobe closes Flash-based Flex to outsiders

    Difficulty managing contribs blamed

    Developer 02 06:00

  • Facebook developers exiled for selling user IDs to brokers

    Data broker comes clean

    Security 02 06:00

  • Storage startup busts object location barrier

    Scality's Ring cycle: One Ring to find them all

    Storage 02 07:00

  • iLuv iMM747 iPad speaker dock

    Desktop audio

    Hardware 02 08:00

  • Overland Storage reboots with product and tech drive

    Loads of 'cool, exciting' products on the way

    The Channel 02 08:30

  • Bank slapped for beating up small biz

    Regulator tells it to be reasonable

    Small Biz 02 09:42

  • Hitachi GST SSD image sighted

    Blurry image posted on website

    Storage 02 09:56

  • Sophos debuts freebie anti-virus scanner for Macs

    Sweat trickles down fanboi foreheads

    Security 02 10:08

  • Asda prices up Elonex 7in Android tablet

    Yours for £97

    Tablets 02 10:19

  • Strange, blobaceous 'alien pod' lifeform found in Virginian lake

    Authoritative boffins: 'It's a UFO all right'

    Science 02 10:19

  • All hail Barbie Stalker Girl!

    'It's moviemaking from a Barbie doll's point of view - literally!'

    Hardware 02 10:20

  • Gov may restrict unfair dismissal claim rights

    Lord Young hopes this will boost employment figures

    Small Biz 02 10:25

  • Prism provides Bocada's backup vision

    Release 2 is faster and better

    Storage 02 10:28

  • Maude put squeeze on suppliers, says Watmore

    Don Francis had to 'persuade' companies who wouldn't co-operate

    The Channel 02 10:41

  • Geeks Guide 2... Being Geek

    Save 40% at Reg Books

    Developer 02 11:00

  • Panasonic bags Avatar 3D BD exclusive

    You want Pandora in 3D, you buy our kit

    Hardware 02 11:02

  • Times celebrates disappearing readers

    Total's not to be sniffed at though

    Media 02 11:08

  • iPhone to tap NFC, rumours say

    More than just m-commerce, say insiders

    Phones 02 11:11

  • Seagate squirts out rectal cleaning spray

    Makes grab for low-hanging fruit

    Bootnotes 02 11:33

  • Google to release own-brand Chrome OS netbook

    Acer, HP too

    Laptops 02 11:35

  • Radioactive Litvinenko poison trails now much easier to detect

    Bouncing-bomb lab unveils cunning long-range Geiger counter

    Science 02 11:47

  • Big Blue boosted by big bank deal

    Beats off HCL to secure Ireland deal

    The Channel 02 11:48

  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

    Bantha poodoo?

    Games 02 11:50

  • Rocks, hard places and Congo minerals

    Is your mobile phone fueling a vicious civil war?

    Government 02 12:00

  • Android kernel leaks like a colander

    359 defects, 88 high risk

    Mobile 02 12:07

  • Apple shrinks Mac Mini price

    Diminutive desktop now cheaper

    Hardware 02 12:10

  • Microsoft tweaks Hotmail interface to read Gmail accounts

    Now, if only the damn thing would work

    Applications 02 12:16

  • Spending cuts force police IT merger

    Five forces to share services

    Law 02 12:28

  • Channel 4 rents videos

    Govt-owned broadcaster takes on iTunes

    Media 02 12:32

  • Hitachi GST flash drives already in sample stage

    Reg reader finds top-tier customer FAQ that sheds light on schedule

    Storage 02 12:34

  • Canadian teen charged with school board hack

    Young hacker faces trial in juvenile court

    Security 02 12:35

  • Wales loses 'dot-cum' domain to tax haven

    Easy cym, easy go

    Broadband 02 12:49

  • Commission to revise rules on rivals' agreements

    Uniform standards mean stronger competition, says EU body

    Government 02 13:00

  • Shuttle Discovery set for final liftoff tomorrow at 7:52pm

    Veteran ship lifted Hubble, 246 people in 26-year career

    Science 02 13:07

  • Bye-bye Business Systems Group, hello Advanced 365

    BSG rebrand complete

    The Channel 02 13:13

  • Oracle drops $1bn on Art Technology Group buyout

    Hopes to set tills ringing online

    Applications 02 13:16

  • Creative turns to tablets for big-screen PMPs

    Resistive touchscreens, WTF?

    Tablets 02 13:26

  • Cops cuff nappy-wearing man who demanded sweets with menaces

    Might've needed changing not charging

    Bootnotes 02 14:01

  • Nokia N8 smartphone

    Semi-evolved Symbian?

    Phones 02 14:13

  • Info Commissioner admits 'It's going to be tough'

    Improving FoI compliance - with extreme prejudice

    Government 02 14:22

  • Dell to make cloud computing acquisition

    Reuters says it will happen today

    The Channel 02 14:48

  • Force10 cranks rack and core switches to 40GbE

    There's no such thing as too much bandwidth

    Data Networking 02 15:00

  • Ofcom to TalkTalk, Tiscali: Stop over-billing

    Or get fined

    Broadband 02 15:09

  • Competitors seek killer application for Bluetooth Low Energy

    Still managing to live without a wireless barbecue?

    Broadband 02 15:14

  • EU taxpayer to fund Symbian

    €22m pledged to embed Epoc in the cloud

    Government 02 15:22

  • iPad app access for US secret surveillance cloud system

    1990s: UNIX. 2000s: Windows. 2010s: Fondle-slab

    Servers 02 15:27

  • UK nuke station denies Stuxnet shutdown

    No worms here, EDF insists

    Security 02 15:42

  • Computacenter veteran boss in surprise departure

    New opportunities after 17 years for MD Walsh

    The Channel 02 16:00

  • The Register Primer on Enterprise Virtualization

    Reg reader study

    Virtualization 02 16:00

  • Google seems to classify self as potentially malign

    Blogspot bother evokes inadvertent homepage self-hate

    Security 02 16:02

  • OOo contributors make a dash for LibreOffice

    Not enough ‘to continue working as we always did’

    Applications 02 16:38

  • Fedora gets nips and tucks with 14 release

    Where in the world is RHEL 6?

    Operating Systems 02 16:41

  • ZTE calls foul over senators' 'xenophobic' letter

    Protectionism by any other name...

    Data Networking 02 16:44

  • Dell gets SaaSy with Boomi buy


    The Channel 02 16:45

  • Google defies Turkey, reinstates Atatürk insult videos

    YouTube un-ban in doubt

    Media 02 16:49

  • SAP agrees to pay Oracle $120m over 'industrial espionage'

    TomorrowNow and TomorrowNow and TomorrowNow

    Applications 02 18:25

  • Web 2.0 sites rated on FireSheep sidejacking risk

    Who's wearing the dunce cap?

    Security 02 18:58

  • Twitter slips ads into user tweet streams

    What a Hoot

    Media 02 19:50

  • Hackers tap SCADA vuln search engine

    'Shodan' pinpoints shoddy industrial controls

    Security 02 20:44

  • Airport screeners go for the groin

    Security theater pat-down cock-up

    Security 02 22:34

  • Google's $8.5 million Buzz settlement a go

    Gmailers told they get nada

    Applications 02 23:09