1st November 2010 Archive

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  • Google's 'copied Java code' disowned by Apache

    Dis-Harmony from Oracle's Android suit

    Developer 01 Nov 00:01

  • Crystal ball sees tepid IT growth to 2014

    We're not gonna party like it's 1999

    Servers 01 Nov 02:18

  • Scottish police IT sorely lacking, audit finds

    Heads shaken over shonky SPSA support

    Law 01 Nov 06:00

  • App Store II: Steve Jobs sucks Mac's soul

    The Human Interface Commandments

    Software 01 Nov 06:00

  • Top Ten Retro PC Games

    A blast from the past

    Top Ten 01 Nov 08:00

  • YouTube founder quits

    And Turkey lifts ban

    Financial News 01 Nov 09:52

  • iPhone alarm bug: now it's the UK's turn

    My phone forgot to wake me up

    Phones 01 Nov 09:56

  • PayPal hardware failure fingered for worldwide outage

    A brace of Friday fubars

    CIO 01 Nov 09:57

  • Hollywood ruling sends piracy chill through Google

    Disney and Warner set mice on the elephant in the room

    Media 01 Nov 10:12

  • Artificial replacement human livers made in lab

    Boffins presumably celebrate with round of triples

    Science 01 Nov 10:25

  • Interoperability: standards or proprietary?

    Between the devil and the deep blue sea

    Server Management 01 Nov 11:00

  • The terabyte iPad is coming

    Sexy slab doesn't need disk backup

    Storage 01 Nov 11:04

  • Chip trio aims for 10nm class NAND

    Manufacturers club together to shrink process geometries

    Hardware 01 Nov 11:05

  • Sacked IT director banged up for revenge hack attack

    File deletion leads to new job sewing mailbags

    Security 01 Nov 11:15

  • E-commerce smackdown as PCI standards revised

    Comply or die pay fines

    Security 01 Nov 11:35

  • Cameron gets small biz adviser

    Lord Sugar fired, Lord Young hired

    Small Biz 01 Nov 11:42

  • Google rejects spy-happy Android app


    Mobile 01 Nov 11:49

  • Vulcan bomber lives to fly another day

    Campaign almost successful

    Science 01 Nov 11:59

  • AdMob main man walks away from Google

    It's personal

    Media 01 Nov 12:00

  • Stay at home and watch telly, trade bodies urge Brits

    That's what your peers are doing, sheeple

    Hardware 01 Nov 12:06

  • Murder victim-mocking troll jailed

    Judge said man 'derived pleasure' from hearing details of his crimes

    Law 01 Nov 12:07

  • Enormous Paleozoic flesh-eaters created in lab

    Luckless undergrads used to feed hyperoxic horrors

    Science 01 Nov 12:17

  • Microsoft squats the living room with XBox LIVE refresh

    Family-friendly pricing

    Hardware 01 Nov 12:24

  • Tech grads least likely to find a job

    Graduate unemployment continues to grow

    CIO 01 Nov 12:27

  • No wonder CompSci grads are unemployed

    No interest in tech, crap teachers, and they can't spell

    CIO 01 Nov 12:30

  • Microsoft chips away at 3D tech with Canesta buyout plan

    Insert appropriate hand gesture here

    Applications 01 Nov 12:54

  • Freecom Mobile Drive CLS storage

    Portable drive array with archiving ambitions

    Hardware 01 Nov 13:00

  • BBC radio chief: You may experience a little pain (but not much)

    Davie acknowledges FM loyalty

    Media 01 Nov 13:00

  • Gentlemen, start your engines – with your phone!

    GM puts cars under mobile-phone control

    Science 01 Nov 13:12

  • Webroot snares UK security firm Prevx

    Cloud tech used to turn back malware front

    The Channel 01 Nov 13:19

  • PARIS in 89,000 ft climax

    Amazing vid captures Vulture 1 release

    SPB 01 Nov 13:30

  • IBM sniffs around Fortinet

    But Big Blue is late to the converged infrastructure game

    Data Networking 01 Nov 13:55

  • NASA Mars rover leaves moist skidmarks in boggy struggle

    Boffins sniff wetness in churning soil

    Science 01 Nov 14:12

  • Startup promises money for fanbois

    Cash in on being one of the crowd

    Mobile 01 Nov 14:31

  • Ballmer pulls on furs for Russia's answer to Silicon Valley MoU

    R&D spend splurge outside Moscow

    The Channel 01 Nov 14:38

  • Dolphin speaks: Ditch the iPad, give me the Toughbook!

    I can haz Tuna

    Laptops and Tablets 01 Nov 15:00

  • Serco apologises for chiseling suppliers

    City and Cabinet Office unamused

    The Channel 01 Nov 15:14

  • RIAA and Anonymous sites both downed by DDoS assaults

    Loading... loading... connection timed out

    Security 01 Nov 15:19

  • Amiga on the block (again)

    The Master brand singers

    Hardware 01 Nov 15:32

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab data contracts compared

    What's the best plan for your 7in Android tablet?

    Laptops and Tablets 01 Nov 15:42

  • Music biz vows to end CD scandal

    Go digital, save a polar bear's toenail

    Science 01 Nov 15:58

  • Microsoft concedes on blank-screen operations

    But only if you've got prior permission

    Mobile 01 Nov 16:22

  • Shuttle Discovery to bring back PLAGUE RODENTS from SPACE

    Virus we all carry to be enhanced by effects of orbit

    Science 01 Nov 16:27

  • Google Wave crash helped push Maps man to Facebook

    Mountain View pulled plug too early, says Rasmussen

    Applications 01 Nov 16:42

  • Sharp intros record-to-USB Freeview TV

    Bring your own DVR storage

    Hardware 01 Nov 16:53

  • Intel lets outside chip maker into its fabs

    Achronix goes all red, white, and blue

    Hardware 01 Nov 17:44

  • Android phone sales up 1,309%

    Steve Jobs in rear view mirror

    Phones 01 Nov 18:00

  • First official HTML5 tests topped by...Microsoft

    Memo to Redmond: CSS ain't HTML

    Applications 01 Nov 18:07

  • Spamhaus blocks fellow antispam outfit

    Some whitehats more equal than others

    Security 01 Nov 19:00

  • Nokia, HTC, Sony attacked by hidden megatroll

    Smartphone Patent Follies, Act XVIII

    Mobile 01 Nov 20:23

  • Internet Explorer info leak festers for 2 years

    Microsoft's 600-day bug bite

    Security 01 Nov 20:30

  • Google sues US gov for picking Microsoft

    Feds dodge Google Apps over security

    Government 01 Nov 22:21

  • Google calls bug bounty hunters to YouTube, Blogger

    '1337' cash for web flaws

    Security 01 Nov 23:00

  • Fans roast Microsoft for Silverlight demotion

    Careers damaged, technology unready

    Developer 01 Nov 23:48