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Google Maps daddy defects for Facebook

Lars Rasmussen—– who built the original Google Maps alongside his brother Jens before helming the ill-fated Google Wave — has parted ways with Google. And according to one report, he's bound for Facebook.
Cade Metz, 31 Oct 2010

Apple unloads patent suits on Motorola Androids

Apple has hit Motorola with a pair of patent infringement suits less than a month after Motorola attempted to stave off such an attack with a declaratory judgment action.
Cade Metz, 31 Oct 2010

Apple to buy Sony? Good one!

OpinionWe had a chuckle this morning at the idea of Sony being taken over by Apple Computer, an idea that has been flying around the US stock markets, supposedly as a reason for Sony’s share price to rise a miniscule few percent.
Faultline, 31 Oct 2010

MPs wake up to 21st century and internet

A good caning for Google and calls for an internet Bill of Rights were just two of the topics exercising MPs' minds last week in the course of a milestone debate on the issue of internet privacy yesterday.
Jane Fae , 31 Oct 2010

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