29th October 2010 Archive

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  • Google Nexus Two 'lands November 8'

    The name that refused to die

    Phones 29 00:03

  • Microsoft's Azure cloud plan favors Java

    From killer to fluffer

    Servers 29 00:30

  • VMware's vSphere cleared for military spook servers

    ESX Server 4.0 reporting for duty, sir!

    Virtualization 29 05:00

  • Microsoft holds Androids hostage in open source wars

    Redmond threat level: bright orange

    Software 29 06:00

  • IBM bags £15m borders deal

    Semaphore stopgap

    The Channel 29 06:30

  • Yes! It's Halloween Hardware

    Ghoulishly hued kit to geek up the spooky season

    Hardware 29 07:00

  • Israel to join list of 'adequate' data protection nations

    EU personal company data can be transferred freely by end of year

    Government 29 09:03

  • Undead Bredolab zombie network lashes out from the grave

    Someone's still pulling the strings

    Security 29 09:23

  • Multi-network iPhone SIM rumours at Apple

    Fondle-slab to become naughty slut who'll go with anyone?

    Phones 29 09:29

  • EFF calls for repeal of Data Retention Directive

    Retaining logs of network use is 'disproportionate and unpopular'

    Law 29 10:04

  • PARIS nursing mother of all hangovers

    Jubilant team celebrates space plane triumph

    SPB 29 10:08

  • Front End / Client Side Web Developer

    El Reg is hiring

    Site News 29 10:27

  • Highest point on the Moon found: Higher than Mount Everest

    NASA probe-sat zeroes in on meteor lava eminence

    Science 29 10:36

  • The Student Cluster Competition: an insider's view

    Amping it up

    SC 2011 29 10:44

  • BOFH: Join the club

    I like big bots and I cannot lie

    BOFH 29 11:00

  • Adobe combats Apple with 'mobile first mindset'

    Comeback for Grandmaster Flash?

    Developer 29 12:07

  • UK.gov plans net censor service

    [Subhead unavailable]

    Government 29 12:10

  • Sysadmin stole co-worker IDs for Amazon survey splurge

    Scammer to the slammer

    Security 29 12:16

  • Mobile devices hit Trevor's spot

    A 10in form factor is just right

    Servers 29 12:23

  • Windows 7 fans hold hands out for Halloween service pack fun

    SP1 RC a trick or treat? How much time you got?

    Operating Systems 29 12:26

  • Emulex encrypts data before it gets into the array

    If you need to ask what kind, you aren't allowed to know

    Broadband 29 12:30

  • Saw II: Flesh & Blood

    Cut to the chase

    Games 29 12:55

  • Daily Mail rails at Street View in women's refuge wrongness

    Campaign against benefit-scrounging single mums to follow

    Law 29 13:31

  • SAP legal u-turn delivers new HP boss for Monday start

    Oracle calls for delay in trade secret hearing

    Applications 29 13:35

  • Caringo administers dose of CAStor oil

    Constipated file systems need grunt and strain no more

    Storage 29 13:51

  • Alien Earthlike worlds 'like grains of sand', say 'wobble' boffins

    Five year NASA skyscan reveals planet cornucopia

    Science 29 13:53

  • ViewSonic rolls out 3D HD camcorder

    Shoot on a budget

    Hardware 29 14:21

  • B+F: EMC bloggers clash with analyst

    Angry online battle of storage boffins ensues

    Storage 29 14:49

  • Will the cloud mean joblessness for you?

    Cut the hype and keep it real

    Servers 29 15:29

  • Avere screeches straight through VDI storms

    Striping and replicating across front end accelerators with pedal to the metal

    Storage 29 15:50

  • Frenchman cuffed for naughty lip-slip email to MEP

    Gendarmes don't find fellatio funny

    Bootnotes 29 15:54

  • Mozilla brews Firefox add-on for audio-video recording

    Multimedia for the web built on the web

    Developer 29 17:31

  • US to fork $5bn+ into exascale supers

    Get with it, Europe

    HPC 29 21:21

  • Microsoft nails Silverlight's future to Windows Phones

    From three screens to one

    Developer 29 23:26